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The Swamp Monsters Are Trying To Drown Roy Moore Because He’s Christian.

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The Swamp Monsters Are Trying To Drown Roy Moore Because He’s Christian.


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted November 15, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says “Moore Should 'Step Aside' From Alabama Senate Race.”

“Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore should "step aside" from the race following several allegations of sexual misconduct.” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday.  "These allegations are absolutely credible allegations, so the guy should step aside," Ryan told CNBC's "Squawk Box" program.  "If he cares about the people and values he claims to care about, then in faithfulness to those people and those values he should step aside. It's just that simple."
Ryan earlier this week also told reporters that the allegations from five women are "credible."  Of course Ryan’ gets his news from the Communist News Network (CNN) who are fiction writers. In addition Ryan and other useful idiots of the Fabian Communists, have gone over to the other side when it comes to the Constitutional American Idea that one is innocent until proven guilty. But then it is a favorite philosophy of the left to consider the seriousness of the allegations rather quality of       the truth.
Moore, 70, a former Alabama Supreme Court justice, has been accused by five women of sexual improprieties allegedly committed when they were in their teens and he was in his 30s. One of the women said she was 14-years-old when he attempted to initiate a sexual encounter, proved later she would have had to be at least 17. And another on Monday claimed he'd attacked her when they were in a car.
The candidate has threatened to sue The Washington Post, which published the unsubstantiated allegations concerning the five women last week.
Several other key Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are calling on Moore to pull out of the race, saying he is unfit for the office.
Keep reading if you what to hear the truth about Judge Roy Moore.
Judge Moore is hated by the Swamp Rats of the Communist left because he’s Christian. He is the Judge that was fired by the Alabama Supreme Court system for failing to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the Court house lawn. Of course no one cares or knows that the Ten Commandments are the very foundation of American law. Never mind the fact that they are chiseled in stone at the U.S. Supreme Court.  His firing was prompted by a hate America ‘Communist Poverty Law Center’ law suit.

Roy Moore is running for the seat left vacant in the Senate by Jeff Sessions who was appointed Attorney General by Donald Trump. ‘The Swamp Monsters of Congress’ just don’t want a right wing conservative Christian in government. So they of course do what they do best and that is to demonize the American Constitutionalists and if they can…totally destroy them.

There has in fact been an investigation into these five gals that in my opinion have been paid by the Poverty Law Center to make these accusations. And if you have noticed they are just that --- ACCUSATIONS! 

THE BOTTOM LINE: First: the original accuser of Roy More of sexual harassment, has a long past history of accusing 9 Christian pastors of the same thing.  All later proved to be false. She has also been in prison and recently has been brought up on charges of check fraud. Of the Second three, one of them said she had dated Roy Moore. One said Roy Moore asked her for a date, she turned him down, and the third said Moore had kissed her 40 years ago.  The latest and Fifth accusation was made by a woman who said Moore had assaulted her, and showed a High School Year Book of hers with Roy Moore’s signature on it. Three hand writing experts agree that it was a bad forgery. All of them have proved themselves to be incredible frauds.

Question: Did the Communist News Media publish any of this? Of course not, why would they… they are complicit in this character assassination of Judge Roy Moore.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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