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Muslim Kids: Inside a Jihadi Terror Factory

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service”
(John 16:2).

Muslim Kids: Inside a Jihadi Terror Factory

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for

Published November 30, 2016

Will we ever run out of Islamic Jihadi Terrorists?  No, they are being born and trained by the thousands.
If you have ever questioned where these evil demonically possessed terrorists like ISIS come from, and why they are so brutally inhumane, well…here is the answer.  
How a young Muslim child is transformed into a terrorist monster.
A documentary film being made titled “Kids: Inside the Terror Factory” Watch the trailer, dives deep inside the world of terrorist organizations to expose the inhumane, unconscionable and heartbreaking truth. The film tells the anguishing stories of children who have been robotically programed, indoctrinated, brainwashed, manipulated - used and abused - to become violent mass murders.

Isa Dare is a 5-year-old British boy. His mother, Grace, was trained as a jihadi terrorist at a British college and then flew to ISIS territory in Syria, tak    ing Isa with her. Just this past February, an adult terrorist stood next to Isa and encouraged him to press a button on a remote control unit.  Isa’s small fingers gripped the device as he pressed the button firmly. In an instant, a car next to him explodes. And in it, so-called “infidel spies” die breathlessly.  Isa is one of thousands of children being programed to hate and kill.  And it begins in the West even right here in the U.S.

The terror group advertises its use of children as fighters and suicide bombers, as well as featuring children, including a five year-old British boy, as executioners in its gory propaganda videos.

Yes, those are children standing behind the infidels, preparing to execute them.

There are concerns that     the number of young boys forced into Isis ranks will increase as young children taken to live in its territories or born to thousands of “jihadi brides” grow up.
In its annual report on terrorism in the European Union, Europol said children raised under the group’s rule are of “particular concern”.

“In their propaganda, Isis has often shown that they train these children to become the next generation of terrorist fighters, which may pose a future security threat to member states,” the Europol report said.

Children born in the West are brought to the Middle East by their parents for training then return to the West and perpetuate terrorism in their host country via facilitation, fundraising, recruitment and radicalization activities. They may also serve as role models for future would-be violent jihadists.
The best estimate so far, is more than a hundred children from Europe and America are now living in the “caliphate”, where there are also an estimated 31,000 pregnant  ISIS women, an investigation by the Quilliam Foundation found earlier this year.

Among them is Isa Dare, the son of a London woman known as Khadijah Dare, who was shown appearing to blow up a car containing three prisoners in a propaganda video in February. “We will kill the Kaffaar (infidels or non-Muslims) over there,” he was shown saying, while wearing military fatigues and an Isis headband, almost four years after being taken to Syria from the U.K. as a baby.
He was accompanied by a teenage boy who spoke with a British accent, threatening the UK and members of the US-led coalition bombing Isis territories.

Another British jihadist known as Abu Rumaysah – real name Siddhartha Dhar – taunted intelligence agencies by posing with his newborn son under one arm and a gun in the other after escaping surveillance and a travel ban to reach Syria in 2014.

Boasting of his ambitions for his son, he wrote on Twitter: “Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah) Allah (God) blessed me with a healthy baby boy in the Islamic State.  “He is another great addition to the Islamic State. And he’s definitely not British.”

Several other fighters have also posted images of their children on social media, including a sleeping infant surrounded by an Isis ID card, hand grenade and pistol.
Analysts say Isis leaders see the children as crucial to secure the group’s long-term success and consider them better and more lethal fighters because of their indoctrination and desensitization since birth.

The deadly impact of foreign training has been seen in recent terror attacks, with several of the Paris and Brussels gunmen having combat experience in Syria.
Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, an activist group that documents Isis atrocities, raised concern that even if Isis is defeated, its young recruits could continue bloody attempts to establish a brutal caliphate, calling them a “lost generation”.

Nikita Malik, a senior researcher from the Quilliam Foundation, told The Independent children are being used as part of the terrorist group’s “state-building exercise” in Iraq and Syria.
“They are an immediate threat and will become a much longer-term one,” she added. “Their educational indoctrination breeds hatred against the West and calls all other states illegitimate – these children will have no access to or memory of any other ideas.”

Isis propaganda agencies have published numerous videos and images showing children being trained and indoctrinated with the group’s brutal ideology. Footage of a camp for “Cubs of the Caliphate” near its de-facto capital of Raqqa in Syria showed boys as young as five wearing combat gear and Isis headbands as they are ordered to carry out military exercises.
Other propaganda has shown boys fighting each other and practicing martial arts, as well as receiving jihadist instruction from older militants.

Parents who have fled Isis territory have described their children as being “brainwashed” in Isis schools, with some being taught how to make bombs or being sent home with Caucasian dolls dressed in orange jumpsuits to behead as “homework”.
While the indoctrination for boys ultimately prepares them for combat, girls are taught separately how to cook, clean and support their future husbands’ “jihad” is a part of Islam and Sharia.
Europol’s report said girls are not yet permitted to fight but are trained to raise their children in line with Isis ideology, with the promise of “respect and affection” from male relatives. They are encouraged to accept the death of future husbands and sons, who are prepared to take part in battles and terror attacks from a young age.

The number of children born to foreign fighters is believed to be increasing as a growing proportion of “jihadi brides” travel to join Isis. Europol said 40 per cent of Dutch arrivals in the “caliphate” are women, who find themselves less likely to be able to flee, should they change their minds, than their male counterparts, and are remarried if their husbands die to enable them to continue to bear children. (Future Jihadi terrorists)

A report for the Combating Terrorism Centre found that at least 89 child soldiers have died fighting for Isis in a year, mainly in Iraq and Syria. Most were used to drive car and truck bombs into military positions and other security targets, while others were killed in battle or in suicide attacks against civilians.

Europol estimates that more than 5,000 European and American citizens have travelled to conflict zone in Syria and Iraq – mainly to join Isis – but said the flow has slowed since an increase in counter-terror measures and intensifying air strikes and military defeats.
The agency warned that although refugee routes into Europe were not being “systematically” used by Isis, terrorists have hidden themselves among migrants using fraudulent documents, and said there was a “real and imminent danger” of Sunni Muslim Syrian asylum seekers becoming vulnerable to radicalization once in Europe.
According to Government figures at least 850 individuals of “national security concern” have travelled from the UK to join the Syrian conflict, of whom around 15 per cent have been killed while half have returned.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Some of my readers have chastised me for being so negative about the future of the West and of America.  Well I’ve got news for you! I do not create the future, positive or negative. I just write about what I see you doing or not doing.  Either’, you are ignorantly enabling this evil ideology of Islam, or are apathetically ignoring it. Either way if nothing is done to stop it, it will eventually overcome us.  The facts are, this is going on right here under the noses of our so-called security agencies.  Whistleblowers are prosecuted or fired.  Political correctness has precedence over the future security of our country.  We have a Muslim Jihadist president who is systematically and willfully importing terrorist into the U.S. from Islamic countries disguised as refugees.  This is why he will not identify who and what Islam really is, an evil ideology directly from Hell.  They must be stopped, even their children…
Write your representative here:  Tell them to support any legislation that will stop the Islamic invasion of America.

Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing.  
- de Andréa
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