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Christians Support Terrorists, Reject Jews

Christians Support Terrorists, Reject Jews

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published September 9, 2016

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’ has made an outrageous turnabout with Israel, but it isn’t the only so-called Christian Denomination to turn against Israel in favor of the Demonic Muslim Jihadists.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), the largest Lutheran denomination in the U.S., earlier this month passed two anti-Israel-related resolutions at its triennial assembly in New Orleans, La. One resolution established an “investment screen” that will recommend where Lutherans should invest their money with regard to Israel and the non- recognized non-historical Palestinians. The other urged that Obama cutoff of U.S. aid to Israel unless Israel meets a series of conditions and calls for the immediate U.S. recognition of “the state of Palestine.”  What State of Palestine are they talking about?  The ‘Roman State’ of Palestine?  Do these people know anything at all, about ancient history?

This is so wrong in so many ways, I truly don’t know exactly where to begin. What I would like to do is crack a few heads.  Not literally of course.  But like Paul the Apostle did in Corinth Greece when he found different church groups squabbling about who baptized who, or who was the one who told them about the good news.  And he said she said etc. the result of the Christian church was division rather than unity.  Moreover, it looks to me as if few protestant churches have ever read the book of Corinthians, or maybe none of Paul’s teachings.  I don’t know!

The fact that Luther broke away from the Catholic Church is kind of like the Christian Church breaking away from Judaism. And I don’t mean that in a positive way because I personally don’t believe that the separate so-called actual religion of Christianity was ever meant to be. Meaning that I don’t see that as Gods will. Well… That statement should raise a few eye brows to say the least. But what I do see as a result, is corruption and disunity.  I have been to many denominational Christian Churches and it so reminds me of Paul at Corinth.  All divided over non-Biblical fine points of doctrine according to whose teaching they follow.  Westley, Luther, Calvin…Like Paul said, I am sure glad I didn’t baptize any of you except a few, or you would start a church of Paul.  Whatever happen to Bible doctrine, none of these church leaders were ever canonized, at least not to the degree of adding scriptural doctrine to the Gods Word?  By whose authority do they do that???   


I have also been to the Middle East, to Israel, talked to so call Palestinian Muslims. I have been to Orthodox Synagogues, and to Messianic Synagogues, and it really wasn’t until I spent time with Messianic Jews that I realized that this’ my friend…is the way it was supposed to be. The fulfillment of the Messiah and the grafting in of Gentiles, completing the promise to God’s chosen people.  We are all God’s chosen.  But alas, the Jews couldn’t comprehend it all, because they lacked spiritual discernment and rejected their own Messiah and forced the split of the Gentiles. Thus creating the Catholic Church, which became corrupt and forced yet another split. This created the Pro-testants, which created even more splits, and so on and so on, until today in the Christian church, we have total disunity from each other.  Moreover, now as you can see, rejection of the Jewish people, and support of Satan’s people by these same denominations.  I cannot say, that by anyone’s measuring stick, that this is a good thing!  Do we think God is pleased by all this nonsense???   

The following are some comments from some well-known activists and news organizations to show you I am not standing alone with this:    

