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Nazi Gerry Schwartz Is Financing Anti-Trump Law Suites

Nazi Gerry Schwartz Is Financing Anti-Trump Law Suits

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for

Posted February 7, 2017

Who is Gerry Schwartz?  I’ll give you a hint. He’s an ageing Hungarian-born billionaire anti-Semitic Jew traitor and a shameless former Nazi Hitler collaborator who changed his name to George Soros to escape the Nazi ovens and stole from and turned in his fellow Jews for extermination.  Now he is trying to exterminate America.

Last August, George Soros ‘son, Alex Soros, posted a picture of himself with Schneiderman on Instagram, and wrote, “Great to meet with #newyork attorney general @ericschneiderman who recognized that @realdonaldtrump was a fraud way before many and has courageously taken him on!”

Schneiderman, as well as Democratic attorneys general in Virginia and Massachusetts, intervened in existing lawsuits. The lawsuit brought by Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson has achieved the most success, bringing the case that blocked the order nationwide.

The lawsuit convinced a federal judge of the state’s standing on the claim the order is “separating Washington families, harming thousands of Washington residents, and damaging Washington’s economy, hurting Washington-based companies and undermining Washington’s sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees.”

[Interesting…Trumps temporary hold on terrorists entering the country nearly destroyed the Washington State economy and only in a few days. It must have been on the brink...who knew? ]

Outside of the politicians, Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which advocates for open borders, is financing several advocacy groups that initiated litigation against the order.

Leading the way in these lawsuits in several states is the American Civil Liberties Union, which has gotten at least $35.5 million from the Soros Open Society Foundations, according to the Capital Research Center, a Washington think tank that investigates nonprofits.

Soros also gave $4.6 million to the National Immigration Law Center, which has been involved in litigation, according to the CRC; and $621,000 to the Urban Justice Center, which has an appendage known as the International Refugee Assistance Project that has jumped into the lawsuits, according to the CRC.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations gave $425,000 to the American Immigration Council from 2011 through 2013, according to the CRC, which shows Soros’ group also gave at least $50,000 to the National Lawyers Guild.


THE BOTTOM LINE: So Nazi Gerry Schwartz AKA George Soros, the man from Hell and friend of Adolf Eichmann who escaped the War Crimes Commission has been using his billions to pick up where Hitler left off.    DISTROY ANERICA! And promote the anti-God agenda of world government. Why?  Because he can, just as he destroyed the British Pound and the economy of Thailand.  Moreover, the left wing anti-American Social Communists that deceptively call themselves Democrats don’t mind helping.


Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom. 
- de Andréa
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