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Yes The Truth Can Be Troubling

 “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”- Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

Yes The Truth Can Be Troubling
What is “Religions Extremism?”  Is there really any such thing? Or is it just really the “Religion itself that should concern us?”
By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 20, 2016

The following list, spread by the Godless Fabian Communists, are ignorant platitudes which have been distributed in recent years throughout America’s main stream culture:
“All religions are the same.”
“Every religion teaches love.”
“Religious ‘extremists’ of all types are the real enemy.”
But is ‘any’ of that really true?
The much used narrative of extremism doesn’t define the problem, it’s actually a smoke screen. The real question should be which religion are believers following, and what does it teach?
To start with, let me explain that a so-called “moderate Muslim” is just in the first stage of the Islamic doctrine of jihad where one hasn’t yet become a true Muslim, it is in no way MODERATE.  All “Ideological Cults” such as Nazism Islam and Communism are progressive in nature. Watch a 20 minute video that explains this progression in the Three Stages of Islamic Jihad by David Wood who lives among Muslims in Dearborn Michigan.  Moreover, when your Muslim president says “ISIL isn’t Islam.”  That my friend is “Taqiyyah,” a Muslim form of lie taught in the Quran.  ISIL or ISIS is in fact true “Stage Three ultimate Islam” also taught in the Quran. Instead of accepting the popular politically correct brainwashing lies of the Fabian Communists in the media who themselves have never read the Quran, buy’ a Quran, and read it for yourself…
A Side Note: Is Islam a “Religion” protected under the first Amendment?
Our Constitution allows for freedom of religion. Along with that, comes all the modern legal perks including tax exemption and other special privileges. It can be proven historically that Communism and Nazism have never been defined as a religion, even though both have their self-appointed gods. But does Islam qualify as a religion according to our laws.  If as Nazism and Communism, Islam is classified as a political ideology and a cult, instead of a religion it will lose its religious designation. And more importantly it’s very wanted but misguided protection under the guise of our First Amendment that it is using against us along with its tax exempt status, and thus its political foothold and ideological influence in America.   If our Congress would just read the Quran it would discover that the very fundamental core of Islam is in violation of all of our basic laws including the U.S. Constitution.  There would then be no choice but to outlaw it as a legal religion protected under the First Amendment. And there would be no Islamic tax free Charities. Benevolence is part of Western culture, there is no charity in Islam.
Just as depicted in the picture at the beginning, Jihad is the duty of “every Muslim”, which is the struggle to make the entire world Islamic, and in complete forced subjection – in bondage to Sharia Law even to the point of committing murder.
But in deep contrast, the duty of all Christians is to love one another as Christ loved us. That’s quite an antithesis to Islam.  
Fact: The more serious a so-called moderate Muslim gets about practicing his/her religion taught in the Quran, the more violent, evil and brutal he/she will become.
Fact: With those that look to the Bible, just the opposite happens. The core message of the Bible urges believers to love your neighbors as yourself, and not cut their heads off. So the more a Christian or Jew gets serious about his/her biblical beliefs, and practices them, the more loving and Godly he/she will become.
It’s not a popular message.  A favorite talking point among ignorant liberals is “Christian violence is just as bad, if not worse than Muslim violence.”

Even the Pope has bought into the lie perpetuated by the Godless Fabians, but you will find this detour from Biblical Christianity, isn’t historically unusual for Popes…

Religious “extremism,” per se, is seen as a negative. Indeed, public figures such as Hillary Clinton have called for changing religious beliefs, if they conflict with supposed “rights” or laws such as abortion or same sex marriage.
Well wouldn’t that include Islam’s beliefs in violent Jihad, which is also against the law? I guess not!  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
Everyone except Muslims agree that any form of violence committed in the name of religion is a bad thing. And yet violence, hate, rape and pedophilia as well as nambla and all forms of evil is taught throughout the Quran and especially in the Hadith of Mahammad’s life.
It is another thing altogether to insist that every form of ‘religious extremism’ is an inherently bad thing. This would be to assume that every religion, at its foundation, is essentially the same, and that the greatest danger to the world is when humans take their religion seriously. The simple fact is that whether we are speaking of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or David Koresh, every religious sect has its own very different founders and thus, it can have adopted very different foundational principles.
I must stress the importance of divorcing the core doctrines of a faith from the problematic periods of its temporal history when Christianity for example was intermingled with state power and turned violent. It is not biblical and not Christian.  So I must forcefully argue that none of this was core to Christianity.  Such periods of history do not reflect the teachings and principles that Jesus taught.
Even the Christians Crusades have been ignorantly misinterpreted as being inherently violent Christian aggression, when after 300 years of living with the terrorism of Islamic Jihad the Christians decided to defend themselves against this brutality of the Muslims in Europe. And yes, war is brutal no matter what side you’re on.  Moreover, it may come to that again if we don’t wake up to the truth of the enemy we face.
When we look at what is being carried out today in many parts of the world by Muslims, it is a simple fact that all of the violence and bloodshed is simply a historical recapitulation of what was carried out by Muhammad and his closest successors, the first four Caliphates of Islam (read the Hadith). Or, if you doubt me, then I challenge you to read ‘The Biography of Muhammad’ by Ibn Ishaq and translated by Alfred Guillame, or ‘The Conquest of Syria’ by Imam Al-Waqiddi. The atrocities witnessed by the world these past few years carried out by Boko Haram, ISIS, al-Qaeda or the Taliban are virtually identical to the things that were carried out by Muhammad and his earliest successors.
Islamic and Christian “extremism,” if faithfully practiced, would lead to widely disparate an opposite outcomes.
‘Extremism’ carried out by Muslims who follow Allah/Satan is quite different than ‘extremism’ carried out by those who actually follow the principles and teachings of Jesus/Yahshua.  Extreme examples of love for one’s enemies, and extreme examples of altruism are what the world needs far more of, not less. Can you imagine the whole earth engulfed by Christian extremism!  It would look quite different than if it were to be overcome by ISIS.
The word love is written in the Bible more than 400 times…it does not exist in the Quran.  There is no love benevolence or charity in Islam!

