Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Public Brainwashing

Public education is not education at all, it is mind control, pure and simple forced “brainwashing”

By de Andréa

I have written many articles on “American public - so-called education” describing it as indoctrination, mind control, brainwashing, and or robotic programming. What ever it is, it is certainly anything but education.

Even with all the examples I have written about, I still get hate-mail calling ‘me’ un-American because I point out the obvious truth.

Don’t --- doubt me!

Well get ready… I have yet another example of blatant “BRAINWASHING” in our universities.

This one is about a student at Augusta State University in Augusta Georgia. It seems Jennifer Keeton; a graduate student just has ‘wrong thinking’, probably something genetic. Anyway in order for her to get her master’s in counseling she must be reprogrammed. You see she has the dreaded Christian beliefs brain dysfunction... And according to the robots at the university, ‘she must be fixed’…

Jennifer Keeton, a counseling major has filed suit against a university in Georgia because she claims the school is forcing her to abandon her Christian beliefs in order to receive her degree.

Twenty four year old Jennifer Keeton, is pursuing her master's degree in counseling at Augusta State University. But after her professors learned of her Christian Biblical beliefs -- specifically her views on homosexual conduct -- from both classroom discussions and from rubber-hose interrogations of other students (well… maybe not rubber-hose, not yet anyway) about private conversations with her. The school has subsequently imposed a "remediation plan.” (Code words for ‘re’programming)

Moreover, unless she completes this so-called "remediation plan" to their satisfaction, she will be thrown out of the school's counseling program, and or, out of the school altogether.

David French, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, said there are some absurd elements to the remedial plan. "Such as the plans final test, forcing her to go to a “gay-pride parade” and then, write about her feelings after the parade," he describes. "In other words, [the school's plan would be] to deliberately expose her to behavior that she finds disgusting and immoral in the hope that she has been reprogrammed to accept it. The university academics say that she is just ‘wrong minded’.

"Jennifer said she is not interested in being indoctrinated, she wants to be educated," states the attorney. "She wants to learn about the counseling profession, she wants to be a good counselor and a good American-- but being a American and a good counselor does not require one to surrender their most fundamental religious beliefs.” They've turned this school into nothing more than a Nazi re-education camp. “Brainwashing”

As I said before “don’t doubt me”

THE BOTTOM LINE: This ‘extreme’ may not yet be typical, but public - school indoctrination is. While the “Alphabet Soup Media” has biased the general public, the public school system tries to systematic and robotically brainwashed the future of this country. It just doesn’t work on some kids like Jennifer Keeton, thank God!

While we should have learned our lessons from the robotic indoctrination of Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union, as well as the Nation of Islam, we instead are blindly following in their same foot steps. And guess what my robotically programmed friend…we will soon arrive at the same destination.

Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again, expecting a different result”. Maybe Einstein wasn’t so stupid after all!

Maybe it is ‘we’ that are blindly stuck on stupid…

Yeah ya think???

de Andréa

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