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The Caliphate This Way Comes

The Caliphate This Way Comes
Writing something similar to this in the past - got me into a lot of trouble.  I lost one third of my readership when I told the truth about the elephant in the room.  So I backed off…just a little.  Now I’m back, and not only is the elephant still ignored, but what has been growing in the petri dish of the Middle East for FOURTEEN HUNDRED AND FOUR YEARS has also been ignored.

By de Andréa
August 23, 2014

The last time a people had any inkling of what Islam really was, still is, and always will be, are the Crusaders.  The reason the Crusaders were seen as brutal barbarians is because they were.  The truth is they dared to be.  They knew and understood what the alternative would be.   The Crusaders were in a situation not unlike the allies during the Second World War, fighting for their very existence against Nazism and Japanese Imperialism.  We threw political correctness right out of the window from the 49th floor.  We did what we believed we had to do to survive.   We incarcerated Japanese American citizens.  We incarcerated German American citizens.  And then we beat ourselves up later for doing it.  We bombed cities in Germany killing hundreds of thousands of so-called innocent people. We dropped atomic bombs on Japan and if they hadn’t surrender then’, we were prepared to completely sink the islands of Japan.  And latter we beat ourselves up for that.  BUT WE SURVIVED MY FRIEND.

In the first page of the American war collage manual it says…”Know who your enemy is.”   Today we haven’t a clue who our enemy is.  It also says… ”Don’t get involved in a war that you have no hope of winning.”  One more…”Never get into a war unless you intend to win”. 

Since 1945 America has never won a war.  Partly because we never intended to win them.  We lost the war against the Communist Chinese in North Korea… and after 60 years, that war is still going on.  We lost the war against the Communist Chinese in North Vietnam.  We lost the war against Islam in Iraq, still going on.  We lost the war against Islam in Afghanistan, still going on, because we had no intention of winning them.

My friend - we are losing the war of September 11.  Why???  Because we ignore the truth.  We ignore the elephant in the room, we ignore the disease of Islam that isn’t go to stay in the petri dish of the Middle East for very much longer, it will soon again spill out all over the west and all over America.

We violated our own articles of war because we became reactionaries rather than to adhere to the rules of war that we adopted so many years ago.   If you are ignorant enough of history to think that September 11, 2001 was the first time the U.S. had been attacked by Islam and subsequently gone to war with, then you would be wrong my friend.  President Thomas Jefferson brought America into war with Islam after they continually attacked American merchant ships in the Mediterranean and so he totally devastated them in Libya. And because of the extreme devastation of the Barbary Coast (The Shores of Tripoli) all was quiet in Islam for many years.  America has been fighting Islam, ‘who now identify themselves as ISIS’, for more than a hundred years and if we don’t annihilate them or at least totally devastate them, we will go on fighting them forever as we have’ been.  Israel has been fighting Islam since Israel became a state.  And unless they annihilate Islam completely, the missiles will never stop falling into Israeli neighborhoods.   So here in lies the truth, the truth that the Crusaders knew a thousand years ago that gave them the name brutal barbarians.  They saw the elephant in the room and new that if it was allowed to stay, it would be the end of civilization as they knew it.   I love elephants as much as the next fellow, but they belong in a wild area or locked up in a zoo, not running around in our cities and towns and certainly not in our living rooms.  Islam is an enemy like none other, it is the enemy of the world.  And more importantly it will never stop until it is stopped permanently.

We know what elephants are and we know what diseases are but we don’t know what Islam is.   Islam from its inception is not unlike the Ebola virus. The agenda of Ebola is to find a host, move in and do everything it can to kill the host.  It commits suicide.   Does that ring a bell?  Ebola doesn’t rationalize the ramifications of its agenda.  And neither does Islam. Islam is the agenda of death, disguised as a religion.  There are varies stages of Ebola until it kills.  One can be moderately sick until it takes control.  There are Muslims that are considered moderate…that is until the disease of Islam takes total control and then they kill.   The agenda of Islam is to - not only take control of individuals, but countries, and ultimately the world.  The religion of peace will only be at peace when the entire world is ISIS, the Nation of Islam and under satanic Sharia rule. 

More than eight years ago I wrote, “If Islam ever organized and had a single leader, it would become unstoppable.”  Islam hasn’t had a leader or Caliphate since the Islamic Caliphate last resided in Constantinople in the person of the ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The largest empire in history.  Not until now that is!  ISIS is now claiming a Caliphate.

The recent beheading of James Foley is not the beginning, nor is it the end of the attacks on Americans.   And bear in mind the Jihadist that murdered Foley was British.   Nothing against the British except they, as most Westerners, are ignorant of the elephant in the room.   It will come back to bite them, big time.   When the couple of thousand well trained European, Canadian, Australian, and American ISIS Jihadists terrorists return from the Middle East with a Caliphate to lead them,  what we now watch on TV taking place in Iraq, we will be watching right here in our own streets.   Look what little it took to cause riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  One criminal.  No rational what so ever for what is going on there.  Watts California all over again.  Now think…my friend, about a few hundred thousand fragmented Muslims in America now with the catalyst of a world leader, a Caliphate, as organized as ISIS is in the Middle East.  Remember when Paris burned?  Well think about London burning, Amsterdam burning, Berlin burning, New York burning again, Chicago burning, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Miami, and Your Town burning!  

Since 1924 Islam has been fragmented, disorganized, small groups carrying out their own version of the Islamic agenda.  Many organizations like al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, the Mujahedeen and more. Not to mention all the different flavors of Islam or sects, such as the Sunni, Shiah and or Wahhabism.  And then there are the so called Muslim moderates.   Let me ask you this… What would a moderate Nazi look like?  Do you know what Arabic word Jihad means in English?  The answer is “Personal Struggle.” And now, do you know what German words Mein Kampf mean in English…exactly the same. Direct translation is “My Struggle”.  Islam is Nazism on Steroids my friend.  Van Gough, an Amsterdam movie producer was murdered in the street by a well-known so-called “moderate Muslim”.  I could give you a list twenty yards long of moderate Muslim murderers.  Moderate Muslims are hypocrite Muslims that eventually see the darkness of death and become overwhelmed with the satanic spirit of Allah, then they join the Jihad, then they kill.

Now! Please understand, while I am not ‘advocating’ what the Crusaders so desperately tried to do a thousand years ago, and that is to totally annihilate Islam and Muslims from the face of the earth.  What I will say however is the truth, as I have said it before.  It started with one Muslim in the year 610 AD and as long as there is at least one Muslim left alive we will eventually have again what we have today.   The only choice that Islam gives anyone is to become a Muslim and be a part of the Jihad of the World Nation of Islam, or become a slave of Islam, and pay a tribute called the Jizya, or…death’, just like James Foley and Daniel Pearl.  That’s it my friend.  If one wants to ‘totally’ stop Islamic terrorism, there is no other choice but to completely eliminate it…

What’ gives me the right’ to have an opinion like this?…Twenty three years of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies.  All one really needs to do - to see the elephant in the room, and the disease in the petri dish of Islam, is to read the Quran and the Hadith. 

Thanks for listening, now go tell somebody else the truth…

de Andréa

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