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An Islamic Germany

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An Islamic Germany


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for    

Posted July 12, 2018

Future generations of free Germans will curse the name of Angela Merkel. But if she gets her way, there won’t be any. And eventually free Americans would curse the name of Barrack Hussein Obama if’ there were any those’ left.

Over the past several years I have warned about the U.S. becoming an Islamic State, and the apathy of its citizens and/or down right careless ignorance of what is starring them right in the face. Moreover the persecution of yours truly for saying so. Anyone with half an un-indoctrinated brain knows that if Europe is lost to Islam the U.S. will not be far behind. What happens in Europe does not stay in Europe my friend.

Germany as well as the rest of Europe is on the down side of becoming an Islamic State, just as in recent history the Free Christian countries of Indonesia and Lebanon have submitted to the evil of Islam, moreover, in exactly the same way that all’ of today’s Islamic countries have. The U.S. will be no exception.

This common incident happened back in April, 2018. The incident is common but what transpired after was not so common, until now. It was picked up only by the German media; and kept from the English-language media.  Muslim jihadist father beheaded his one-year-old daughter on a public Hamburg train platform. But the sheer horror of this incident has been compounded now by the Islamic puppet and apologist Angela Merkel, which has reportedly banned further reporting on the incident. Anything to keep as many Germans as possible ignorant and complacent regarding just how controlling and devastating the Muslim influx into Germany really is. Anyone who knows their history also knows this is just a repeat of the 1930’s.  Remember Nazis and Muslims are essentially the same.
“According to eyewitnesses,” says one news report on this incident, “the 33-year-old Muslim father, Mourtala Madou, beheaded his one-year-old daughter in front of a horrified crowd of commuters at Jungfernstieg train station on Thursday, April 12, and then stabbed and killed his German girlfriend, the mother of the child to death. The suspect stabbed the infant from behind, while she was sitting in her stroller, and then cut her head off. He then stabbed his girlfriend in the chest before fleeing the scene, dumping the murder weapon in a train station trash can. He was later arrested….
Eyewitnesses could be heard saying that the man cut the baby’s head off.
Police spokesman Timo Zill said the murders were “very targeted”; eyewitnesses described them as an “honor killing.” In beheading the baby, Madou also utilized a form of killing especially favored by Islamic jihadis, heeding the Qur’anic injunction, “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4).  This is what they do my friend, they do what the Quran tells them to do.
In response, the Merkel government did not open an investigation into the matter, nor did it commission a study of Islamic theology and culture, and the effects of importing a large number of people from a culture of violence into Germany.  No Instead, German media has been allowed by the government to do a brief report on the murder of the mother only, but Angela Merkel’s pro-Islamic government banned German media outlets from reporting on the beheaded baby. Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild, reported on the death of the mother of four, without mentioning the details regarding the barbaric murder of her child.
Why the gag order?
Clearly, the Merkel Nazi government, facing a strong challenge from the Alliance for Germany, which opposes its suicidal policies regarding the mass Muslim Jihadi influx, wants to tamp down dissent. The fewer Germans and the rest of the world know just how devastating this influx has been, the better.
How has it come to this… that the German government has to resort to censoring the press in order to prevent the full magnitude of its failure from being known? At this point, there are only two choices: either Angela Merkel is a socialist internationalist who is hell-bent on destroying the very concept of the free nation-state, as well as that of ethnicity itself, by flooding her nation and the rest of Europe with Muslim jihadists, many of whom are violent and some of whom are terrorists, or… she is irremediably stupid, stupid to the point of requiring institutionalization, and really believes all the fluff and stuff about “diversity” and “multiculturalism” that the international communist Left has regaled us with for so many years now.
Either way, the result is disaster for Germany, Europe, and the world as a whole. The only way Merkel can stay in power now is to keep the German people ignorant of the actual effect of the policies she has so indefatigably pursued, and that ignorance is enforced by a media blackout, she is risking bringing Germany’s short life as a free society to an end, and bringing back the authoritarianism so favored by some of her predecessors, such as Adolf Hitler. If Germany ceases to exist as a free society, and Britain (which is also teetering on the brink) follows suit, the effect will be catastrophic for other free nations around the world including America.
Merkel is flirting with doing nothing less than plunging the world into a new Dark Ages. If she had even a scrap of regard for the German people she has sworn to protect and defend, she would acknowledge that her so-called migrant refugee program has been an appalling mistake, and resign. But that is not going to happen. Instead, what lies ahead for Germany is continued incidents such as the one that happened in April on that train platform in Hamburg, along with increased civil strife, more jihad terror attacks, more bloodshed, more societal instability, and more censoring and control of the media.
Future generations of free Germans will curse the name of Angela Merkel. But if she gets her way, there won’t be any free Germans left.
THE BOTTOM LINE: For a so called superior race the Germans sure are stupid.  But then the stupid must be contagious because it has pandemicly spread all over Europe.  And as that continues, it will…spread to America.

American citizens need to buy a big gun, or’, a prayer rug, depending on what kind of an American you are.  

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom.  If you would like to write me direct with a question or a comment you can contact me at
- de Andréa
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