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The Cover-up of Hillary’s Health Problems

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
-I. F. Stone
The Cover-up of Hillary’s Health Problems
“They’re just ‘Conspiracy Talk” - is this just more Clinton lies.  

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s health Issues aren’t anything to worry about; the concern about her coughing is just “conspiracy talk.” She was just dehydrated, how did she get dehydrated?  No one knows.  But then the story changed to, well… yes, there were allergies that were causing minutes-long fits of uncontrolled hacking.
Then came the admission Sunday that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, but after she emerged from her daughter’s apartment an hour later she is miraculously cured from pneumonia and hugs a little girl on the street and she is feeling much better, though she will be off her feet for a few days to get some rest.  That’s it…she’s just tired…
Oh Yeah!
If you believe that, you might also believe that members of the Clinton campaign at her headquarters, have also been struck down by the same mysterious “debilitation bug.” People magazine reported.  An unidentified unknown source told the publication: “At least half a dozen senior staff were infected, including campaign manager Robby Mook. Two top advisers even needed emergency medical treatment,” the unknown source said. “One top adviser diagnosed at a Brooklyn urgent-care center with a respiratory infection was being treated with antibiotics in the days before Clinton’s diagnosis. Another top adviser was taken by ambulance to the ER by ambulance after collapsing from what turned out to be severe dehydration, the source said.” Boy that dehydration disease is going around and around! I wonder if it could spread to the Republican Party.

This health question of Hillary’s - is important, why? Because someone worse than Hillary would be next in line for the presidency should Hillary not finish her term. Read to the end to find out who…

Oh! Hillary also says, she is only running for one term.  I can’t help but wonder why.  Could it be she knows her health won’t allow her to run for a second term?  I think she just wants to last about 6 months, so she will be remembered as the first criminal I’m sorry woman president. Oops!

