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Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered to Cover-up #Pizzagate and Pedophile Island?

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
-I. F. Stone

Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered to Cover-up #Pizzagate and Pedophile Island?

The evils of sex-trafficking in the ‘Clinton/Obama Communist Party’ uncovered.

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published December 3, 2016

Thank God For Whistle Blowers.  
Who’s next?  The trail of bodies in the path of the Clinton Mafia is getting longer.  FOSTER, SCALIA, BREITBART, and how many others??? All to cover-up the truth of this demonic occult. 
Hillary’, you had better warn your assassins that all ‘my guns’ are loaded.  Tell them to look for the little red dot…they should find it about center mass.  
The Demonic Evil Clinton Mafia and the Obama administration is using not only the Communist Media, but the internet, to demonize the truth as “Fake News.”  Well…check this’ out, then tell me how fake you think this is. 
I ran across this story several months ago but decided not to pursue it, as it was so grouse and bazar even for me to write about, and especially to publish on my blog.  But it is growing and there is just too much evidence to ignore, and too many people are involved.  Besides, it isn’t going away, it instead has not only gone nationwide, but worldwide.  I have to address it…
Warning: Warning: There may be objectionable language and ‘Demonic material’ in this article.  Continue reading at your own risk.  
If by chance you’re not entirely familiar with all the buzz surrounding the #PizzaGate story, I suggest you take a look at the post titled, One-Stop Shop With Everything You Need Regarding the PizzaGate Pedophile Occult Ring. This post by the “Last Great Stand” will get you quickly up to speed.
As highlighted in the videos in this article, almost immediately after the death of Andrew Breitbart there were suspicious forensic evidence that perhaps Andrew had been murdered. In addition, several comments Breitbart made in the days leading up to his death, certainly would have made various public officials very nervous, not the least of which was President Barack Obama and the Clinton Crime Family.

Looking back now, especially at the texts Breitbart posted just before his death, it’s glaringly obvious that Breitbart was all too aware of #PizzaGate. You don’t need an intimate understanding of the scandal to realize that there is a 100% chance several of Andrew's tweets leading up to his death specifically about those involved in #PizzaGate.  However just me, at the time they probably sounded crazy even to those closest to him, unless he'd shared the secret.
In one of the videos, the basic timeline is reviewed and the events surrounding Breitbart’s death is put in the context of what we already know about #PizzaGate. The results are jaw-dropping.
As evidence continues to mount, the now worldwide PizzaGate investigation  being actively ignored by the Communist media and the Criminal DOJ – reveals a very interesting and altogether damning connection.
Due to the ongoing citizen investigation, on both the conspiracy sub-reddit as well as the new Voat pizzagate subverse, that has risen up to fill the void left by the absence of legal action that some would consider an absolute dereliction of duty, an obvious link between the death of Andrew Breitbart and the Pizzagate investigation has been uncovered.
Just as in the Death of Anton Scalia and Vince Foster, there were many who spoke out about the death of Andrew Breitbart, naming it as foul play.
Not hours after his death was confirmed in early March, skeptics were quick to question what role his passing may have had in relation to a public address he delivered earlier in 2012.
Speaking to the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. only weeks earlier, Breitbart claimed he had videos that would end the political career of US President Barack Obama.
Yet it wasn’t until his coroner Michael Cormier, 61, the one responsible for declaring his cause of death(also at the center of much controversy), turned up dead from arsenic poisoning within hours of the release of Breitbart’s preliminary autopsy report that the theory truly began to materialize.   Is this just another of the hundreds of coincidences? 
Many of Breitbart’s tweets leading up to his death were very accusatory and seemingly irrational at the time. Which is one of the reasons I didn’t pursue the story.
However, following WikiLeaks’ release of the hacked emails from John Podesta, uncovering the horror that is PizzaGate, his tweet’s context began to form. 
What is being uncovered in this new line of investigation is startling to say the least, as it was a story all were familiar with.
Sadly, few rallied to his side during the time of these obviously relevant tweets, but now that the public is increasingly aware of this story his attempts to warn the people will not go unheeded, at least not by me. 
The public was clearly lacking the deeper understanding of the story which Americans have gained in recent weeks due almost entirely to the tireless efforts of the Internet alternative media.
The Daily Sheeple, among other websites including mine, was  brought down due to an article exposing #PizzaGate.
Breitbart had attempted to call out Media Matters for covering up “underage sex slave operations” that connected back to Planned Parenthood.
Media Matters is a company founded by David Brock, who is the ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis; yes, the same Alefantis who currently owns the very epicenter of this entire scandal: The Comet PizzaGate Ping Pong Joint.
Note: Some of the material posted in this article is with permission from The Last Great Stand

Additional information: 
THE BOTTOM LINE: One’ such coincidence could be explained away and ignored, as they all too often are, yet this entire investigation is spilling over with all kinds of such coincidences.  Way beyond the odds of what one could call coincidence.
Yet all the people are asking for, is a legitimate response from law enforcement that honestly addresses the facts at hand, if that is even a possibility in a modern criminal Communist America. 
At what point can this no longer be ignored? Maybe if and when the Donald drains the swamp this garbage will go with it. Moreover, the Obama administration and the Clinton crime family should be sent to Gitmo!  It’s no wonder Obama wants to get rid of it…
What do you’ Think?
Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and tell somebody the truth.  
- de Andréa
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