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Jihad Is Coming To California

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

Jihad Is Coming To California
From the Middle East and Africa to Mexico and to the U.S., the Obama underground express.

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published December 5, 2016

Article 4, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution says: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” Emphasis mine.  Note (A Republican Government, is in opposition to a Democracy)

And yet, right now over 200,000 African and Middle Eastern Muslim Jihadi Terrorists are amassed on the US-Mexico border ready to invade the U.S.

Remember what happened to Germany last year when Germany allowed over a million Muslims to pour into her borders?
Well… the same is about to happen right now, right here, as hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and African Muslims are waiting in Tijuana to cross over the borders into Chula Vista California:
Watch two videos:
Meyer said:
“While the exact draw of the round-the-world route isn’t entirely clear, an expanding network of human smugglers appear to be taking advantage of the increasingly popular smuggling routes that use Mexico as a transit country.
There’s a lot of smuggling that goes through Mexico that you don’t see,” [Meyer said. She added that rumors of lenient treatment of some immigrants in the United States may also be a factor.]
“The recent influx of overseas migrants may be a harbinger of things to come.
More than 7,000 people who claimed to be from Africa have been arrested in Mexico between January and August, according to statistics maintained by Mexican federal immigration authorities. The number of such immigrants has been on the rise in recent years.
In 2013 Mexican immigration authorities arrested fewer than 1,000 migrants from Asia and Africa, while the number rose to nearly 11,000 from January through August.” (source)

The obvious question you should be asking yourself ishow on Earth did hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and African Muslims get into Tijuana, Mexico?
You cannot walk into Tijuana from Africa or the Middle East. You cannot even swim there. It is not even a short ride from the coastline of Africa to either North or South America. Even then, the closest distance between Africa and the Americas is from Sierra Leone to the city of Natal in northeastern Brazil, which has a large African population.
Just to get to Mexico from Africa means sailing around the entire southeastern United States, through all of the Caribbean Islands, and then landing somewhere on the Mexican Gulf Coast side of Mexico. Assuming they landed as close as they could to the United States, that would place them in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas next to Brownsville, TX.
Tijuana is another story altogether. That means that hundreds of thousands of people had to take mass ground transportation from one coast of Mexico to the other. The other option is these people had to take a boat through the Panama Canal or sail all around the coast of south America before reaching Tijuana.
No matter how they got to Tijuana, there is no getting around one major fact- any trip from West Africa to Tijuana is very expensive. To get a perspective for how expensive this is, consider that the closest trip (using would be departing from Dakar, Senegal. No matter if you book a flight now or in three months from now, Expedia shows that the price from Dakar to Tijuana is between $1500 an $3500. Keep in mind that a direct flight is likely the cheapest route- a months-long sea trip would be much more expensive.
The highest average personal income and the only one over $20,000 in the entire continent of Africa is approximately $25,000, and this is the island nation of Seychelles. The next six nations- Equitorial Guniea, Gabon, Botswana, South Africa, and Libya- are all over $10,000 per year. All other African nations are under $10,000 a year. The men in the second video, who say they are from Congo, is the lowest of all the African nations, coming in at $422.
For a little perspective, the federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.50 per hour. At a standard workweek with 52 weeks a year, this equates to just over $15,000 per year gross income. Botswana shows an average income of $16,500 per year, and South Africa $11,000 per year, meaning that the poorest of full-time American workers makes one of the highest average incomes in all of Africa. Even on this wage, he could live like a king in the poorest nations, especially one such as the Congo.
Even if these men were coming from the “richest” place in Africa- the Seychelles, which they are clearly not- they are still paying on average 5% of their gross income for the cheapest ticket available, and that is just for the ticket and does not include food, room, or anything else. For the average person, 5% of your gross annual income spent on any one purchase is a LOT of money.
So let’s put this together. Based just on the previous videos, using the Congo as the example since these men say they came from the Congo, had to pay at the very base minimum more than three years’ worth of gross annual income just to get to Tijuana. This does not include the fact that it does not include taxes or daily living expenses, assumes an average salary (for which more people are below the average than above as averages take into account rich and poor), and we know they all had to pay a lot more because they came by a month’s long sea route.
It is materially impossible for such a man to purchase a one way trip to the other side of the world to end up in a “camp” compound. Perhaps there are one or two legitimately insane people who would attempt such a trip, but not hundreds of thousands of people. No way. So how did this happen?
The answer is- these people are not paying anything to come, or if they are, it is very little. These people are being brought over on your taxpayer’s dime. If you need direct proof of this- just look at the background in one of the stills and you will see an advertisement for Tijuana Te Quiero. If you go to their website you see that it is a UN-Backed NGO assisting illegals crossing into the United States and is run by a woman of German extraction named Monica Schroeder who supported Communist Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.
There is not a lot of information available online about Monica’s biography, but an interview with her reveals an interesting fact:
Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?
A: My favorite city is Istanbul.
How interesting, Istanbul is a Muslim city…
I think that I have a good idea as to what that “solution” the government will present is.
Below is a must read, a rather lengthy article written by Theodore Shoebat and ex Muslim jihadist.  He writes: “Years ago I had thought that the notion of a Fourth Reich was a far-fetched idea shelved in the hauls of ‘conspiracy theories’ since no one in the right mind would fall for Nazism again. Today, after you journey with me on what I have explored, you, as I did,  will be compelled to completely change your mind as you shall see, the new trap is of different design, yet leads to the same evil results.” 

Click on this - Nazism Is Taking Over Germany, The Muslims And The Germans Are Working Together To Cause Mass Violence That Will Spark Major War And Usher In The Revived Nazi Empire That Will Slaughter Countless Christians.  And The United States is soon following suite.  This is a real eye opener…that is unless your blind.
THE BOTTOM LINE: So here we have hundreds of thousands of illegals from the Middle East and Africa that have been transported halfway across the world clearly by Obama on your taxpayer dollars to the US border where they are being assisted by a “Non-Governmental Organization” administered by a woman of German extraction who loves the Islamic country of Turkey, to help them cross illegally into the U.S. where these same people will just sit to collect welfare checks at the American taxpayer’s expense. When are you going to revolt?

What you are witnessing, is an illegal invasion my friend, set up by Obama’s Communist political elites to consolidate power. They do not care at all about you’, or these people,- they just see them as political tools, for as we have seen in Europe, such people will create social instability and the refusal of the government to prosecute them will cause two things. First, it will make the common man very angry and cause him to lash out with tremendous violence (understandably so), and second, it will cause him to ask for a solution, at which time the government will “present” the solution to the very problem it created. It is the Hegelian Dialectic all over again. Hagel the German philosopher was the predecessor of Marxism and also explains the ideology of Islam and its confusing progressiveness from so-called moderacy to violent terrorism, the same applies to Nazism and Communism.
You need one of two things my friend, a prayer rug, or an AK 47.
You decide!

Thanks for listening!  Now go do the right thing and pray for the return of freedom.  
- de Andréa
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