Scott Johnson a board certified internist  suggests the pneumonia is a symptom of something worse: a stroke or possibly Parkinson’s disease, the internist wrote:  “During my 19 years as a board certified internist I have taken care of many hundreds of patients with pneumonia. The story about Hillary Clinton being diagnosed with pneumonia raises a red flag as to the cause. It could simply have been a community acquired pneumonia, which means she contracted it as a healthy person living her usual life. This happens occasionally, even to healthy people.
 “I raise this second possibility because of Hillary’s history of neurological illnesses (blood clot in brain, concussion), hints raised on the Internet in Wikileaks documents and by others that she may have a neurological disease like Parkinson’s, and her by now well documented history of recurrent coughing fits. This second possibility is that she has aspiration pneumonia.
Aspiration pneumonia occurs when fluids and food particles that normally enter the esophagus instead enter the windpipe and lungs. It is commonly seen in neurological conditions like strokes and Parkinson’s disease or similar diseases where the nerves to the swallowing mechanism are not working properly. This is especially worrisome because it is likely to recur given the underlying, usually incurable disease process and because it can be a life-threatening event,” he said.  “I consider aspiration pneumonia to be the more likely cause because it unifies all the pieces of disparate information that are available on Hillary’s medical condition. A diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia raises profoundly troubling implications for her possible election as president,” he concluded.
But the begging question is…what caused the aspiration pneumonia. It just doesn’t come out of the air like some other types of pneumonia.
Watch and listen to Dr. Ted Noel’s 16-minute video at, explaining that the evidence suggests she has Parkinson’s and has known about it, for several years.
“Everything … fits the theory,” he said. “Video evidence is solid. There’s strong evidence of her having advanced Parkinson’s disease.”
And that, he concluded, makes her “medically unfit” for the Oval Office.
There are no blood tests for Parkinson’s and no abnormalities or anomalies will show up on an MRI. The diagnosis for Parkinson’s is done by observation. Said Dr. Noel.
A number of recognized names are urging that Clinton be tested. See a List of doctors who have questions about Hillary’s health.
Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said Clinton should have an MRI and release the results, reported Buzzfeed.
“It is imperative that both major candidates for the highest office in the land immediately release detailed recent medical records to allow the people a fair opportunity to assess their physical fitness for office,” Carson said.
“In the case of Hillary Clinton, because she has had a brain injury in the past and there is a question of venous sinus thrombosis, the result of a recent specialized MRI would be very helpful,” he said.
The Week joined in blasting Clinton, not her physical condition but for how she’s been handling it.
“The most charitable reading … is that her campaign – presumable with the blessing and perhaps insistence of the candidate – fully intended to keep her illness a secret from the public. Let’s be clear about what this means: Her campaign intended to lie. Even though doing so would require her to keep up a public schedule that might well make her condition worse and require ever-more elaborate forms of concealment. Because, of course, to curtail her schedule would raise questions that might reveal the truth.”
The sudden interest in Clinton’s health, came after she was caught on video collapsing as she got into a limousine while leaving the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City.  Instead of going to a hospital emergency room, she went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment nearby and appeared 90 minutes to a statement from her campaign that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.
“In the blink of an eye Sunday, the attitude about Hillary Clinton’s health among the nation’s ‘mainstream’ media went from dismissing them as nutty ‘conspiracy theories’ to genuine concern, if not panic.”
He wrote, “When Mrs. Clinton prematurely left a memorial service marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11 in New York City, walking gingerly and collapsing as aides tried to get her into a van, the dam of silence collapsed.”
In the London Daily Mail, Thomas Burrows and Daniel Bates pointed out that pneumonia “is a contagious illness that is spread from person-to-person when small droplets of water that contain the bacteria get into the air and people breathe in.
They noted that Clinton “embraced a young child after leaving her daughter’s apartment – despite suffering from pneumonia.”
In addition, television psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky, in an interview on KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning” radio show discussed Clinton’s medical records.
He and another physician found reason for “concern.”
 “Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care she was receiving, we would be ashamed to show up in a doctor’s lounge,” Drew told the show’s hosts. “We would be laughed out. She’s receiving sort of 1950s-level care by our evaluation.”
He cited the “bizarre” medications she’s taking for blood clots and hypothyroidism.
Within days after his comments about Hillary’s health, Pinsky’s show was canceled.
Mmm, one can only speculate the reason for that…
Then the award-winning surgeon Gerard Gianoli, M.D. wrote a commentary that put the concerns about Clinton’s health in perspective.
“Imagine, if you would, that tomorrow Donald Trump suffers a concussion. Suppose he trips on a flight of stairs, falling down and hitting his head,” wrote Gianoli.
“The head injury is so severe that he is unconscious for a time and has to be hospitalized for a week. After getting out of the hospital, the Trump campaign tells us that he has fully recovered and that there are no lingering effects of the head trauma. During the following weeks, he is seen in public to wear glasses with a Fresnel lens on one side. He also seems to have trouble maintaining his balance, loses his thoughts in the middle of speeches, and has episodes of spasmodic movements suggestive of seizures.”
He continued: “In this imaginary scenario, would it surprise anyone if the media became skeptical and pressed for release of Mr. Trump’s medical records? Would it surprise anyone if the Clinton campaign made an issue of Mr. Trump’s health status during speeches and in TV ads? Would the media cry ‘foul’ over the Clinton campaign doing so? I think the answers to these questions are self-evident. The media and the Clinton campaign would be all over this like white on rice, and no one would question the appropriateness of their actions.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: Is this just another Benghazi cover-up?  “What difference at this point does it make?” Well…Actually it could make a big difference, because if as president, Hillary’s health fails, the next in line as president would be V.P. Tim Kaine who has been a radical Marxist liberation theologian  since 1980. What is Marxists Liberation Theology? And if that is not enough of an anti-American oligarch for you, then he is also  a Sharia Jihadist terrorist supporter of Islam.  His political career was financed by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Another twofer, just like Obama.  Aren’t there any real American Democrats left in this country?

You had better pray long and hard my friend that the Donald wins this election. Because under Hillary we will either be an Islamic State, or a Communist Dictatorship, or both.
If that happens I think I will move to North Korea…NOT!  I’ll just move into my bunker.

Thanks for listening my friend!   
- de Andréa
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