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Americans Sign Petitions For A Police State

Americans Sign Petitions For A Police State

Do you really want your children injected with mercury, or’ do you really want America to become an Orwellian police state, or a Nazi type government?  Well I really don’t think that you do, but you are nevertheless ignorantly doing everything you can to being it about.  I have film…  It’s sad but true!

By de Andréa
May 4, 2013

I have so often said, in a around about way, that Americans have become nothing short of a bunch of programmed robotic idiots, unable to actually use the brain God gave them to think independent of their programmed brainwashing.  And also, that I have absolutely no use for Government so-called schools which are actually Godless institutions of Communist or Nazi type propaganda indoctrination, turning future little Americans into robotic machines etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Now I have proof…

Some people agree, well…sort of, to some extent.  And yet others think ‘I’ am the idiot…  I have the equivalent of two years of formal collage, I am sooooo’ glad that I dropped out - or I would have likely been one of the robots that I write about.  Maybe you also think that I am either being too harsh or at least that I am exaggerating.  But I have come to understand that it is because I see clearer than most folks without all that garbage that folks are indoctrinated with.  No I don’t see better with my eyes, I am in fact blind in one eye and can see so good out of the other as they say.  But I can read between the lines and I can see what is coming down the road mostly based on history.  This has all happened before my friend, and we will make the same stupid mistakes.

Early in the Intro I said: “Do you really want your children to be injected with mercury, or’ do you really want America to become an Orwellian police state, or a Nazi type government?  Well I really don’t think that you do, but you are nevertheless ignorantly doing everything you can do to being it about”.   Chances are that while wearing a silly grin, ‘you would,’ or you have signed a petition to have your children injected with mercury!  Or to give up ‘all’ your rights and voluntarily subject yourself to despotism in any form, it doesn’t matter the brand.  You would voluntarily become a slave to whatever government, that doesn’t matter either.  You are already sending your children to the government indoctrination centers, and they are being programmed with whatever, that doesn’t matter to you either.  Maybe you are even one of’ those kids that were robotically programmed yourself with the social philosophy that enables you to now be totally manipulated as if you were absolutely brain dead.  People would sign a petition to ban water…  Well…that’s already been done!

So if I haven’t totally alienated you yet, well then stick with me, I’m not finished yet. 

When the book called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt came out in early 1999, I paid little attention to it, but now I find her a visionary, someone who can see down the road like me.  And yet she is not the only one that absolutely believes that America has been so dumbed down that they would vote for Hitler for president…Oh…well…sorry, they already did that as well! 

But the folks from an organization called the “Prison” drew up phony tongue in cheek petitions for all kinds of outrageous things just like I have been discussing and more importantly they  seemed to have little or no trouble getting people to sign them.  Posted April 26, 2013 And titled Californians Sign Petition For Nazi Takeover, they write:  “Just as we got Austinites to sign a petition to ban water. Infowars and Marc Dice from Prison Planet teamed up to ask Californians to sign up for a Nazi Takeover among all kinds of outrageous issues like “Door to Door Gun Confiscation”, “And More Police Powers and brutally,” “mercury injections for your kids etc.” 

Watch the video and you will have to agree with everything I wrote in this article.  CLICK ON THIS to watch your fellow Americans like brain dead Zombies sign your freedom away.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Well we are already at the bottom line, despotism is already here - in… well some form or another, it doesn’t really matter what the flavor is.  Oppression is oppression, we will be treated like dogs, well…we should be so lucky, dogs will likely have it better than us!  We need to wake up America

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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