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Colorado Has Decided To Defend Their School Children


Colorado Has Decided To Defend Their School Children


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted June 26, 2017

There has been great debate between the American Communists and the American Constitutionalists in our nation in the last few decades, over arming school teachers to prevent further mass shootings.  So far the Communist have been winning and our kids have been slaughtered.
The argument by independent thinking American Constitutionalists is that “GUN FREE ZONES” do nothing to deter the criminally-armed from committing whatever heinous acts they wish. After all, they are criminals who are not concerned with any sort of sign or legal obstacle to their expressed purpose. The lack of firearms on school campuses only serves to enhance the efficiency of their horrific schemes, as victims are forced to rely purely on the ability of first responders to arrive, assess, and arrest the assailant before any more damage can be done. When seconds count help is minutes away.
One possible solution has risen above them all, in terms of common sense and efficacy:  Arming teachers. As they do in Utah. Moreover Utah has no school massacres        .  A well-trained teacher could mean the difference between life and death in these incidents, not to mention that the deterrent effect of having this simple safeguard in place would prevent a great number of school shooters from even attempting their day of rage.
Now, as Colorado prepares to arm their own educating populace, many are heading to the gun range for specialized training. Watch the second video by some Media Indoctrinated…well…robots who just want more of the same.  I would like to ask them how they think that is working out for the children, example, Sandy Hook.
Over a three-day session, 17 school personnel will be taught at a Weld County range near Denver on how to become ‘armed first responders.’
They will be taught by the ‘Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response’ group or FASTER, for short.
Unlike the brain dead people of Connecticut who after Sandy Hook created more anti-gun laws “The ‘FASTER’ group was founded in response to the devastating 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut because…I say again they do not want their kids to end up like the Sandy Hook kids. They must hate kids in Connecticut. I’m sorry if you think that is brutal but if you can think of a more logical, reasonable answer, I would like to hear it.
They say the training won’t replace police, but it will help ‘stop school violence rapidly.’ The program also teaches medical aid.

Colorado, of course, has a dark history of modern mass shootings, with two of the most prominent American examples occurring within the state. In both cases they occurred in a GUN FREE ZONE.
In 1999, the modern school shooting was born in Columbine, Colorado, as two high school students planned and executed a massive takeover of their campus in which they shot and killed 13 members of the school and then themselves.  For many Americans, the Columbine Massacre, as it became known, was the first such incident of its kind, sparking a debate over how best to prevent any future similar incidents. The two kids that committed the massacre violated 17 State local and Federal laws before they even entered the school building and yet the laws didn’t stop them. That’s probably because a law has not ever stopped any crime in the history of the world.  
Thirteen years later, James Holmes entered a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado carrying several firearms, and began indiscriminately firing into a crowd of Batman fans. This incident saw 12 killed merely 22 miles from Columbine. And Holmes went clear across town from where he lived, passed two other theaters where guns were in fact allowed.  He, as all terrorists do, wanted a GUN FREE ZONE.
THE BOTTOM LINE: In both cases, a “good guy with a gun” would have easily been able to limit the damage done by the perpetrators. But you see that is exactly what the American Communists don’t want.
Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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