Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NC Will Confiscate and Ban Firearms

When will the government stop trying to turn our country into a police State? They won’t… Not until they succeed.

By de Andréa

Washington DC, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco and many more have banned arms in violation of the U.S. and in some cases their own state constitutions. And now despite the recent Supreme Court ruling of the individual’s right under the Second Amendment and the common law of the right of self defense, the state of North Carolina has crushed the Second Amendment and put law abiding citizens in danger during an emergency.

North Carolina’s unconstitutional "Emergency Powers Gun law" prohibits individuals from carrying firearms and it blocks the sale of guns and ammunitions when the state government chooses to declare an "emergency.” Firearms are our only means of self-defense in times of chaos, crime and the endangerment of our families. This is what the City of New Orleans did after Katrina, they illegally and arbitrarily confiscated all guns, and as a result several people were killed with no means of self defense, or were robbed of everything they had left to survive on. Moreover, only after another Supreme Court ruling did they return some of the guns to their rightful owners.

The Second Amendment Foundation is now suing the state of North Carolina for destroying our Second Amendment rights and putting our lives and our families lives in danger.

During an emergency, is when citizens need the Second Amendment most. We all saw what happened during hurricane Katrina. The government confiscated all guns from law abiding Americans who only wanted to defend their homes and loved ones. Rampant crime and chaos erupted. Innocent people were murdered, raped, and left for dead. Criminals grabbed their guns, looted homes and terrorized families. Without guns regular Americans were left defenseless on the bayou. Ironically, our government told the residents of New Orleans they would be safer without guns.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the case brought by The Second Amendment Foundation known as McDonald vs. Chicago and determined that citizens have an inalienable right to bear arms and defend themselves. In a historic ruling, the court affirmed that the Second Amendment would be incorporated into states. The Second Amendment not only gives citizens the ability to defend themselves, it also protects Americans from OVERREACHING governments that seek to regulate freedom to extinction. Like any other task the government says it can handle, its outcome is always a GIGANTIC failure. Historically, the government has done a disastrous job at ensuring the safety of Americans. You should NOT trust the government to protect you.

Remember, when seconds count, police are at the very least, ‘minutes away’.

The recent victory in the Supreme Court was a hard won battle. Our Communist Muslim Dictator Obama and his leftie jackbooted Police State goons stooped to the lowest of lows using Chicago-style politics and thuggery to try and crush the Second Amendment. They resorted to fear mongering and threats to scare citizens into taking action against the case. Liberals rallied the media claiming gun ownership would result in nationwide gun violence. (The infamous “Blood in the Streets” tactic)

The only thing violent about guns is the criminals that illegally use them; moreover they don’t even obey gun laws or any other laws, that’s why they’re called criminals. Did you know that the states of Vermont and Alaska have no restrictive gun laws at all and they have the lowest violent crime rates in the country? Arizona has just joined the other two states, and coupled with their “illegal alien” law, watch their crime rate go down, down, down.

Thanks to your help, SAF was able to derail Obama's unconstitutional antigun agenda and overturn Chicago's gun ban at the Supreme Court. But the fight is far from over. Your help is needed to help fund the legal battle against the North Carolina legislature to make sure the Liberal freedom haters don't succeed in disarming America and leave us helpless against the crime of tyranny.

If the "Emergency Powers Gun Law" is not overturned, every other liberal state will find ways to create their own version of the Gun ban Law. This will annihilate all the hard work and grassroots activism that we have used to ensure that our Second Amendment Right and freedoms are protected. Soon the floodgates will open to overturn the recent Supreme Court ruling and eventually we will see a nationwide gun ban, possibly through an Obama UN treaty.

The "Emergency Powers Gun Law" is ILLEGAL. The Supreme Court just ruled that the Second Amendment MUST BE APPLIED AND UPHELD BY ALL STATES. "The Emergency Powers Gun Law" does not uphold the recent Supreme Court ruling; it has destroyed a hard earned victory for freedom across America. Through this lawsuit in North Carolina, it is intended to show that state emergency powers statutes that allow government officials to suspend fundamental civil rights, including the right to bear arms, are unconstitutional and therefore should be nullified. Citizens do not surrender their God given rights just because of a natural or man-made disaster, or especially, if a state just arbitrarily declares an emergency for whatever reason.

Protecting our rights is expensive and it's impossible to put a price tag on. This time freedom could cost up to a Million dollars to defend your Second Amendment rights in this challenge by North Carolina's "Emergency Powers Gun Ban.” SAF stands firmly committed to defend these rights and they are asking you to stand with them to help stop the anti-freedom America hating extremists now!

THE BOTTOM LINE: The purpose of the Second Amendment at the time of its writing was twofold, and contrary to public opinion one of them wasn’t for the purpose of hunting as president Clinton tried so eloquently to convince constitutionalists. The word “Hunting” isn’t even in the constitution or the amendment. Hunting was a given, it was survival. The twofold purpose was and still is, as it says “necessary for the security of a free State” and as common law, the right of personal self defense.

There is no other time to exercise ones Second Amendment rights but in an emergency. Why would one have the need to defend ones own freedom or ones own life except in an emergency? Any government that bans the people’s right to keep and bear arms is violating the most basic philosophy of Americanism and the most basic right to self-preservation, as well as the Framers intent of the personal security of ones freedom under the most extreme circumstances of an EMERGENCY


It has truly come to the point, that it is ‘us’ against the ‘criminal tyrannical government’. And soon even the Supreme Court will be totally corrupt as well.

Then the purpose of the Second Amendment will truly come into play. …”being necessary for the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear arms”… Your freedom will be on the line. Did you know that according to law, you’re your right “…shall not be infringed”, either.

Give your kid a hug today and join a ‘Militia’. It’s your God given inalienable right, to secure your life and your freedom.

May we seek God’s blessings by allowing Him to legally immigrate back into His own country, back into our government, back into our schools, back into our homes, back into His churches, and back into our lives…

The alternative is --- that we are totally on our own and God will not help us with that…

de Andréa

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Joe said...

NC law has changed It is now illegal to confiscate citizen arms during State of Emergency in NC. Thanks to GRNC and NCGO for working with the NC legislature to remedy this silliness. Respectfully, Gunny G USMC