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Don’t-cha Just Love Nikki Haley?

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Don’t-cha Just Love Nikki Haley?


By de Andréa

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Posted December 21, 2017   

President Donald Trump is certainly no stranger to the resistance of Americanism from those that are part of the Globalist Shadow Government, but his team of constitutionalists have been prepared from the beginning to take down the SwampRats.

In my life time there have been four presidents that I admire as being true Americans, and they are Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Reagan and Trump, and as you can see one of them was a Democrat.

From the moment that Donald Trump emerged from the 2016 presidential contest as President Elect, there has been an overwhelming opposition to his every move ingrained in a number of DeepState hate America political figures, as well as the general liberal populace of much of the world. Trump knew that coming into the White House, his actions would need to be swift and direct in order to prove the doubters wrong. And by the way, keeping them off balance with his outrageous nonstop tweets are just part of the strategy.
In one of his most incredible in your face decisions to date, the President moved to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. An enormous decision that not only previous presidents were afraid to make but it bolstered our nation’s relationship with our number one Ally, and it also irritated a number of anti-American interests abroad. (That’s called a win-win in Trump Speak).
Of course, this move came with the predicted “resistance”, ranging from the individual hate America anti-Semitic citizens all the way up to the despotic United Nations who feebly attempted to block the President’s decision. That’s where Ambassador Nikki Haley stepped in to set the record straight on how the Sovereign State of America does business.
Totally ignoring the fact that the United States has veto power, the United Nations true colors of tyranny glittered bright in preparing a resolution to ‘nullify’ President Donald Trump’s recent decision to formally recognize the Capital city of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. In what proved to be little more than spitting in the wind, the 15 member UN Security Council voted on the resolution to nullify on Monday, prompting the U.S. to exercise the ace up its sleeve, that veto power.
But U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley effectively told the UN where to shove the measure, she called it an ‘insult,’ saying that the sovereign country of America ‘will not be told’ by a bunch of autocratic tyrants where it can locate its embassy’s.
“The United States will not be told by anyone where we can put our embassy,” she declared.  “‘What we have witnessed here is an insult,’’ Haley continued. “It won’t be forgotten. It is one more example of the UN doing more harm than good in addressing the Israeli Palestinian conflict.”
While there were no mentions of Haley throwing the microphone and screaming the word “boom” at the conclusion of her statement, one could certainly imagine that the sentiment surely existed within her pretty head.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Once again, the Trump administration has shown the world that he will not tolerate globalist shenanigans on his watch. “America First” truly means America First when it comes to foreign policy, and Donald Trump has found himself one heck of a resolute representative in Ambassador Nikki Haley.
The next thing I would like to see…is President Donald Trump’s decision to formally unrecognize the Palestinians as a people or a State. Shooting down their false claim of historical ownership of Israel.  They simply capitalized on the fictitious name given to the land by the Romans after Israel’s destruction in 70 AD. The name Palestinian was actually used by the Brits during the British Mandate after the First World War but it was in reference to the Jews that still lived there continuously since and after the first century AD. The Arabs just stole it and lied like they do about all of their history.
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- de Andréa
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