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The Deception

By de Andréa

August 28, 2005

If one’s only source for news is the traditional alphabet soup media, one might be inclined to believe that Islam is a peaceable religion hijacked by a small group of extremists. On the other hand, one might have heard it another way, that “Moderate Moslems” (or real Moslems) are a peaceable and fun loving God-fearing people, and rejecting these terrorist extremists as not being true Moslems. The question is; will the real true Moslems please stand up?

I would like to introduce another point of view, it may seem a little radical to one exposed to this for the first time. This is, that Islam is actually a nation hijacked by a slippery fellow known as Lucifer, AKA Satin AKA the Devil, the master of deception. Not only has He deceived the nation of Ishmael but He has deceived all of the rest of us as well. If one continues to allow oneself to be deceived like this in failing to recognize the enemy for whom and what he is, it may just be our undoing.

The religion of Islam, as taught in the Quran includes the agenda to take control of the entire world by any means necessary. First of all, history shows us this, in about A.D. 800 the Moors, (North African Moslems) joined by Moslems from the Middle East, invaded Spain in the attempt to take over all of Europe. They may have been successful too if the Christian Crusaders had failed to recognize their agenda by approximately A.D. 1100 and drove them out burning their villages behind them. It was the Muslim agenda then and it is still their agenda today to subjugate the world to Islam. They will not surcease until they succeed or they are dead.

The Moslems are still in the process of turning the entire world into the nation of Islam, and they have a better chance to accomplish this today than they did in the 8th century. For one thing they have had over a thousand years to learn how to do it successfully.

One might ask, if this is true, that the agenda is the same for all Moslems, then why are not all Moslems, terrorists? In any organization, there are some whose job it might be to tear down, some to supervise, or to build, and still others to install or implement. In other words, not all have the same job. They do however all have the same goal.

Right now we have Moslems infiltrating countries all over the world. Not immigrating, but infiltrating. I will explain, to immigrate is to leave one’s country of origin, move to another, assimilating into the society of the new country, becoming part of it. To infiltrate, is to move to a new country with the agenda of changing it. To pretend to assimilate is part of the deception, example, recently in the news was the assassination of Mr. van Gough in the country of Holland by a Moslem named Mohammed Bouyeri. “The Dutch public was particularly alarmed by this case, because outwardly Bouyeri seemed to be a model of assimilation and acceptance”. Emphasis added. (This quote is from an article written by John O’Sullivan of the National Review, entitled The Islamic Republic of Holland dated July 2005.) Incidentally, Muhammad Bouyeri was also found to be involved in the Casablanca bombing earlier in the year.

Even more recently is the bombing of London, all of the suicide bombers were home grown British citizens, Middle Eastern Moslems born in the U.K. Were they assimilated into British society? I think not. Moreover, were these Muslims trained to be terrorists, In Iran, or Pakistan? No, they were trained in Mosques right in the U.K. THIS IS INFILTRATION NOT IMMIGRATION.

Could this infiltration ever happen here in America? Answer, it already has, in every State and in every city in America. In our own Federal Government nearly every so called trusted Moderate Moslem leader in this country that has been entertained/romanced or has at onetime or another influenced this administration are now in jail because they were found to have ties to terrorism. There are two city’s in the state of Michigan that are in some way controlled by Moslems, the city councils are incrementally and systematically changing all the city ordinances to facilitate the Moslem agenda. In one city, they have outlawed church bells and then substituted the call to prayer four times a day in Arabic. And now with the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, a city government can take anyone’s property for any reason. These Moslem controlled cities will now be able to take all other church or synagogue properties and turn them into apartments or shopping centers or any other tax-producing endeavor. There are parts of Washington D.C. that are analogical to any city in the Middle East.

While outlawing the Bible or prayer to the God of Abraham and the Ten Commandments in the name of, Separation of Church and State, Tolerance and Political Correctness, Prayer to Allah the god of Ishmael, the Quran (the handbook of the terrorists) and Islamic law are part of the curriculum in many public schools across America. Just a side note for what it’s worth, [the claim that Abraham was the father of Ishmael, and the Nation of Islam, is not precisely true, according to Genesis 17.5 Abram was Ishmaels father; God changed Abram’s name from Abram to Abraham after Ishmael was born. So Abraham is the father of the Nation of Israel and Abram is the father of the Nation of Islam.] He was genetically the same man but a different person.

Terrorism isn’t the only thing we have to fear from this enemy. Terrorism is not the Moslem agenda, terrorism is just a means to an end, and that end is the conversion of all people with complete submission to Islam. All other forms of religions or governments are incompatible with the Nation of Islam.

The bottom line, if I did not believe in God, in a higher power than myself, knowing what I know, I might be inclined to panic just about now. But I believe that God is in control. Does that mean that we have no responsibility to look for the truth, to become aware of this deception and do everything we can to put a stop to it? I don’t think so. The deception is that this is a war on terrorism; the truth is that this is a war with the nation of Islam, a nation led by a scoundrel known as Satan the deceiver. Moreover, he will never give up until he has succeeded.

My suggestion is that everyone should educate him or herself in the truth of Islam. Try reading the Quran/Koran. May I suggest the Rodwell English translation a little red paperback called THE KORAN published by Random House; it is available at Barnes and Nobles. There are many good books written by people who have searched for the truth, such as INFILTRATION written by Paul Sperry an investigative journalist or THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO ISLAM (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer, who incidentally lives in fear for his life for writing the truth about the history of Islam. These should get anyone started on the road to awareness about the true agenda of Islam.

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de Andréa


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