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Muslims In Our Ranks

AMERICA IS BOWING TO MECCA. Those of you who are not aware of this massive surreptitious Islamic Jihad of cultural Infiltration going on in America, haven’t been reading my editorials. Islam is, and has been infiltrating everything and everywhere in this free nation of ours. If Americans continue in their complacency and ignore the truth this incremental cultural jihad will not be stopped.

By de Andréa

Islam has already infiltrated every square millimeter of our lives to some degree. Several reasons for not being aware of this are: One, deception Two, stealth. Three, ignorance. Four, noninvolvement. Five, brainwashed. I urge you to pick your reason, and over come it. If you refuse, then I suggest that you buy a gun or a prayer rug because you will need one or the other.

Cultural Jihad is Growing in our Military
In a special ceremony, the Pentagon recently promoted a Wahhabi terrorist-trained Muslim chaplain who catered to al-Qaida detainees at Guantanamo and fought to establish the first mosque in Marine Corps history.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England personally promoted Navy chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam from lieutenant to lieutenant commander. Saifulislam also received a Joint Service Commendation Medal at the Pentagon ceremony held on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Pentagon officials say the ceremony was unprecedented.“ It's unusual for a deputy secretary to personally promote an officer of that rank," said one official who wished to go unnamed. "No one has known of such a high-level dignitary doing that."
Secretary England also earlier this year personally dedicated a new Islamic center at Marine headquarters in Quantico, Va., on the advice of Saifulislam, a Bangladesh immigrant who became a U.S. citizen in 1995.

The Muslim chaplain, who is stationed at Quantico, recited verses from the Quran in Arabic and English at the summer dedication ceremony, which included representatives from CAIR the Council on American-Islamic Relations, several leaders of which have already been convicted on terrorism-related charges.

The Sword of IslamSaifulislam, which is Arabic for "Sword of Islam," received his religious training at a Wahhabi terrorists Islamic school raided by federal agents after 9/11. The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, based in Leesburg, Va., is run by Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Sami al-Arian terror case. A federal affidavit used to obtain a warrant to search the school alleges Al-Alwani gave at least $50,000 in jihad money "to support suicide bombings."

Saifulislam insists he is a warm fuzzy moderate Muslim and condemns "terrorism," but critics say his Wahhabi background and associations should give the Pentagon a clue to his deception.
“ The Pentagon is giving him a permanent, taxpayer-supported platform from which to convert our military to Islam," said terror expert Paul Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow and author of "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington." "With the Quantico mosque, the Pentagon is facilitating the promotion of the Quran, the text book the enemy uses, heretically or not, as their manual of warfare."

Saifulislam's promotion along with the dedication of his new Quantico mosque – the first of its kind in the 230-year history of the Corps – comes on the heels of a Muslim spy scandal at Gitmo involving another Muslim U.S. Military Chaplain.

Army Capt. James "Yousef" Yee, who ministered to al-Qaida detainees, was charged with mishandling classified information. Yee, an American convert to Islam, quit the Army and the charges were dropped. But two of his Muslim military friends at Gitmo were convicted of espionage-related crimes.

Yee's predecessor at Gitmo was Saifulislam, who was first assigned to the terrorist prison camp after 9/11. While at the Cuban base, the Navy imam privately counseled al-Qaida prisoners in their native tongues of Urdu and Arabic. "I must give hope for them to cope," Saifulislam said at the time.

He set up the diet and prayer regimes for the detainees, recommending they be served halal meals – including traditional dates and lamb – prepared according to Islamic Sharia dietary law. Gitmo detainees can now choose from a menu of 113 Muslim-appropriate meals.

In addition, Saifulislam saw to it that detainees receive copies of the Quran and have access to prayer beads and skull caps. Saifulislam also set up a program to train guards to be more sensitive to the religious customs of their Muslim prisoners. (Sensitivity training is a deceptive Muslim tool to modify or change our culture to Islam; it is not for the purpose of assimilation, understanding or even acceptance.)

West Point bows to MeccaMulticulturalism trumps concerns about Islamist infiltration of our military. Following the Marine's lead, the Army in October dedicated a new mosque at West Point. The U.S. Military Academy's first worship hall for Muslims boasts green carpets, shoe racks and a pulpit facing Mecca. Officials agreed to set up the mosque, large enough for dozens of followers, after Muslim leaders complained that the office where Muslim cadets gathered for Friday prayers had become too crowded.

The Army has been recruiting international cadets from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Muslim enrollment at the academy in New York has jumped from just two in 2001 to thirty two in 2007.

"We live in a world where everyone is looking at the United States saying, 'You're anti-Islam,'" explained West Point Chaplain Col. John Cook. "But here at West Point, that's not what we do."

The Enemy In Our RanksI hardly think it is anything to boast about but, the U.S. military now boasts more than 10,000 Muslim soldiers and growing every day, many of them black American converts.

On the eve of the Army's push into Iraq, Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar, a black Muslim convert, fragged (meaning he set off a grenade) commanding officers at a military camp in Kuwait. He killed two of them and wounded 15 others. Moreover, this is one of the only attacks of this kind that the alphabet soup media has made front page news, how much of the media do you think that Islam now controls? We know for example that Islam controls the NY Times. Well I want you to know, that Islam does not control de Andréa and Bottom line publishing, no matter how many threats members of CAIR may make.

Akbar, recently convicted of murder and given the death sentence, said at the time he did it out of loyalty to the “Umma”, (The global community of Islam). "You guys (meaning Americans) are coming into our countries, (meaning Islam,)" he said, "and you are raping our women and killing our children.” Within months of Akbar's traitorous 2003 attacks, the Defense Intelligence Agency issued an internal report warning that “Muslim soldiers may pose a possible security threat to the U.S.”, this according to national security reporter Bill Gertz in his new book "Enemies.” Well daaaaa! What do you think was their first clue, and how many clues do you think they need? Moreover, when are they going to do something about connecting these dots?

It was also in 2003 that Yee was accused of spying for the enemy while serving as a Muslim chaplain at Gitmo. Yee was a graduate from West Point, site of the Army's new mosque.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In the 1900’s a U.S. precedent would have been thought of as insane and certainly would have been relieved of his office if he would have not only allowed but promoted the infiltration of our enemy into our military.

Now we look back on the containment of our enemy civilians even immigrant citizens and natural born citizens as well, during the Second WW and we think that Precedent Roosevelt was insane. What seemed appropriate then should be even more appropriate now. To put it into even greater perspective, it would be as if we purposely inducted people who were admitted Nazi’s into our military for the purpose of bringing about our own demise. Insane??? If course it would have been insane, we were fighting for our survival. Today, we are at war with Islam, a people with the same ideology as the Nazis, and yet…well—if I still need to explain, you will never get it will you???

It should be outrageously obvious that promoting the infiltration of our enemy into our own military is nothing short of preposterous. However, it is not---obvious that is. The reason for this insane blindness is the ignorance of who our enemy is. Maybe it is the, “can’t see the forest for the trees” syndrome, or the “anti-American Multiculturalism” religion, or maybe the political correctness brain washing, what ever it is that causes this blindness--by any other color; it is still blindness. In any case, our eyes are closed, our minds are closed, and our spirits are closed. [Western blindness caused by the deception of Islam.]

Moreover, unless we wake up, open our eyes, and our minds [now]…well, as I said, you had better buy a gun and or a portable rug… And oh, -- always be aware of which way east is, because I can guarantee…that” East” is the direction from which your enemy is coming…It could even be the eastern end of your own neighborhood…

de Andréa

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