Saturday, December 17, 2005


Wake up America.

by de Andréa
August 27, 2005

In defining a Muslim terrorist, there is no such person as a radical or extremist Muslim. There are only Muslims and non-Muslims. If one is a true Muslim, one either is a violent terrorist or supports them in some way. It is paramount that the American people wake up to the damage this Liberal Politically Correct Tolerance nonsense is doing to our country. By believing that Muslims are our friends we are contributing to and promoting our own demise. The P.C. folks have even fooled some of the right-wing conservatives, although they are just now beginning to rationally see through this smoke screen and express the truth. One can only wonder what it will take to prove that there are no middle of the road moderate peaceable Muslims, it is a contradiction in terms.

At the very least, our leadership acts as if it has not a clue about whom or what our enemy is, much less, what their agenda is. We have been brainwashed by the traditional liberal media into believing that if a Muslim is born in this country, is a U.S. citizen, and has never been to the Middle East and appears to have assimilated into our society, he could not possibly be a terrorist and a threat to the American people. That is the impression the British had as well, until trusted British Muslim citizens bombed their transportation system in downtown London recently. These terrorists were home grown, trained in British Mosques, citizens of the U.K... We fail to grasp that an Islamic Terrorist by any other name is still a Muslim.

Muslims have had a predilection of taking over the world, and for thousands of years they have not stopped and will never give up. At the very foundation of Islam is the charge of bringing all humanity under the control of Islam, either by conversion, subjugation or the elimination of all non-Muslims. The Quran teaches Muslims to accomplish this by any means at their disposal including violence and even death. By contrast, for example the Bible teaches Christians to go into the entire world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to baptize those that believe. There is no charge of conversion, coercion, subjugation or violence of any kind. The truth is that Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion is peaceful. Islam is in a class by itself; Islam is not a Religion, it is a Theocratic Government, a nation, a way of life and of death, and to accomplish this world domination, violence, torture and death is at its very core. Islam is anything but a peaceful Nation.

An acquaintance of mine, whose son married a Muslim woman from Afghanistan was told by his daughter in law that if push came to shove she would side with the Muslims in a Jihad war against America. This, from a woman who does not even practice her religion, or attend a Mosque, she may not even own a prayer rug but she was born and raised a Muslim, still is a Muslim, and is our enemy.

The bottom line-America is a free nation, our Constitution supports freedom of religion, but if we do not shake ourselves awake now to this fraudulent religion, eventually we will wake up only to find ourselves in subjection to the devil himself. We need to seek God now and get on the right side of this physical and spiritual battle/warfare. If one recognizes Satan for who he is, he will flee from you, but if one subjects oneself to his lies, one will be buried by him. We can take a lesson from the Biblical account of how Satan deceived the first two people on earth. There he passed Himself off as a snake. He still is a snake that passes himself off as a religion of peace and lives in the nation of Islam.

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de Andréa


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