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Ferguson Riots are About Martial Law

Ferguson Riots are About Martial Law
By becoming increasingly militarized & brutal, the “police state” is provoking civil unrest. Says conservative reporter Paul Watson

August 27, 2014
By de Andréa

The DHS, Obama’s private army, reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s SS, is arming local police around the country with military weapons and vehicles.

The mainstream alphabet soup media has led everyone to believe that not only did Officer Wilson shoot an unarmed man, but shot him as he was giving up.   And if that wasn’t enough, they covered the funeral services of their hero Michael Brown, which was attended by more Washington politicians than attended Margret Thatcher’s funeral.

Michael Brown was portrayed by Reverend Jessy Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton as a choir boy that loved his mamma and was a hard worker, instead of the criminal convenience store robber and drug addict that he was.

Regardless of whether or not Officer Darin Wilson shot first and intended to ask questions later is irrelevant to the Ferguson Riots.  First of all there were no riots until the militarized Police came out in force with their armored vehicles and grenades, firing rubber bullets and teargas and started a war against what began as a peaceful protest exercising their first Amendment rights.

So how can money strapped local police departments afford all this military hardware, armament, and weapons?  Well they can’t.  It is all subsidized, whether they want it or not, by Obama’s private army, the Department of Homeland Security,  otherwise known as Obama’s SS.   

What’s worse; is that this new military police state, as in the case of Hitler’s Nazi SS, has nothing whatsoever to do with security, instead it has everything to do with power and control .   

Whether you have noticed the elephant in your room or not, we are now all subject to Obama’s Martial Law and private army.  This ‘is incidentally’ one of Obama’s campaign promises, a domestic army bigger than the U.S. military.  And yet you still voted for him. Tisk, tisk…

Paul Joseph Watson does a good job of breaking down exactly what transpired in Ferguson, Missouri this past week.  He makes a few very compelling points in a video below.
First he says, “It’s clear the Ferguson police force actively intimidated and even attacked reporters so they could not film acts of police brutality.”

Second, “Major news sources like Newsweek are now openly stating that the police have become a domestic army.” When Infowars made this claim years ago, mainstream media accused them of being “conspiracy theorists.” So has Newsweek joined the so-called conspiracy theorists?

Thirdly, Paul Joseph Watson asserts that “Civil unrest is exactly what our government wants. They are using the domestic army to provoke civil unrest so that they can then clamp down on citizens who are speaking out against the government.”

WATCH A VIDEO NARRATED BY PAUL WATSON Titled: “Domestic Army” in Ferguson Attacks Reporters So They Cannot Film Police Brutality


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