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U.S. Sells Uranium To Iran

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U.S. Sells Uranium To Iran
Not only that, but Obama is giving them your money to buy it…

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published April 0, 2015

News about Mr. Obama’s $50 billion “bribe” to Iran recently hit the wires.  It could be said that the message sent by President Obama’s offer of a bonus was that he and his partner in Middle East crime John Kerry, are so desperate for a deal that they are willing to award the mad killer mullahs of Iran a $50 billion dollar “bribe” to seal a nuclear deal to blow up America.  
Mr. Obama is one up on Neville Chamberlain who agreed with Hitler–without even a bonus/bribe!   What could go wrong when Iran, a country that chants “Death to America,” receives between $30 billion and $50 billion from the very country they want to destroy?  ‘What could go wrong’, when that cash infusion provides the means and the ammunition to fund Iran’s Middle East partners-in-terror across the region?  What could go wrong, when Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon are again the beneficiaries of Iran’s windfall? What could go wrong, when Iran uses all or part of the $50 billion of your future children’s tax dollars to buy the uranium from Russia that ex-president Clinton sold to them? Yes where do think Iran has been getting their uranium from?  FROM US my friend!  Come on wake up America!
Again, and again, and again, we support and supply the enemy that has vowed to bury us, with the means to do so.

Obama’s gift to Iran would be the “largest cash infusion to a terror-regime in recent history,” touts the “Washington Free Beacon.”   Whether it is $30 billion or $50 billion, it’s a huge bonus to be added to the more than $11 billion in unfrozen assets Iran will have already received as a result of the 2013 nuclear accord.  Whatever the number, Iran would be the recipient of the largest cash infusion to a state sponsor of terrorism in modern world history.  What happened to America’s list of terrorists and state sponsors of terror?  Is the Obama Administration ignoring the list or is he purposely supporting Americas enemies?
The whole deal is absurd!  Mr. Obama doesn’t want to “jump through a whole bunch of hoops in order to reinstate sanctions” he says, so he talks about creative negotiations such as freeing up tens of billions of dollars in Iranian oil revenue that has been frozen.  When Iran finally agrees to a nuclear deal without lifting a finger, without any real assurances to prevent nuclear breakout, as soon as they sign, they will reap the rewards of the release of frozen assets regardless of their constant chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”  Iran is not even required to denounce terrorism, much less the role they play in spreading it with our money.
How much uranium will $50 billion or even $30 billion buy?  The Russians are working with Iran under the table?  Connect the dots, my friend.  Will they be selling weaponry to Hamas and Hezbollah via Iran?  Where did the requirement for intense inspections go?  When could the bomb suddenly appear?  Is Obama banking on being long out of office before the bad stuff happens?  Or, does he consider the mullahs as allies?  What about America’s Arab allies and others who are at war with Iran even as I write this?  Why?  It is because Iran is forging military campaigns against its Middle East opponents that just happen to be America’s Arab allies.   Will a nuclear deal with reduced sanctions, or non-existent sanctions, cause America’s allies to become distrustful and fearful of their formerly secure alliance?  Of course…all the above!
THE BOTTOM LINE: In the best case scenario, it would be that Obama, as a result of the Obama/Kerry obsession with forging a deal with Iran at any price, is simply reckless with no concern for future dire consequences, because soon they will be out of office.  Or, could President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry be secretly wishing and hoping that the mad mullahs of Iran will give them a favorable post deal?

Or in the worst case scenario, Obama is, as I have been saying all along, a Muslim Jihadist mole and is purposely selling America down the river to the terrorists to fulfill his campaign promise of America becoming a Muslim Nation.   

Either way, the entire Iranian nuclear deal scenario is extremely treacherous and the path is fraught with obvious and hidden dangers.   America and the world dodged a bullet in the 1970s during the Carter administration.  The Progressive ideas and principles pursued by the goober-man could have exacted a heavy price.  It seems the Obama/Kerry duo may be following Carter’s same philosophy but this time around America could be paying the price for years to come and it won’t be in dollars and cents.

It will be in American Lives my friend…think about it!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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