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Losing Your Freedom One Little’ Battle At a Time

Losing Your Freedom One Little’ Battle At a Time

When they lose big national battles…they start guerilla warfare in the streets of your town.  Who are “they”?  Read on and find out…

By de Andréa
April 2, 2014

That old lesson has ‘not been’ lost on the Nazi anti-American players behind the gun control movement. Having lost big battles on the national stage, they are now taking their small stealthy battles to sympathetic states and small towns in an effort to pass any possible anti-Second Amendment civil rights illegal infringements they can get away with, all in the name of safety eventually making the populous unsafe and more importantly -- oppressed.

Nowhere is the battle raging hotter than in California
This may be all thanks to a previously uncontested watering-down of the preemption statute in California, (now you will reap what happens when you say nothing and do nothing) San Francisco’s history as an illegal gun ban test pilot, big money PR campaigns, and self-promoting criminal politicians such as California state Senator Leland Yee recently indicted for gun running to the enemy, and using the issue to build name recognition to help them win elections.  California is easy prey for the Nazi anti-American criminal tyrants.

They’ve lost the big battle, so now they snipe
For now at least, the anti-gun movement has had major setbacks on the national stage. Starting in the year 2000 – when many anti-gun politicians were voted out of office – gun control has become an almost forbidden topic on Capitol Hill. Then in 2008 the Supreme Court reaffirmed that the Second Amendment protected an individual right to own guns in the Heller decision. Two years later the Supreme Court confirmed that the right was enforced against states and cities. All the while guns have become more popular and more available. Gun stores joke that Obama is the gun salesman of the year. More states allow for concealed public carry. Shooting ranges are packed. Women are jumping into gun toting in record numbers. And you can’t knock the passionate Country Western singer Ted Nugent off the television screen.

But the gun ban lobby has an ideological plan, big money, PR savvy, and twisted allies. They will never stop. But they do adapt their strategy and tactics in this fight for cultural supremacy.

They pick little battles they can win
In California in particular, the battlefield has once again moved to cities, where passing laws is more a matter of art and local influence than sophisticated political warfare. The modus operandi is simple: find cities with anti-gun council members (even better if they are trying to build name recognition for a run for higher office), add left-leaning constituents, and craft inane but sympathetic sounding laws that appeal to emotions and create untested infringements on your Second Amendment rights. Then lawyer-up for the inevitable NRA legal challenge, and meanwhile try to spread the laws like butter over every other possible city (or state). Including yours.

The anti-Constitutional Supreme Court
It is a sound and dangerous strategy. And they have used it before in California. Knowing they have no chance of national success, the gun control movement is creating test beds at state, county and local levels. Their hopeful build-a-critical-mass legal strategy is legally “justified” based in part on the commentary contained in a footnote in the Supreme Court’s Heller decision concerning the right to keep arms, namely where the majority wrongly suggested that not all regulation of arms was prohibited (even though the Constitution says it is) leaving the door wide open for the incremental erosion of our freedom. Gun control money is now backing a barrage of new laws in every viable jurisdiction in order to find something … anything … that will stick. And Heller’s footnote number 26 is the centerpiece of their legal justification (“26: We identify these presumptively lawful regulatory measures only as examples; our list does not purport to be exhaustive.”)  The Supreme does what is politically correct rather than what is legally correct. 

This creates a number of horrible problems for fans of a Free America in the future.

Test beds breed ugly children:
Something may stick. Some law in some backward berg or overrun battleground state may be permitted by some future (Obama packed anti-Constitutional) Supreme Court. It may be an extra capacity magazine possession ban. It may be a waiting period. It may concern so called ugly “assault weapons,” or “high capacity” magazines, or “offensive ammunition” like Homeland Security is buying up by the ton to be used against us, or whatever gun or gun part they wish to demonize and ban. They know that once they start the process of banning “Saturday Night Specials,” then all they have to do is demonize and ban “Friday Night Specials.” Then “Thursday Night Specials,” etc. At the end of the week, there’s nothing left and we ignorantly look back and wonder what happened to our freedom and when did it happen.

But it’s not a “ban.” It’s just a “common sense” “regulation.” RIGHT?
Bottom line: your rights are only as secure as the prejudices of five judges who now make the law.

