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Get Ready For The Islamic State Of America

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service”
(John 16:2).

Get Ready For The Islamic State Of America
If Hillary wins she has promised to continue Obama’s mass-migration of Muslim Jihadists into America.  They are already taking over.    

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published November 7, 2016

Tomorrow may be one of the most important days this country has ever seen in its history.  A day where voters will decide either to return to a Constitutional Representative Republic, bought and paid for by the blood and sacrifice of our patriots, or’ to become the “Useful Idiots of a Communist tyranny.  Trump is right, not only is the election rigged but the entire Federal government and its communist media is rigged.  It is rigged because it is corrupt my friend. 

The Fabian Communist – Islamic Jihad Connection.
How many times have you been told by your Muslim president and his corrupt media, that the kind of peaceful moderate Muslims we have in America don’t want to change our nation, but instead they want to enjoy the freedoms they have here that they don’t have in their home countries? And who says that?  Not Muslims…it’s the “Useful Idiots” of the Media driven by the Fabian Communists.  78 percent of Muslims in the U.S. admit that they want Sharia Law not Constitutional law. The rest are lying! It’s what they do! It’s called Islamic Taqiyyah.
Because at the same time we are hearing about those same so-called peaceful Muslims in America…they are committing so-called honor beatings and killings of female family members and they justify it according to their Sharia law? They totally reject our morals and Constitutional law.  Islam and any western cultures are not compatible in any way.
First: the kind of Muslims that we have in America are the same kind of Muslims that belong to ISIS. Because there is only one kind of Muslim and that is a Mahammad Muslim.  And Jihad is as much a part of Islam as the Great commission is a part of Christianity.  The difference is that Christians don’t kill you if you reject their message.  Islam is a progressive ideology meaning that there stages of Jihad that Muslims go through until they become violent Jihadists.
Second: Muslims don’t come here for the cheese, the weather, or’ the freedom. They don’t come to integrate into western culture and certainly not to assimilate into American society.  They come as they always have come, to turn their host country into an Islamic State. 
Then there is the American Muslim judge who freed a Muslim guilty of beating a man for dressing up as a zombie Muhammad for Halloween? The same judge not only let the Muslim offender go ‘Scott free’ but then he chastised the victim for blaspheming his prophet Muhammad. It’s Sharia law!  In the near future, when he thinks he can get away with it, he will sentence the victim to death.
Third: Muslins infiltrate not integrate.
Something that I predicted more than 15 years ago is that Muslims have taken control of most of Dearborn, Michigan and they have been persecuting Christians for street evangelism. The high schools in Dearborn have been allowed to hold a girls only prom for Muslim girls while other schools are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating students because it’s a Christian service. Dearborn now has a Muslim Majority City Counsel a Muslim county Sherriff and a Muslim Sharia Court.  Moreover it is not the only Muslim controlled City in Michigan, Hamtramck, is another.  They will gain control one block, one city, one county, and one state. Then the country.  This is what they have been doing for more than 1400 years.  What is making you’, who are educated by the ignorant media, believe they are suddenly going to stop now?  What has changed? Certainly not Islam. 
Note: David Wood is a Christian Pastor in Dearborn Michigan, and has been arrested many times, found guilty of violating Sharia Law, and sentenced to life in prison only to have his sentence overturned by a higher court and released.   David will never give up and the Muslims of Dearborn won’t either.  Who do you really want to win this war of cultures? Because someone eventually will!  Moreover, who wins is really up to you!
Watching, for example, what Muslims are doing in other parts of the world, like the two most recent States in history taken over by Islam -- Lebanon and Indonesia, both once Christian  Nations. They paint a very real and scary future for America especially since America’s first Muslim leader also from Indonesia – Barack Hussein Obama – has brought tens of thousands more Muslims into our nation. And if you notice no Christian Syrians…even though Christians number more than 10 percent of the Syrian population.
Indonesia. Once a Christian nation, in my lifetime has become the largest Islamic State in the World.
