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VP Biden Spills Nuclear Secrets While Saying Trump Can’t Be Trusted with Nuclear Secrets

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VP Biden Spills Nuclear Secrets While Saying Trump Can’t Be Trusted with Nuclear Secrets

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 18, 2016

This really shows the mentality of the useful Fabian idiot robots that have taken this country from an Independent Nation to a Nation dependent on our enemies.

Vice President ‘Crazy ‘Uncle Joe Biden appeared with Hillary Clinton last week at a campaign event in Scranton, PA.  During his speech he said a handful of his usual ridiculous things, but today the focus is on one particular set of comments.  During his anti-Trump, pro-Hillary tirade, Uncle Joe steered himself a bit off course as he usually does, when he began to speak about Mr. Trump being unfit for the presidency. I don’t mean to suggest that he inadvertently said that Trump was unfit, it was obviously on purpose.  I mean he swerved off his planned path just after calling the GOP candidate untrustworthy to lead.
Here’s what Crazy Uncle Joe said:  Someone who lacks this judgment cannot be trusted… there’s a guy that follows me, right back there, [pointing at said man] he has the nuclear codes.  So God forbid anything happened to the President and I had to make a decision, the codes are with me all the time…”   Biden himself is not qualified to know the code! He can’t be trusted!  So he has an agent secretly carry the Codes. And then… he obviously and publicly outs the man that is secretly carrying the codes.  I certainly hope the agent has his own army of bodyguards to protect him from Crazy Uncle Joe.
Biden then went on to argue that Donald Trump had made life more dangerous for all of our soldiers serving overseas…as if he was not even aware of what he had just done.  He probably wasn’t.
First, he argues that Donald Trump cannot be trusted with nuclear secrets as he stands there telling everyone who the guy is (as he points at the man)  that has the nuclear launch codes! Also, he’s telling us that Donald Trump cannot be “trusted” with our secrets while standing in front of (and supporting) the woman whose criminal negligence saw our secrets handed to our enemies on a silver platter. How can anyone honestly make the argument that Hillary Clinton is more trustworthy than Trump or any other living human being?
Secondly, he argues that Donald Trump has made and will continue to make the world a more dangerous place for our soldiers.  Sadly but truly, Biden’s driveway doesn’t go clear to the street, and he fails to see the irony of his narrative.
The truth is that under the Obama/Clinton regime of the last eight years, the world has in fact become a demonstrably more dangerous place not only for our military but for every one on the planet. Obama’s real world foreign policy failures have seen the planned collapse and destabilization of several nations that were stable the day he took office and are now in chaos as he leaves office. Our soldiers and everyone were safer in Iraq and Afghanistan on the day Obama first stepped into the Oval Office than they are in those nations today. There was no terrorist threat from Libya, Syria, or Egypt back then…but now there is.  Lebanon, Turkey, Iran are all more dangerous than they were 8 years ago. In fact, the one country that Obama and Clinton have called a success, Yemen, has collapsed into Civil War, and seen terrorists take charge of more than half the nation including the Capital.  More of the same will give us more of the same…or worse!
THE BOTTOM LINE: While Joe Biden is busy ranting that Donald Trump is unqualified, untrustworthy, unstable, and unfit… he is literally describing the very arguments that are best used to describe Obama and Hillary Clinton’s criminal past.
Do you really what more same ‘o’ same ‘o’ with Hillary?
Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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