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The Islamic State Of Australia

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The Islamic State Of Australia
Next, America…

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 31, 2016

I have written many articles regarding the expectation of Muslims to assimilate into the culture of their adopted country.  And how a Muslim will never’ assimilate because unlike any other people from anywhere else in the world, that is not why they come. They come to turn your’ country - into an Islamic state.  Period!  If you think oh’ that’s not true, then please show me a place on this planet where a Muslim majority has assimilated into the culture of the country it occupies. 

The most recent Islamic states are an example of what I am talking about. One is Lebanon. It was a French Colony until the late 1940’s. In the early 1950’s, until the early 70’s it was a Christian parliamentary democracy, now it’s an Islamic State. And then there is Indonesia.  In the 1940’s, it was a Dutch Colony and also a Christian parliamentary democracy. From the early 50’s to the late 60’s it incrementally became an Islamic State, today it is the largest Islamic State in the world.  In both cases it was achieved by infiltration and then by force.  Just as in every country that is now Islamic.  And please don’t just believe me, go read your history book…while you still can.

If you haven’t already done so, watch a 20 minute video by David Wood, who lives in the American Islamic city of Dearborn Michigan explain the Three Stages of Islamic Jihad.  In Dearborn the city council is Islamic, the local Sheriff and Judge are Muslims and Sharia law prevails, also Hamtramck and Detroit Michigan are becoming the same way, next the State, and then the country. It’s just the way it works my friend.

By now, one should know that most of Europe is ignorantly falling into the pit of Islam.  But true to form, the media reports very little about the Islamic Jihad that is befalling the Continent of Australia.

Over the last year or so, hundreds of ‘United Patriot Front’ members wearing True Blue Crew logos like the one above, have sought to raise awareness throughout Australia about the very real threat of Islamic jihad and the Australian government’s failure to even acknowledge it.  That should sound familiar, this is exactly the tragic mistake that Europe has been making and we all know that the American Muslim president Obama will not acknowledge it either, be it for a different reason, Obama purposely promotes Jihad. That’s just what Muslims do.  (Read the Quran) 
At nearly every rally, Muslim Jihadists, called by their politically correct name, anti-Australian protesters so as to not hurt the enemy’s feelings, can be heard chanting, “Alluha Ahkbar, and Death to Australia” as this video posted by The Age shows. You can see signs protesting racism when racism isn’t even an issue.  Islam is the issue, and the fact that Islam isn’t even a race, clearly demonstrates the manipulation of the protesters.  
And, at several protests, violence erupts also evidenced by The Age’s photo gallery.
Despite the fact that hundreds of police are on duty during these events, so-called left-wing protesters, (Muslims and deceived Islamic supporters) wearing black and masks to cover their faces resembling ISIS, are still able to break through police barricades and burn the Australian flag and attack Australian patriots.
Who would have thought that in 2016 Melbourne, Australians carrying Australian flags who are defending their country from a Jihadi invasion, are attacked on their own streets?
As a result of ongoing violence, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville announced that protesters wearing masks would receive higher penalties, ABC News reports.
She said: “Victorians have had enough of seeing this sort of incitement of hatred and violence. It does send a message that if you wear a face mask, you will be removed from a protest. If you wear a face mask and commit an offence, you will go to jail for longer.”
‘United Patriot Front’ established the ‘Australia First Party’, which advocates against “Islamic segregation” and “Muslim only” public housing and “NO GO ZONES” proposed by the government. This segregation was requested by the Australian Federation of Islamic CouncilsProving once again that Islam has no desire to, nor will it ever, assimilate into any other culture.  It will establish itself as a separate body and as its population grows it will incrementally turn the host country into an Islamic state.  Read your history book my friend.  Every Islamic State that exists today, was taken over in this way, even the original City State of Mecca. When Mahammad attacked Mecca the second time in the 7th century, the already infiltrated Muslim Jihadists living within Mecca joined the fight and Mecca fell to Mahammad and his band of terrorists. That was 1400 years ago and it is still going on today, they will never stop my friend. 
The Australian United Patriot mission statement is: “The Australia First Party recognizes the dependent nature of the Australian state upon the forces of globalism. Australia is a client state, ruled by a traitor class which is integrated into a transnational network of globalist elites and their economic and political structures. This class would govern Australia as a resources quarry cowed by thought-policing and a secret political police.”  Again it sounds like they are talking about the United States.
It goes on to say: “Australia is further menaced by a new Chinese imperialism that competes with the American face of the New World Order for domination over Asia and the Pacific, with Australia a pawn in the game. The unfolding population / food crisis coupled with New World Order wars launches refugee hordes at Australia’s borders, whilst the traitor class sponsors a mass immigration recolonization of Australia for the purposes of economic enmeshment with the ‘global economy’.”

Australia, as a free and independent country, will disappear within the next 50 years it will soon just as nearby Indonesia become an Islamic state.  Hard to imagine Australia no longer being Australian and Crocodile Dundee in the next few decades, but as the last few years have shown, that is the definitive direction the future is going, not only in Australia but worldwide.  And all because of ignorance my friend.

THE BOTTOM LINE: 25 years ago when I first began warning about the coming world expansion of Islam, and after the first attack on the World Trade center by Eyad Ismoil in 1993, I said this is only going to get worse and the when it did on 9/11, I virtually predicted the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which has not only spread all over the Middle East but Africa and the West including east and western Europe the Americas and as you can see Australia.  No! I am not a prophet I just read and studied the enemies books the Quran and the Hadith. 

When I was in the military, in Spcl Ops, I attended the ‘War Collage’ in Carlisle, Pa for an accelerated “readers digest” version of what field officers learn.  I discovered in the first couple of pages of the war collage manual, it said, “KNOW    WHO    YOUR    ENEMY     IS!”   Today you don’t know who this enemy is. Our Congress doesn’t know who this enemy is, and the result is that you don’t know - that when Obama says, “ISIL is not Islam”, you’ don’t know he is lying.  The truth is that ISIL or ISIS is exactly what the third stage of Islamic Jihad is.  And if you watched the video above titled “The Three Stages of Jihad” you will at least have a diminutive understanding of what I am talking about.

Unless the west wakes up, puts down their Mint Juleps, stops watching reruns of the Kardashians and actually takes the time to read and learn just who and what this evil satanic and barbaric political ideology of Islam is (I’m certain by know you know it is not peaceful, that’s just a ruse) -- it will eventually overwhelm us and the total subjugation of Islamic Sharia will control us.  Moreover just as anywhere in the history of Islam, there will be no going back without a bloody war. 

This is the point at which most of Europe is at present, especially Germany and France.  One does not just stop Islam as historically demonstrated by the Crusades.  After 300 years of Islamic infiltration, occupation and terrorism from 800 to 1100 AD, they had a bloody war only to push Islam back into the 7th century.  It will always come back. The only way to stop it, is to destroy it.  And unless you have been asleep you can see that is not what we’ve been doing. 

Because of our ignorance we have been deceived and consequently we have instead been promoting, facilitating and enabling this evil and brutal political ideology.
It will destroy us my friend.  It is not a religion at all, it is truly Nazism on Steroids. Instead of murdering 13 million as the Nazis did, the Muslim’s have murdered more than 100 million and counting.

These are incidentally the ‘Four’ words written under my banner at the top of this article…look at them. Memorize them!

Thanks for listening my friend!   
- de Andréa

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