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ATF leaked White Paper

ATF leaked White Paper

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for

Posted February 18, 2017

In the last post titled “Empty The Swamp” I mentioned some of the other unconstitutional
illegal departments in the federal government that should be abolished, one of which was the BATFE originally called the ATF an agency formed as a tax collecting department for special taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms. It evolved into an SS agency of the Gestapo. An illegal federal police agency as you can see by the picture at right that murdered children at Ruby Ridge and Waco. .

To show you that I actually know what I’m talking about, take look at the banner from the ATF web site showing the past history of the IRS and all its monkey business.  Note the IRS badge and then the evolved ATF badge when it became an illegal loose cannon.
And then I ran across a recently leaked white paper from the BATFE, not due to be released until Monday January 20, 2017 (note the date on the FFR Screen shot), it could be great news for the Country, the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment.
This report from the ATF is full of ideas to reduce the regulatory burden on law abiding citizens. Under President Trump the ATF has rapidly moved in a totally new direction. Since they know that many members of congress and the president want to eliminate the illegal ATF entirely, this leaked document might be a hasty attempt to save the agency.
That’s the power of last election my friend, now that Republicans control congress and the presidency, illegal and unconstitutional agencies like the ATF are feeling the pressure to change their ways or be destroyed. The Criminal EPA may already be on the chopping block.
Look at this list of proposed regulatory roll backs (reprinted from Red State):
Opening FFL eligibility to gun-show-only dealers
Reforming the “armor-piercing handgun ammo” classification process
Easing re-import of American-made “Curio & Relic” service arms
Revising “Sporting Purposes” language to include Modern Sporting Rifles like AR’s and AK’s
Reclassifying suppressors as non-NFA items–other sources indicate mainstreaming suppressors would dramatically cut ATF workload, allowing more focus on other duties
Letting FFL’s check potential employees out via NICS before hiring
Clean house getting rid of outdated regulations like the ’94 AWB
Can anyone imagine the ATF coming up with ideas like these with a Democrat in the White House?  L-O-L until I double over on the floor
If the ATF puts its support behind deregulating suppressors, it will probably put an end to all federal registration and regulation on them. The ATF is basically doing a 180 and arguing for less power rather than more. We just may turn back into a Constitutional Free Republic.  Well…that might be just a little ‘too much’ to hope for.
But don’t be fooled my friend. The ATF will be advocating for more gun control as soon as a Democrat president is back in W H. In order for the bureaucracy to justify its existence it must advocate gun control over the long run. Less regulation means less regulators, the ATF will be right back where it was under Obama as soon as a Democrat returns to the White House.  We must destroy it. 
In the meantime, enjoy watching the ATF pretend to join forces with the NRA to advance the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS of which there can be NO INFRINGMENT.  Ho ho ho ho ho ha ha ha! Im so sorry I’m on the floor holding my middle, hold on while I recover.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The Communists must be running scarred. Fire them, fire them all, so they can get a real job.  
Again you can write and urge your representative to write and pass a BILL to abolish the BATFE  HERE.

Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom. 
- de Andréa
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