Islam only respects force because there is no love in this religion. To Islam, love is forced obedience through abuse. They mock true love because it is compassionate, kind, and respectful. That is why Islam hates Jesus so much: because they mock the mercy of God as weakness and, therefore, hate true love.
Religious extremism is only toxic if the religion itself is toxic. If someone is an extremely religious Jew, he or she will be wise, magnanimous, generous, etc.  But extremely religious Muslims, because their religion enjoins violence, hatred and all forms of evil, will become violent and hateful. ‘Extremism’ is not the problem; it’s just a excuse to deflect attention away from the grim reality of what Islamic Jihad really is. If one is a Muslim, one is a jihadist, it is one in the same.
According to the Bible, the only way world peace will come is when God is magnified and the Bible is being taught properly to all the nations of the earth, as it says in Isaiah 2:2-4.
The problem with Islam is not “extremism” but the very core of the religion itself.
The propaganda of the portrayal of “Peace” is part of Jihad and is meant to deceive. 
The almost daily atrocities we are now witnessing around the world, committed in the name of Allah and often defined by the media as mere Islamic extremism, truly is something prevalent to the religion of Islam itself. Of course there are Muslims who are at different stages of ‘commitment’ to Islam, as I addressed at the beginning.  Similarly that could be said about Jews and Christians. But, the sooner we understand the truths of history and the core teachings of ‘committed’ Islam, the sooner we might be able to actually make some viable inroads toward workable solutions, thus securing our national sovereignty and security.  As I have often said the U.S. War Collage Manual says to “Know who your enemy is.” And most westerners haven’t clue! Few have ever seen a Quran much less read it.
Carl Gallups argued that, “extreme Christianity, far from being dangerous, would make the world a much better place.”
“The truth is that out of the world’s three largest monotheistic faith systems, even accepting Islam is actually monotheistic at its core, the only one, when taken to its truest ‘extremes’ that results in more love, grace, mercy, and peaceful living among all people – is that of New Testament biblical Christianity,” he said. “If Islam is taken to its most ‘radical extreme,’ even the leftist media would have to admit that the entire infidel world would have its head under the sword of submission.”
It’s not politically correct to say it, but to tens of millions of Americans, learning that a so-called ‘very devout Muslim’ has moved in next door should be cause for worry over their family’s safety.  But learning that a devout Christian, even an extremist, moved in next door would inspire no such concerns – and for good reason. In the almost 15 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Western world has learned, again and again, that so-called ‘devout Muslims’ or ‘seriously religious Muslims’ are likely to commit a terrorist act.  On the other hand, the heart of the ‘serious’ or ‘devout’ Christian’s way of life is to love God and his fellow man – not just love fellow Christians, mind you, but everyone. Who would not want such a person as their neighbor?
If so many recognize this, why is there, the intense media focus on the supposed evils of “Christian extremism?”  It is nothing less than a great apostasy against Christianity, something foretold within Biblical Scripture as the world nears the last days.
The accusations from the media about radical Christianity is more a sign of the times than anything else. What was historically normal is now considered radical. When Israel was following God, Elijah and the prophets would be considered mainstream, and exemplary. But when Israel turned away from God, the society branded people like Elijah as radical, dangerous, even enemies of the state. So King Ahab said to Elijah “you are the troubler of Israel.’ But Elijah responded, ‘No, it is you who trouble Israel.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: So historically true Christians would be honored in America – and considered mainstream. But as America has turned away from God, then it must view those who remain faithful to God as radical and extreme. To an upside down world, those who are standing right side up will always appear to be standing upside down. The apostle Paul was also accused of ‘turning the world upside down.’ He was actually turning the world right-side up. So it is for true believers who stand faithful to God in an age and civilization of apostasy – We will be called radical and trouble makers, intolerant, dangerous. But the truth is, that we are simply standing right side up, in an upside down world…
We as Christians should be intolerant, not of Muslims as a people, but of Islam as an Evil Ideology. 6And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.  I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully. Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them. 11 Anyone who welcomes them shares in their wicked work.  2nd John 6-11
By welcoming Muslims into the U.S. we enable the evil of Islam.

Oh! That’s good teaching…probably because it’s the truth.  But it can still be troubling…

Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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