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Unborn Babies Feel Pain At Five Weeks Of the First Trimester

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

Unborn Babies Feel Pain At Five Weeks Of the First Trimester

By de Andréa

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Posted April 23, 2017


The picture is of an eight week old unborn human baby.

Logic and Science
One by one the argument for abortion are shot down either logically or scientifically. The argument that says that it’s okay to kill an unborn child because he/she is not fully developed.  Well one doesn’t need to be a scientist to figure out that full development doesn’t occur until one is approaching his or her late twenties, such as the hypoid bone and brain development.  So with that argument - one could be exterminated until age 30 because of the lack of full development.

Another bit of logic is when does human life begin?  The pro-choice group conveniently puts out the argument that life doesn’t begin until birth, thereby justifying late term abortion.  If the unborn child isn’t alive until birth then the only other alternative is that the child or fetus is dead. There is no in between my friend. And if it is not human life beginning at conception then what kind of life is it, a lizard maybe?

Then the Science
Now’ with the discovery that the nervous system develops sooner than previously thought this could have implications for whether babies feel pain in the early weeks.  Although there’s no logical reason why a human lack of capacity to feel pain justifies ending the life of an unborn baby, it’s just another of a plethora of common arguments for why abortion is acceptable in any stage of pregnancy. However, the prevailing wisdom that babies don’t feel pain as early as in the first trimester will now have to be re-examined, as Live Action reports.
Adult-like nerves
A study published in the Journal Cell on 23 March 2017 reveals that the nervous system of embryos and foetuses are greatly more developed than was previously believed. Entitled “Tridimensional Visualization and Analysis of Early Human Development the study shows that unborn babies in the first trimester have “adult-like” patterns of nerves. Researchers “combined whole-mount immunostaining, 3DISCO clearing, and light-sheet imaging to start building a 3D cellular map” and found that “the adult-like pattern of skin innervation is established before the end of the first trimester, showing important intra- and inter-individual variations in nerve branches.”

What evidence is there for foetal pain?
For now, it’s  conclusively provable that preborn babies can feel pain at 20 weeks gestation, although they respond to touch as early as eight weeks. There is also increasing evidence that unborn babies can feel pain much earlier than 20 weeks — likely as early as five weeks.  Some evidence exists to show that foetal pain may be even worse in the first trimester, due to the uneven maturation of foetal neurophysiology.

Roe V Wade has a clause that basically says that if it can ever be proven that life begins at conception, Roe would be nullified.  Guess what?  It has been proven that life begins at conception…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Now if it is decided in a court of law the life begins at conception, which is defined as beginning, start, onset, origin, commencement and formation. Then all the more than 50 million abortions must be considered as murders.  More murders of one’s own people than any other country in history.  And you thought Hitler and Mao were evil.  Abortionists are nothing but a bunch of evil murdering hypocrites. But then as usual don’t take my word for it listen to what a Doctor who performed more than 1200 abortions before he realized the truth of what he was doing.

And then the argument for abortion to save the life of the mother doesn’t hold water either as it takes two to three days to prepare for a late term abortion, not conducive to an emergency to save the mother’s life in that case either labor would be induced to deliver naturally or a Cesarean Section would be performed as the doctor describes in the previous video.

One could easily continue to debunk all the arguments for abortion because none of them can ever be an excuse for ending the life of a little human being. 

Abortion is the irresponsible premeditated murder of an innocent human life. 

Babies are not an inconvenience my friend, they are a blessing.

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom. 
- de Andréa
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