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Christian Home Schoolers To The Gulags

Christian Home Schoolers To The Gulags
Obama wants to protect Muslim Terrorists and Illegal Alien Voters, but he will send Christian Home-Schoolers to jail.  With nowhere in the world left to run, we might just be forced to stand and fight…

By de Andréa
May 17, 2013

Despite repeated warnings about the terrorist activities of the Tsarnaev family our so-called Security agencies ignored the intelligence reports completely - and instead they were supported by county welfare - it resulted in the “Boston Marathon Bombing”.  But if a Christian family from Germany who was granted political asylum in America homeschools their children in the state of Tennessee, Obama is deporting them where they will likely go directly to jail without passing “GO” or collecting anything.

Approximately ten years ago, a Muslim family named Tsarnaev was granted political asylum in the United States.  And then curiously over the past 10 years several of the family members have made frequent trips back to the country they supposedly fled from, why would they do that, or did they as all Muslims do, just come here to commit and/or support “Islamic Jihad” as taught in the demonic Quran.  A month ago two brothers of the Tsarnaev family predictably and inevitably set off bombs at the Boston Marathon ‘as an act of Islamic militant Jihad’ which was covered up by the FBI until the last few days with the release of the “MESSAGE IN THE BOAT” as part of the Muslim agenda of Jihad.

In 2011 and 2012 the FBI received warnings about one of the Tsarnaev brothers from Russian intelligence.  The warning included links to terrorist activities in the United States as well as in Russia, but after a brief FBI investigation it was ignored.  The FBI even learned that Saudi Arabia had denied a visa to Tamerlan Tsarnaev because of his family’s ties to al-Qaida and yet they still did nothing, can you say; I wonder why?  The order from the oval office located in the White-Mosque is HANDS OFF THE MUSLIMS!  The Christians are now our enemies…

Now the Obama regime is pushing hard to allow 11 million illegal aliens, many of them Muslim terrorists, to remain in the U.S. to eventually be granted citizenship.  Obama is obviously bending over backwards to allow Muslims and illegals access to American voting machines, but it’s war on Christians.  Well…what can you expect from a Muslim Jihadist tyrant?  

In a clear demonstration of Obama’s war on Christians, his Gestapo SS has now targeted a Christian family and is hell bent on deporting them back to Germany so they can face criminal charges for HOMESCHOOLING!  Yes these are really bad, bad people who don’t want their kids to be indoctrinated government robots…they are totally uncontrollable these Christians!

The Romeikes family, (watch a video) fled Germany in 2008 because homeschooling is illegal in Germany and they were about to arrest the parents and make the children wards of the State.

Note: Before you read the rest of this, one small bit of information…there are no laws against homeschooling in any of the states in America.

In 2010, the Romeikes were granted political asylum in the U.S. by immigration judge Lawrence O. Burman.  The family settled in rural Tennessee and as they did in Germany, began homeschooling their children so they could teach them Christian values along with their lessons.  The family believed that they had found a new home that accepted them and their Christian faith, and life was good, but not for long!

With so much attention being given to the millions of illegals in our country and how the Democrat communists are so busy getting millions of them to vote illegally in elections, you would think Obama would be too busy to worry about one family living the American dream and not causing any problems.  But you would be dead wrong my friend.  Obama hates Christians, especially freedom loving homeschoolers even more than he loves illegal voters.

In late 2012, the ‘Obama Gestapo’ appealed the immigration asylum status of the German family and ordered the family deported back to Germany, where they wiill face charges for their terrible crime of homeschooling.  Obama argued that the Romeikes family’s problems in Germany were insufficient to allow them to be granted asylum in the U.S.  Yep, that’s right ya-all!  Obama and his comrade Nazis claimed that although the parents will face arrest and the loss of their children if they returned to Germany because of their Christian convictions, this is not sufficient evidence of persecution to warrant being granted permission to stay in America because he personally supports the German law against Christians and homeschooling.  Moreover, whatever a dictator wants a dictator gets.

On April 23, 2013, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case.  A week ago Tuesday, the three judge panel ruled unanimously to revoke the family’s asylum status which means their certain deportation back to German persecution.  In their decision, the court said that… the persecution of German homeschoolers for their religious and philosophical differences with the government does not qualify as actual persecution under the US asylum laws.  But then ‘like Obama they are Nazis’, and ‘with a tyrants philosophy’ they make up the laws as they go along!

Michael Farris, Founder, and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) said:  “We believe the Sixth Circuit is wrong and we will appeal their decision.  America has room for this family and we will do everything we can to help them.  While we will continue to fight in the courts over the issue of whether our law requires the Administration to give this family asylum, there is no doubt of the ability of the Obama Administration to use its discretion to immediately grant this family permanent asylum.  We urge the Administration to do so at once.  If our Administration is willing to explore a policy of leniency for millions of immigrants, it is simply inexplicable why they cannot find room for one homeschooling family from Germany.”

In case you are wondering why our Fuehrer the Imam Obama is spending so much time, money and effort into deporting a family who has done nothing wrong except wanting to give their children a Christian education…it is because of his hate for Christians and his fear of homeschooling.  You see he can’t control homeschooling and as a supremacist dictator he absolutely must control everything including the robotic programming of your children.  Even though there is no justification for this, it is just another clear demonstration that Obama is a Muslim Jihadist Nazi Communist and obviously hates Christians and homeschoolers and ‘he’ is the one that should be deported back to Indonesia where he and his Islamic Sharia law belong.

In case you missed the Romeike family story on video, CLICK HERE.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The Germans didn’t fight for their freedom; we did, and so they now live in fear of despotism.  If we don’t fight for ‘our’ freedom here ‘we’ will also live in fear of despotism, or maybe we are already living in fear…so we as lemmings just remain silent.

Please don’t remain silent, you will lose the little bit of freedom you have left.  Contact your Representatives while you still can and demand that they get involved to keep the Romeikes family here in the US, because they will certainly be persecuted and their family destroyed if they are returned to Germany

If you don’t speak out and change this, you may be next on Obama’s infamous hit list to go to the Gulags…or worse; as Obama disarms the nation he may sic the IRS SWAT team on you as he has other freedom loving conservatives…Well…he might do that anyway. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa 

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