That’s why I get concerned when I see reports like the one coming out of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. In 2014, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, was the first Christian to hold the position of Governor of Jakarta in over 50 years. He was appointed to the post by Indonesian president Joko Widodo. Since taking office, he has been the target of Muslim Citizens. Many threats have been made against Purnama and Muslims claim he is a blasphemer against Islam and should be killed.
This past week, tens of thousands of Muslim Jihadists took to the streets of Jakarta in protest of Purnama’s bid for re-election. In September, Purnama was reported to have quoted a verse from the Quran that warns about taking Christians and Jews as friends, when he was talking to some fisherman. Muslims claim that he committed blasphemy when he quoted the verse. Blasphemy, especially against Islam is a criminal offense in Indonesia, punishable by death. Purnama promptly made a public apology to Muslims that were offended by his comments:  “There was no intention to insult religion. I am sending my message to all offended Muslims: I sincerely apologize.”
In typical Muslim fashion, his apology was not enough to appease the nation’s Muslims, there is no forgiveness in Islam, you can’t un-ring the bell as they say. They are calling for him to withdraw from the election, but Purnama says he will continue to campaign for re-election in the February 2017 election.
In another lifetime when I was in the military many years ago, I knew an Iranian Persian Christian man who had to smuggle himself and his family out of Iran.  I think his first name was Kanoosh although it might not be spelled correctly, his last name escapes me. He told me that Muslim boys were taught in school there to hate America and Israel, and to vow to help destroy the two nations or force them to convert to Islam. He told me on more than one occasion to “watch what Muslims are doing in other parts of the world and to expect the same thing to happen in America.” He also told me that “their claim of not wanting to change America is a lie, told to set Americans at ease and make them easier targets.”
I also have a friend, a vintage auto racing buddy of mine named Nick, we use to race Coopers together back in the 90’s who still has family in Great Britain he told me how Muslims were taking over cities in the UK. They take over the businesses, schools and even the churches as well as the city governments. Example London now has a Muslim Mayor. And as in the U.S. Congress, they have Muslims in their Parliament.  Soon Parliamentary law will be replaced with Sharia.
At least two Christian churches where my friends’ family attended outside of London are now mosques. He also told me that in every one of these cities, Sharia law is strictly enforced in place of British law and that honor beatings and killings were common as are the number of rapes. He told me that one of the ways Muslims drive out Christians, Jews and others is that Muslim men often gang rape non-Muslim women.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  “Watch what Muslims do in other parts of the world and expect this to happen in America” said my Persian friend.  If they continue to flow into our country and take over as they are taught America will be Islamic. The lesson here, in Jakarta Indonesia, Beirut Lebanon, Dearborn Michigan and elsewhere, is that Islam is the MOST INTOLERANT ideology/religion in the world and their plan will eventually be violence and subjugation under the barbaric system of Sharia law.
When the Muslim Brotherhood, (the newly revived Ottoman Empire) took control of Egypt, then President Morsi declared that everyone in Egypt would either convert to Islam, non-Muslims would be charged a high tax (the Jizya) to live in Egypt or would be driven out. Within days of making his proclamation, Egypt’s Muslims began open persecution of thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. They were beaten, raped, and burned alive, or beheaded. Their homes, businesses and churches were burned to the ground.  This is predictable my friend.  
Yes, this will’ happen in America in the not so distant future if Christians don’t start taking action to protect our nation from the Muslim intrusion. It has been happening in other parts of the world for 1406 years and will happen here if we don’t wake up. It just is what it is…
In 2008 the majority of American citizens knowingly and willfully voted for a Muslim president… and if that wasn’t enough of a mistake, then you did it again in 2012.
The question is are you going to do it yet again????  ‘The end justifies the criminal means Hillary’ will carry on with the “Useful Idiot” agenda of the Fabian Communists, to use Islam to completely destroy what is left of America’s Christian culture.  Then the Communists will pick up the pieces and take over.   Your grandchildren, if they survive, will have never known “Freedom.”

Is that what you want?

Thanks for listening my friend!  Now go do the right thing and vote for freedom.  

- de Andréa
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