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Communist Media Caught Lying Again About Guns And Kids

Communist Media Caught Lying Again About Guns And Kids


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted June 27, 2017

Newsweek screamed out in a BOLD ALL CAP’S HEADLINE!     
“Children are dying because of America’s lax gun policies,” shrieked The Washington Post.
The stories refer to a recent article in a medical journal claiming 1,297 “children” die each year from gunshot wounds.

The picture is of a statue in front of the United Nations Building in New York City.
Any death and especially a premature death is tragic, but as with nearly every gun story in the Communist media, they are intentionally lying to readers in the hopes of provoking terror and promoting gun bans.
So what’s the real story?
While virtually every Communist media story on the study is accompanied by a photo of a toddler, in reality, 92.3 percent of the “children” cited in the article are actually teenagers or older.
Only 7.7 percent of those firearms deaths are among those 12 years old or younger.
But the real story is how those gunshot deaths occurred.
While the Communist propaganda media phrase their stories to make it appear that all these deaths are the result of preventable accidents, reality once again debunks liberal Communism.
According to the study, actually 91 percent of those 1,297 deaths are suicides, or homicides. Crime statistics consistently show that among those homicides, most are older teen gang bangers shooting each other.
Most of those firearms homicides are also in cities that ban guns such as Chicago.
Of the remaining nine percent, a third are of unknown cause or due to “legal intervention,” which means a police officer or civilian shooting someone to defend their own life.
That leaves accidental deaths by firearms — the cause the media tries to make appear responsible for all 1,297 deaths a lie.
In reality, only about 78 of those 1,297 were due to firearms accidents.
While still tragic, that’s only 0.6 percent of all firearms deaths for those under age 18.
A look at 2015 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control CDC (taken from, the FBI stats every 2 years) reveal that among the causes of accidental death for people under age 18, firearms rank only tenth not third as the Communist media reports.
Deaths from land transport, including bicycles, horses and cars and the like, actually kill twice as many young people as firearms.
Why aren’t the mainstream Communist media running hysterical headlines about ATVs and horses?
But then again, they’ haven’t told the truth for a hundred years.  
Any death of a young person is tragic, and 78 deaths from firearms accidents is 78 too many.
But it’s a flat-out lie and criminal for the media to run headlines and stories making it appear a lack of anti-gun laws is killing nearly 1,300 children. When exactly the opposite is true.  GUN FREE ZONES and other gun laws are responsible for purposely killing nearly 850 percent more young children than the 78 that were killed accidently. 20 children alone were killed at Sandy Hook in Connecticut where nearly every public place including schools are GUN FREE ZONES. While no children are shot in Utah schools where teachers carry guns and in Vermont where there are no state or local laws against carrying guns at all anywhere in the state except a Federal building.
MSNBC even creates a bigger lie and pegs the number at 10000 each year.  Without much of an explanation of the cause. They just blame it on legal gun owners.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  If one is capable of logic, reason and independent thought, one would naturally wonder if maybe…just maybe it’s the GUN FREE ZONES and anti-Constitutional anti-American anti-First Amendment and illegal Communist GUN LAWS that are inviting the crazies and the criminals to kill your children and it’s really  not the guns that are to blame…
The picture clearly typifies the programed mentality of the people/robots that believe that laws actually stop crime. Moreover that a sign will protect your children.  
Just a note: The state of Colorado finally stopped sitting on their brains and are now in the process of getting rid of their GUN FREE school ZONES and are arming their teachers.  I guess they have, in spite of the media lies, recognized the tyranny of the Communist Deep State who couldn’t care less about their children’s lives or anyone’s lives for that matter.

My suggestion: If you have young children or even old children in a GUN FREE school and care about their lives then PULL THEM OUT my friend.  And then cancel your subscription to your newspaper, That is unless you need to wrap up your fish bait.  

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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