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Church At Arms

God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever. – Thomas Jefferson

Church At Arms


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted November 7, 2017

In response to the shooting massacre at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs  where at least 26 people, including children, were killed when a lone gunman armed with a rifle walked into the small church and opened fire at about 12:30 p.m..  If one person was armed inside or outside the church there would not have been an uninterrupted massacre.
A Dallas Pastor, Robert Jeffress said Monday that many of the people in the congregation of his church are armed’ when they attend services, and should a shooter attack - it would be the last thing that person would do.
"If somebody tries that in our church, they may get one shot off or two shots off, but that's it," Jeffress, told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program.
Jeffress said "a quarter to half of our members are conceal carry permit holders," and they do bring their guns into church with them, as they likely feel safer by being armed.
"Those guys are cowards," Fox News' Brian Kilmeade said in response to Jeffress' comments. "They don't like when people shoot back. They like to hit defenseless people. That won't be the case anymore."
Jeffress told the program that more than 30 years ago, when he'd been pastoring a small church in West Texas, a man stopped and told him about another shooting.
"In June of 1980, he was in the church service at First Baptist Church, in Dangerville, Texas, when a gunman burst through the front door, opened fire on the parishioners, killing five," said Jeffress. He does think that smaller churches, such as the one attacked on Sunday, may be "even more of a target than larger churches like mine."
At the same time, smaller churches don't have a lot of money to protect themselves, said the pastor.
"But you can go to your local police department and ask them to do a threat assessment of your church," said Jeffress. "You can have an evacuation plan. You can enlist volunteers to serve as security watchers during the services. You can have common sense policies like we do of not allowing backpacks into the sanctuary."
"This is the world we're living in," he added. "We need to do everything we can to keep our parishioners safe, but overall we can't be paralyzed by fear. God hasn't given us a spirit of fear."
”And He [Jesus] said to them [His disciples], But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.” Luke 22:36

THE BOTTOM LINE: Jesus Christ Himself told us to arm ourselves when danger of life and limb is looming. It has become obvious that it is imminent. And If Jesus Himself said it I don’t need a consensus.
Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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