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The Untouchables

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The Untouchables


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted November 4, 2017 

When a crime is discovered and reported and it turns out the police are part of the crime who do you go to? Maybe the State? But what if the State is also part of the crime? Well you might go to the FBI, but in this case the FBI is, and has also been a part of a long term  criminal conspiracy that few know really how high up it goes. Is there really anyone left in the government that is not corrupt? Is this the corrupt dirty ‘Swamp’ that President Trump is soooo desperately trying to Drain?

In this article you will discover that nearly all of the Security departments and the CIA, FBI, State Department, etc. under the corrupt Obama administration was and still is part of the DeepState Shadow government’s long term agenda of a coup de’ tat designed to eventually overthrow the Republic of America all for their own personal gain.

The question is…Is the government so corrupt, that no matter what the evidence is against those that are involved in these treasons crimes against the United States - are they all untouchable? Is there anyone of integrity left to prosecute these horrendous crimes against America and the American people?

The DNC fabricated a story that the Trump campaign is guilty of collusion with the Russian Government to rig the election but it turns out the DNC colluded with Russia to smear Burney Sanders and then cast a shadow on Trump with what he said was a witch hunt. Turns out, it is way' more far reaching than that my friend.

Now we have a corrupt former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor appointed by the DeepState to investigate Trumps Russian involvement with…well…something, no one really knows. All for the purpose of misdirecting the attention away from the real corruption in Washington.

Here is a string of videos that will explain a very small part of the unbelievable crime and corruption that is and has been going on in nearly every part of the Federal Government. To the point of wondering if there is anyone left that one can trust. I suggest that you watch as many as you can and have time for. The corruption doesn’t seem to end.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This my friend is what the Donald is up against. If he is ever able to even make a dent in exposing the well-kept secret of runaway organized crime in the Federal Government it will truly be a miracle.  You voted for him, now he will need all the help he can get especially your support. Write him here and tell him you support him in Draining the Swamp of corruption in Washington.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 

- de Andréa
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