Unequal rights … depending on where you live:
Litigation often moves slower than glaciers flow. Even if eventually victorious, there will be periods of time when people in one jurisdiction suffer under these crazy and ineffective laws. If you live in a bluish federal court district, your rights could be infringed for years (for example, the recently wrapped-up Nordyke case was in play since the turn of the century) more than a decade. (Nordyke is a gun show promoter in Alameda County California)

Litigation drain:
Defending your rights in court isn’t cheap (a sadly congenital problem with the American judicial system). By passing a variation of laws at the lowest levels over many jurisdictions, and often having taxpayers at the local level pay to defend these anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional, anti-American laws, the gun control movement is trying to extract a financial toll on everybody except themselves, you pay for your defense, you pay for their offence, you pay, pay, pay.

The Pit of Hell is in San Francisco
This assault on your rights comes largely from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV, formerly the Legal Community Against Gun Violence). Born from a lunatic shooting by a deranged and disgruntled ex-client at an office building housing a prestigious law firm, this organization has morphed from being an anti-gun activist group into a two-headed monster: one head pushes and defends anti-gun laws, and the other breathes propaganda fire. With deep pockets and by mating with strange bedfellows, this organization is the gun ban movement’s defacto law firm.

The LCPGV started pushing local gun control in the early 90s. Then they expanded into state efforts when the criminal democrats like Yee took over in Sacramento. Then they expanded nationally. Lately they’ve gone back to their roots, spearheading recent California city gun ban ordinances including the “Sunnyvale Measure C initiative”. This package of laws has inflicted magazine capacity bans, redundant locked storage laws, ammo sales control, bureaucratic recordkeeping overkill, and ambiguous loss/theft reporting mandates. Oddly this local measure passed in California, where the state has some preemption powers as far as gun control is concerned. But that is the danger of their efforts – like unruly children they are testing every aspect of every possible prohibition. Some judges may decide that a magazine ban is just a regular law, not a “gun control” infringement per se, or that the requirement to report a stolen firearm (even if you are unaware it is missing) is constitutional.  Which pulls into question do Judges even know the Constitution?  Since there are no gun regulations at all that are constitutional.  Remember according to the Constitution, the “Right Shall Not Be Infringed” in any way.

Let’s ignore for the moment that none of the laws authored by the LCAGV and its partners in crime over the years have had any effect on the largest segment of gun deaths (suicides, 61%) or the second largest segment (felonious homicides, mainly street gang and drug related, 35%). What is most troubling is the very nature of the LCAGV’s perspective on the role of government, freedom, and the individual citizen.

At a recent LCAGV event, they shared the stage with elder legal warriors from the anti-smoking and drunk driving PR and legal campaigns – movements that achieved legislative and judicial success. When the subject of the Second Amendment and basic freedoms came up, one of the LCAGV panelists said “Freedom...that’s the scallywags’ argument.” So, according to the dictionary, the LCAGV thinks that if you believe in freedom of any kind or especially to choose to own a gun to defend yourself and your family, you are a “disreputable despicable fellow”, a “scamp” “a scallywag” or a “rascal.”

Actually we should be pleased with the label, considering that its most recent incarnation was for “White a Southerner who supported … Black emancipation.”
Freedom for scallywags indeed.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So what should be our Objectives?  Litigate - educate - procreate.  First, we should fight back in court no matter how much the Judges look like Kangaroos. Unlike the scattershot mode of the gun control movement, (and even some groups on our side) we should carefully pick our fights to maximize the chances of winning our present and future battles. But there are a lot of battles to wage, and many left-leaning judges to convince or overrule.  But all may not be lost…yet!  You still may be able to do ‘something’ to save what is left of your freedom. Consider augmenting your monthly bill paying routine by becoming a member and/or sending a check to the NRA so we can keep the heat on the LCAGV in every possible court of law and public opinion.

Your first job is to educate – yourself and your connections. Get smart on how gun control laws have failed to prevent violence, how gun rights have created no harm, and how laws like LCAGV’s Frankenstein Monsters will have zero impact on human life and safety.

Finally, take somebody who has never fired a gun to the range. Fear is the primary emotional tool the other side has. But once people have handled firearms and see how their safe and sane neighbors use them, fear vanishes and is often replaced by a sense of empowerment. In California’s Alameda County for example, the local NRA Member’s Council holds four “Fun Shoots” every year where the public can come and try their hands at everything from .22 rifles to those dreaded “assault weapons.” These are sell-out events and nearly everyone who comes and gets coached by the NRA safety instructors, then shoots a few guns (all brought by the chapter members) goes away puzzled by the propaganda they hear from the LCAGV (even San Francisco reporters think so).

It’s funny how the truth will set you free my friend!  So what are you doing at your range?

How long will the battlefield be confined to the courts before it spills out onto the streets???  The question is will the hypocrites and criminals like Leland Yee be ar med?

If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family, and coworkers.  The only way to defeat the lies and propaganda of a government and its controlled media is to spread the truth.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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