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The "Russian Hacking” Hoax

The "Russian Hacking” Hoax

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published January 10, 2017


The "Russian Hacking" ruse reveals the utter corruption of Federal Established Institutions.  Though revolting to look at, but because it is back in the news with even more lies to cover-up the previous lies, this is a much-needed exposureIt’s not that I haven’t written about this cover-up before, Check it out.

A stomach turning picture is being rapidly painted by the chaotic and desperate flogging of the "Russia Hacked Us" zombie-horse in the public square. The latest bit is the much-ballyhooed "report" from the corrupt NSA designed to finally silence the skeptics and the demonized conspiracy nuts, it turns out to be just as devoid of evidence as all the other nonsense we have been spoon fed over the preceding six months.

Almost comically, this "report" is only offered by 3 of the corrupt “intelligence" agencies out of the 17 available. What’s more, one of that paltry three-- the NSA-- is unwilling to assert "high confidence" in even just the unearthed speculations as well as the unsupported accusations of which the "report" is composed.

When circumstances demand proof, and you produce none, there can be no rational conclusion except that there is none. At this point the only question is, whether James Clapper and his cronies have been lying "wittingly" or "unwittingly".

But as unpleasant as it is to see, there is much virtue in the exposure of the image being brought into focus by all this bad behavior.  The release of the Podesta e-mails.

The artists who painted this nasty forgery are supported by every corrupt institution of the "establishment". Recognizing the looming prospect of being cast down from Olympus by an American public growing ever-more aware and ever-more disgusted by its decades of corruption, the establishment is now scrambling to distract attention from its past crimes by playing the Russian card.  An easy target.

Effectively, this manic "Russians Hacked Us" thing is the foundation of the cover-up effort. As is so often the case, the cover-up is every bit as damning as the crimes the effort is meant to hide from view.

First off the Russians didn’t hack me or you or the government or the election, if they hacked anything at all they hacked and exposed the corrupt DNC who left themselves wide open so a 6 year-old could hack them.  Similar to what Hillary Clinton did with her private server.

The truth is that the DNC was hacked by the NSA.  Because of Hillary’s history of leaking state secrets like a sieve, the NSA was not looking forward to a Clinton presidency.  Any conscious observer has known this to some degree of course. But this latest spate of frantic deception takes things to a new level of glaring transparency.

After all, we're just talking about the crimes of a long-disgraced political hack like Hillary Clinton and a handful of her cronies, clients and co-conspirators. But the reflex to lie in defense of any and all parts or people of the corrupt status quo is so uncontrollable that every organ of the establishment barks out the BS like a thing possessed.

In this case, the reflex to lie overcomes even the most rudimentary common sense. This reflexive, mindless gabbling of lies in defense of Hillary Clinton and her pals is meaningfully bringing into play the risk of nuclear war.

No one is so stupid as to not understand that a relentless barrage of lies defaming the hugely-popular leader of a nation bristling with 7,400 nuclear weapons at which the US has been hurling insults for decades, encircling with threatening military emplacements and subjecting to damaging and insulting sanctions over the same period IS CRAZY. Doing so for the sake of keeping Hillary Clinton's chestnuts out of the fire is CRAZY ON STEROIDS.

But the "establishment" is doing these things anyway. Clearly, it can't control its reflex to deceive.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The conclusion that must be drawn from this display is obvious: These D.C.-vers will and must uncontrollably lie about EVERYTHING related to their power and privilege. And in light of the manic nature of this reflexive lying, it must be presumed that ALL of them will do so-- not just the talking heads of the prostituting media, and not just the charismos of Congress.

The picture being painted for us all with the "Russian Hacking" fraud shows us a corruption so deep and pervasive that every American should awaken to the fact that the entire Federal Government is corrupt, even many in the federal judiciary-- consisting, after all, of appointees and thus for the most part co-religionists of the corrupt political class more overtly framed in the spotlights-- are deeply corrupt and not to be trusted in anything they do or say where the power and privilege of the state is in the balance.

The consequent widespread scorn and disrespect for all things "official" is resolute and illustrates the pathetic sociopathic liars that have been our so-called trusted leaders.  

P.S. As I have said in previous articles the DNC hack was done by the very agency doing the so-called investigation and has the mysterious so-called proof that no one has seen.  I’m not pointing any fingers or anything but the initials are N.S.A.  Don’t tell anyone, it’s CLASSIFIED!

Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom.  
- de Andréa
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