Thursday, August 23, 2007


I understand this might be difficult to comprehend for some because of what the U.S. Government is doing or not doing.

Nevertheless, we are at war with our own Congress, and not only that, we are at war with nearly every country in the world, except England, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and possibly Alaska.

By de Andréa

Anywhere in history where a country at war that had absolutely no control over who or what was coming or going in and out of ones country, eventually succumbed to the enemy and lost the war . Moreover if this congress can’t get on the same page as this administration; well all I can say is that a country divided against itself cannot stand.

Not only does America not have any definitive borders, but foreign nationals from any and every country including the Middle East are rooming in and out of the U.S., at will, with virtually no control whatsoever. This is nearly unheard of in history at anytime, but in time of war, it is “Home Land Security” suicide.

Moreover, if our feign Federal border guards attempt to do their job of stopping the illegal entry of anyone including our enemy into this country they have been at the request of the Mexican Government brought up on trumpet up charges and put in jail.
Moreover, at the whim of our enemy the prosecution of our own military for doing their job is becoming commonplace.

These facts are so absurd and absolutely unbelievable especially in time of war, that I sit at my computer with a loss for words to explain this kind of behavior. It is totally unprecedented in history as a purposely engineered war tactic.

I cannot even in my wildest imagination conceive of why an administration of a Free Constitutional Republic such as the United States of America, would with purpose and malfeasances allow the enemy one is at war with not only have free access to ones country, but at the same time is encouraged to infiltrate, not assimilate but infiltrate, this society and Government. Moreover if that is not enough to drive one to drink rubbing alcohol, then how about the fact that your government is supporting terrorists organizations both in the Middle East as well as here in America, and with your tax dollars.

It is one thing to have our neighbor to the south illegally invade our country and dictate to our government what their rights are, but when our enemy, the Nation of Islam is allowed to infiltrate our country, culture and government, and demand rights that even Americans don’t have, what’s more their demands are accommodated. Then I cannot help but wondering how long it is going to be until America has its second revolution or civil war.

In case one doubts the truth of these outrages statements, I have written several previous articles containing documented information still available on my blog, that supports the fact that our administration has sold out to Globalism and is actually supporting terrorists training camps right here in our own country. Moreover, proof that this administration is not the least bit concerned with protecting the unique freedom and liberty of this Republic.

Sharia law, as in Europe, and Nigeria is incrementally replacing our own constitutionally based laws. The Islamic religious theocracy is surreptitiously and incrementally encroaching and outlawing all other religions and philosophies. Our schools and colleges are either bending all their rules or replacing them in order to accommodate the Muslim students. Even private Christian Colleges are giving the boot to Christian organizations on campus in order to cater to the Islamic Sharia rules.

How long can we continue this surreptitious conversion from our Judao Christian foundation and the Constitutional law of this Republic, to Islamic Sharia law, before we realize that America, as in Europe, is becoming an Islamic State. While we are fighting in Congress about who is winning the war in the Middle East we are losing the war here on our home soil.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I feel like my CD is stuck when I have to keep saying that the U.S. government hasn’t a clue who this enemy is. We must first recognize that we are fighting for our survival and our very existence. And then this Congress and this administration must read the enemy’s play book, the philosophy of Islam, found in the Quran, trust me, it’s in there, better yet, get one yourself.

de Andréa

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