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California’s Gun Ban

California’s Gun Ban

By de Andréa,

Opinion Editorialist for


Published December 25, 2016

Gun Owners of California should be ready for an all-out ban on semi-automatic rifles in the rapidly developing Communist State of California. Yes tyranny is coming folks and you have let it happen.

The “assault weapons” ban and the “bullet button” ban have both been part of a surreptitious move toward banning all semi-automatic guns, and eventually ALL GUNS PERIOD.

The surge in long gun sales, which are currently taking CA by storm, is the result of residents trying to beat the “bullet button” semi-auto ban, which takes effect January 1, 2017. You will not be able to buy an AR-15 with a “bullet button” or any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine after that date, but you are allowed to keep one with such a button if purchased before the New Year but you will have to register it as an assault weapon so that it can be eventually confiscated.  (For those who many not know, a “bullet button” is a mechanism that people in the other 49 states would refer to as a magazine release. With one caveat: the button only works when depressed with the sharp point of a tool or the tip of a pointed bullet, thus the phrase “bullet button.”)

These laws are the tip of the iceberg here in the Communist State of California. I fully expect they are going to introduce legislation to totally ban semi-automatic long guns in California, detachable magazine or not. They will do this because they know we will come up with a new way to beat their latest ban–the ‘bullet button’ ban–if given time.

They had a bill for this last year that the Law Abiding Constitutionalists were able to kill. We think they will bring it up again and they will also introduce legislation to put in place a one-gun-per-month of any kind purchase limit. This limit will apply whether it’s a handgun or a long gun, in order to try to slow down the sales of guns in California.

It must be noted that California has universal background checks. This means the only kind of firearms sales allowed in the state are those that incorporate a background check. Consequently, this also means that all the new bans, rules, and regulations being discussed are bans, rules, and regulations that will be applied to residents who buy their guns via a background check; and this is a roundabout way of saying the bans, rules, and regulations will only apply to law-abiding citizens because they are the ones who follow the rules. Criminals, on the other hand, will steal or buy their guns from personal and/or street connections and will face no limit on the number of guns they can buy per month nor on whether those guns are semi-automatics or fully auto-machine guns.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you haven’t yet purchased your home defense weapon, it may soon be too late. As you know I have been warning about this for at least 15 years now.  Some as usual called me a conspiracy nut.  But then as usual some are short sighted and apathetic useful idiots of the Fabian Communists.

Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom.  

- de Andréa

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