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Trump Says He Didn’t Say Any Racist Remarks.

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Trump Says He Didn’t Say Any Racist Remarks.  


By de Andréa

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Posted January 13, 2018

First, I automatically don’t believe anything…that’s ANYTHING my friend…that comes from the Communist News Media. Every time there is something outrageous that Trump is supposes to have done or said I wait until all the demons have come out of the woodwork and then I look for the truth.

Second, if Trump said what the DarkSide said he said, I don’t see that as racists as they claim. It would have been the truth. Have you ever been to Hattie or some of the African countries? They are s’rat holes!  And then I found it interesting that this accusation mostly came from people that weren’t even present at the meeting and those that were, are from the DarkSide, the DeepState of the Shadow Government.

Senator Perdue, who was there', said on Newsmax TV:
Sen. David Perdue told Newsmax TV Friday that "I honestly don't remember" the reported words "s***hole countries" used by President Donald Trump to describe certain countries in a meeting Thursday on immigration reform. And I’m’ not the only one that was there that doesn’t remember those words being said. I honestly don't remember that word being used," the first-term Georgia Republican told Newsmax TV's John Bachman in an exclusive interview, "but I do remember the conversation about what's wrong with the current immigration system.
Third, if in fact he did say something like ‘these countries are S*** holes’, if in fact they are’, then wouldn’t that be the truth rather than “racist” as was reported? The Hate America DarkSide always has to play the Race Card because they are the racists.

Fourth, it was reported that Trump used that vulgar description over and over again throughout his conversation. If that were true don’t you think everyone present would have heard it at least once? Were half or more of those present sleeping or passed out?

THE BOTTOM LINE: Anytime the ‘truth be told’ it is as if the demonic DarkSide of the DeepState shudders at the thought, and they need to quickly cover it up with a lie.  Moreover if he did say what was reported, it was certainly a slam against the countries mentioned but it certainly wasn’t racist.

Many previous presidents were at least as vulgar as Trump, President Truman comes to mind.

I didn’t vote for Trump because he was a well-groomed Statesmen and a graduate of a finishing school, I voted for Trump because he’s smart, successful and more importantly he loves America.   

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom.  If you would like to write me direct with a question or a comment you can contact me at
- de Andréa
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