Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is Rick Perry a Christian or a Muslim?

One cannot be both; one cannot serve both God and Satan.

By de Andréa

In an article written by Husna Haq, a Christian Science Monitor Correspondent, Haq says: “Rick Perry Has Good Ties with Muslims”, what does that mean? Ties with Muslims, good or bad, can mean trouble one way or the other.

Perry, a self-described evangelical Christian and social conservative who recently led a Christian prayer rally in Texas, has had a surprisingly ‘warm fuzzy’ relationship with Muslims as governor, says Mohamed Elbiary, founder of the Freedom and Justice Foundation, a Muslim public policy organization in Texas.

“We’ve seen him for 20 years at the state level, as lieutenant governor and state governor,” Mr. Elbiary says. “Throughout his whole history, he’s never taken an anti-Muslim or anti-Islam position. He’s a live-and-let-live type of Texan, and relations have been good.” This either means Perry doesn’t know what it means to be a Christian or he doesn’t know what it means to be a Muslim. Perry might have a live and let live philosophy, but Islam certainly does not.

In a GOP field crowded with presidential hopefuls questioning Muslims’ loyalty and promising to crack down on Muslim religious Sharia law in America, Texas Gov. Rick Perry enters the race with a distinguishing calling card: a historically good relationship with Muslims in his state.

In fact, Perry’s relations with Ismailis, a Shia sect of Islam whose adherents number between 30,000 and 40,000 in Texas, have been particularly positive, says Mahmoud Eboo, President of the Ismaili Council for the USA. "I believe that Governor Perry’s leadership philosophy has been to serve Texans of all races and religions and his relationship with the Muslim community generally and the Ismaili community in particular has been cordial and respectful," Mr. Eboo says in an email. Well, I have news for you Mr. Eboo…at least I know that Islam is neither a race ‘nor a religion’, it is an all inclusive oppressive militant political ideology. That has never mixed or assimilated into anything in history since its inception in the 7th century AD.

In 2008, Perry helped ‘expand’ the Muslim Histories and ‘Culture’ Project, a teacher-training program spearheaded by Texas Ismailis that introduces Islamic history and culture curricula into Texas schools. Muslim “Culture and History”, are code words for Islamic ideological indoctrination of a host culture and society.

"I have supported this program from the very beginning, because we must bridge the gap of understanding between East and West if we ever hope to experience a future of peace and prosperity," Perry said at the signing ceremony. Question! Have you ever known Islam to be at peace with anyone in history?

Perry supports the infiltration of Islamic Ideology in public schools. Interestingly he doesn’t support Christianity in public schools. Is Mr. Perry a Christian as he describes himself, or is he a Muslim enabler, supporting a political agenda that at its very core is bent on world domination and oppression? In contrast, upon entering the race, most of Perry’s contenders immediately set about distancing themselves from Islam and Muslims.

For years, Perry has been close friends with the head of the Ismaili sect, Aga Khan, whom he met in Paris in 2000. Since then, Perry has attended a number of Ismaili events in Texas, brokered a few agreements between the state and Ismailis (including the legislation introducing Islamic curricula into Texas schools), and even laid the first brick at the groundbreaking ceremony for an Ismaili worship center in Plano in 2005.

Perry’s relatively good relations with Muslims have already sparked distrust among some conservative bloggers. “Scratch him off my presidential list," wrote RoadTest on the conservative site "We have already seen what a Muslim enabler in the White House can do."

Perry’s Christian prayer rally was planned long before he was considering running for president, just the sort of event that would reassure Christian conservatives about Perry’s evangelical credentials. The event, “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis,” saw between 15,000 and 22,000 worshipers, including several controversial religious leaders, gathered in Houston’s Reliant Stadium for a seven-hour-long Christian prayer rally with a decidedly conservative Christian bent.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Muslims in U.S. say they are looking to Perry to set a more inclusive tone in the nominating contest. Exactly what does that mean given the support Perry has given to the advancement of Islamic infiltration and the oppressive ideology in the once free nation of America?

If Muslims are looking to Perry, I believe America should look elsewhere, unless we want more of the same “Change” that we have had in the past three years. We don’t need “Change”, what we need is to return to a Federal Representative Constitutional Republic, founded on real Christian principals. What do you think?

de Andréa

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Anonymous said...

I agree, lets go back to how America was founded One Nation under GOD. that is where blessings come from and if Perry is elected we are just gonna get another omama