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California ‘MeToo’ Legislator Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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California ‘MeToo’ Legislator Accused Of Sexual Harassment


By de Andréa

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Posted February 10, 2018


California assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who is a high profile “MeToo” advocate who defaced the cover of time magazine in announcing the “silence breakers” as persons of the year - has been charged with sexually harassing a male staffer. How ironic is that?

So far I have been relatively silent on this issue waiting for the other shoe to fall, and now it has, as I knew it would.

First - the vast majority of these accusations have been just that …ACCUSATIONS, in most cases ruining a plethora of men’s careers, some deserving…some not. A definitive band-wagon like a flock of sheep pushing those ahead of them off the cliff until it becomes the turn of the pusher to fall off the cliff, in this case her name is Cristina Garcia. Now the accuser becomes the accused.   
Not only is she alleged to have harassed the man but he also said that she grabbed his ass and then tried to grab his crotch. Daniel Fierro of Cerritos told POLITICO that in 2014 when he was a staffer for Assemblyman Ian Calderon that Garcia groped him.
Garcia is a powerful politician who chairs the Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Natural Resources Committee.
Fierro said that after an assembly softball game, Garcia cornered him. He said that Garcia seemed to be drunk as she started rubbing his back and squeezed his butt then tried to grab his crotch. He pulled away and retreated from her.
“Fierro said he never reported the incident, which occurred years before the current #MeToo movement and new whistleblower legislation to protect legislative staffers. But after he mentioned the issue last January to Calderon, his former boss, the matter was then referred to the Assembly Rules Committee, which launched an investigation.
Fierro is not the only one claiming improper advances by Garcia. A prominent Sacramento lobbyist says she also accosted him in May 2017, when she cornered him, made a graphic sexual proposal, and tried to grab his crotch at a political fundraiser. He spoke to POLITICO on the condition of anonymity out of fear of reprisals.
The lobbyist, who represents a major industry association, said that Garcia appeared to have been drinking heavily at a fundraiser hosted by Governor Jerry Brown for state Senator Josh Newman at the de Veres bar in Sacramento. He said he was heading out the door in part to avoid the assemblywoman — who had been increasingly “flirtatious” and had called him on a few occasions before for late night drinks which he repeatedly declined.”
The lobbyist described Garcia’s actions:
“She came back and was whispering real close and I could smell the booze and see she was pretty far gone. She looked at me for a second and said, “I’ve set a goal for myself to f**k you.”
“At that point, Garcia “stepped in front of me and reaches out and is grabbing for my crotch. I was four inches from her, eyeball to eyeball — and I said, ‘That ain’t gonna happen.’”
One of the differences here is Fierro was able to substantiate his accusation because he had immediately notified several people about the experience but decided not to report it because he was afraid she would go after his fledgling business. Other staffers in the assembly said that Garcia was known to talk explicitly about sex to young staffers.
The political news site also quoted another unnamed lobbyist who said that she sexually propositioned him last May and tried to grab his crotch at a political fundraising event.
“Every complaint about sexual harassment should be taken seriously and I will participate fully in any investigation that takes place,” said Garcia in a statement sent to reporters in response to inquiries Thursday. “The details of these claims have never been brought to my attention until today. I can confirm that I did attend the 2014 legislative softball game with a number of members and my staff. I can also say I have zero recollection of engaging in inappropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values.”
In the same way, the accusations are bound to damage the “MeToo” movement that she has been at the forefront of. And maybe her career, and then again…maybe not!
THE BOTTOM LINE: As I began to explain at the beginning, I have wondered just how long these generally unsubstantiated accusations against men were going to begin backfiring on the feminists who in some cases I’m sure are just starved for attention. In still others - women who just want to get ahead in their careers either prostitute themselves or concede to have sex as payment for a career advancement, especially in Hollywood. In the case of Judge Roy Moore for example, which I researched extensively, his accusers were either paid to lie or in some cases Moore just asked them for a date. In one case I remember the women had falsely accused 7 other men of harassment.
Now lest you think that I believe all’ of these accusations are false and that all men are perfect angles, let me set the record straight. I’m sure that many of these women are totally innocent of any collusion and that many of these accusations are in fact true. But I have a couple of general problems with this issue.   

One - is the vast percentage of these accusations as I said at the beginning are just that (accusations).  Every one of these accusations should be investigated and if found that there is nothing to substantiate them the accuser should be brought up on charges of liable. Since when in America is a man guilty of anything until proven guilty.  Also a large percentage of these accusations are way beyond the statute of limitations so if the victim has kept quiet this long, in my opinion she should continue to keep quiet especially if she cannot prove it.  

What has been happening is if one is simply accused not just of sexual harassment but let’s say of murder or bank robbery they are automatically guilty,  in this case it has been the seriousness of the accusation that has buried these men’s careers and reputations and not the crime.  

Two – God made women to be sexually attractive and men to be sexually aggressive. That fact, in my opinion, is the responsibility of both involved to use restraint, and not just men.  What I have witnessed is the very women making the charges of harassment on TV are dressed so provocatively even for this society as to attract the very crime that they are alleging. Eg have you watched a Hollywood bash such as the Grammys or Oscar’s? Well let me just say this, it’s not the men who are strutting around on the red carpet and getting photographed in a dress that plunges to the waist.
Finally - it takes two to dance and as I see it in many cases, again, especially in Hollywood - the women involved don’t report harassment at the time because they do want to destroy their own career.  Instead they use the bad experience as payment for the advancement of their career, and when it is off the ground and they no longer need to keep quiet, then they cry foul and destroy the man’s reputation and his career.

And again in all fairness sometimes it’s none of the above and it is just some powerful man in a powerful position taking advantage of a young and innocent helpless woman who is too ashamed to report it.

In conclusion its women that need to throttle back their exposier just a tad, and men need to throttle back their jets. Both need to be just a little more responsible for their own actions.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom.  If you would like to write me direct with a question or a comment you can contact me at
- de Andréa
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