Dexter Van Zile, a Catholic pro-Israel activist, who monitors and analyzes the Christian media for the Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) said, “the Lutheran Church has an outrageous obsession with Israel.” He told the group “has been beating up on Israel for a long time, and this is just the latest example.”
David Brog, of Christians United for Israel, said in a statement that the resolutions “blame Israel and only Israel for the conflict in the Middle East. Such one-sided scapegoating of the Jewish state will only fuel further Palestinian rejection and violence.”
Lutheran student activist Austin Reid told the church’s resolutions “send a message of discrimination against Israel and neglect to hold the Palestinian leadership accountable for misguiding the Palestinian people.” Reid is an Emerson Fellow at StandWithUs and attends the ELCA-affiliated Capital University in Ohio.
 “It is just a step away from boycotting, CAMERA’s Van Zile said. “The Lutherans seem to be doing something similar to what the Presbyterians did a few years ago. First, they set up criteria that would disqualify Israel from investments. Then they declared they can’t invest in Israel because it doesn’t meet the criteria.”
The report, called the ELCA Middle East Strategy is a 2005 church document that recommended “making consumer decisions that favor support to those in greatest need, e.g. Palestinian providers as distinct from Israel settlers on Palestinian territory.”
The document accused Israel of fostering an “environment of oppression,” and claimed that Israel’s security fence “poses an imminent threat to the future of the church in the Holy Land.” The document also complained about the “destructive effect” of Israeli policies on “the ability of Palestinians to marry and raise families.”
The marriage and family’s reference could lay the groundwork for falsely accusing Israel of “genocide,” according to some experts. Article two of the definition of genocide adopted by the United Nations in 1948 includes “imposing measures intended to prevent births within [a targeted] group.”
The language choice raises the danger that the Lutheran church “may falsely allege, or at least imply, that Israel is guilty of genocide,” Prof. Elihu Richter, director of the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention, told That allegation could then be used as a basis for denying U.S. aid to Israel and justifying a Lutheran boycott of Israeli companies or products.
Ignoring Palestinian abuses
The second ELCA resolution calls on the Obama administration to present a plan for establishing an “independent” and “viable” Palestinian state, with a “shared Jerusalem” as its capital. The Lutherans also urge the president to extend diplomatic recognition to the “state of Palestine” immediately, rather than wait for the issue to be negotiated between the parties, as the U.S. and Israel prefer, even though Netanyahu said there will never be a Palestinian State.
On U.S. aid to Israel, the resolution asserts the U.S. should halt all military and financial assistance unless Israel agrees to “comply with internationally recognized human rights standards as specified in existing U.S. law, stop settlement building and the expansion of existing settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, end its occupation of Palestinian territory, and enable an independent Palestinian state.”
Pro-Israel activists see those terms as blatantly one-sided. Former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams, writing in Newsweek, called the ELCA “a church in decline but one whose enthusiasm for attacks on Israel never wanes.” He noted when the Lutherans refer to construction in eastern Jerusalem, they are referring to “just construction by Jews,” with no mention of Palestinian construction in the city. Likewise, the resolution targets U.S. aid to Israel, but ignores U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, which is approximately $500 million annually.  So you see the Communist U.S. government also supports the Palestinian terrorists.
In the Lutheran resolutions, there was no mention at all…of the PA’s behavior.
The ADL’s Rabbi Sandmel said Palestinian human rights violations were “not mentioned” either by the delegates, who attended his workshop, nor the Lutheran church professionals with whom he spoke individually. It would have been “helpful” and “more balanced” if the Lutherans “showed as much interest in Palestinian violations as they do in Israeli violations,” he added.
Pro-Palestinian activists are pleased
Supporters of the resolutions see the ELCA’s positions as consistent with the anti-Israel pro-BDS stance of other churches. The group, Isaiah 58, a Lutheran faction that lobbied for the resolutions, issued a statement declaring, “the ELCA adds its own voice and approach to the growing number of U.S. churches that have endorsed economic acts of conscience in support of Palestinian freedom and human rights.”
Similarly, The Electronic Intifada, a leading pro-Palestinian website, praised the resolutions as “a massive shift” demonstrating “the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has become the latest U.S. denomination to take economic action against the so-called Israeli occupation.” In 2013 at the previous ELCA assembly, 70 percent of the delegates voted against an “investment screen” resolution, the website pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., the United Church of Christ, and the Quakers have all endorsed divesting from Israel. The Episcopal Church has rejected divestment, while the Mennonite Church has delayed a decision until 2017. The United Methodist Church’s pension fund dropped five Israeli banks from its investment portfolio in January.
The real sad thing about all of this is that these so-called Christians churches are not Christian at all.  They have fallen into the trap of Satan himself.  Supporting Satan’s Muslim Jihadists and rejecting the Jews, Gods chosen people.
THE BOTTOM LINE: What is wrong with these people?  Calling for a Palestinian State?  On what grounds?  Splitting the city of Jerusalem in half?  They did that with Berlin…oh that worked out well!
I can’t get over the ignorance of these people.  Where did they go to school or did they?  I asked someone:
“Who will occupy this so-called Palestinian State?” 
“Palestinians he said.”
 I replied with, “What Palestinians?”
“Well the people who historically lived in Palestine.” He said.
“You mean the Jews.”  I said.
“No the Muslims, the Palestinians.” He replied.
I soon found out that his knowledge of ancient history went all the way back to the 1960’s AD.  Because prior to that no one ever heard of the Palestinians.  Unless he meant the Romans in 72 AD who renamed the State of Israel - Palestine to erase all traces of the Jews.  I’m not sure he ever heard of the Romans either.  So I gave him a Readers Digest history lesson.  The so-called Palestinians are Muslims…he agreed.  And Islam didn’t begin until Mahammad in 610 AD.  He didn’t know that.  I asked, who lived in Palestine from 72 AD until 610 AD?  No answer…
No Palestinians ever lived in Palestine until the 1960’s they came from Jordan they are Hamas they were Jordanian terrorists kicked out of Jordan by King Hussein.  And now you want to give the State of Israel whose history in this land goes back 3000 years, to these Muslim terrorists whose history of murder and mayhem in Israel goes back 56 years.
His reply…”Oh!”

Thanks for listening my friend!   
- de Andréa
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