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Red Cross: No Prayer For Flood Victims…

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Red Cross: No Prayer For Flood Victims…
The ‘Separation of God and Charity’?

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 29, 2016

As you read this story you might wonder what or who got lost here.  The Red Cross is a charity.  Charity comes from benevolence, and benevolence from love, and love comes from God.  

Apparently, the whole idea of an American philosophy, the U.S. Constitution, First Amendment, and the Freedom of Religion thing, doesn’t apply to the Red Cross down in Lafayette, Louisiana. I mean, how else could one explain their decision to condemn a police officer for having the audacity to pray with flood victims whom are in dire need of help and comfort?
On August 19, police officer Captain Clay Higgins stopped by the designated Red Cross shelter after work to see how he could be of service to the hurting people of his community. Higgins was still in uniform and carrying a Bible as he spoke and prayed with flood victims, some of whom had lost everything, some even lost family members and friends. After a few minutes on scene he was approached by a Red Cross volunteer who told him that the Red Cross had taken issue with what he was doing and wanted him to leave.
Captain Clay Higgins, a reserve city marshal and a local legend as well as one tuff cop, dropped by after work to minister to evacuees at the Heymann Performing Arts Center.
He said “the Red Cross had an issue with me being there. So I asked him what the problem was. He looked down at my Bible and he gestured and said, ‘They have a problem with that.’”
Higgins then asked to see a supervisor, and that supervisor told him that he needed to leave their facility. “I was told that the Red Cross does not allow spiritual counseling in their shelters. The supervisor told me the Red Cross is not a religious-based organization and they don’t allow religious interaction with the residents.   Residents?  I guess the Red Cross doesn’t recognize them as victims.
While Officer Higgins was being castigated by the Red Cross supervisor someone approached and asked him to pray with them. Captain. Higgins was happy to oblige but was forced by the supervisor to do so - outside the facility.  This was actually not even a Red Cross facility, it was the Lafayette, Louisiana Heymann Performing Arts Center.
Compassion, is apparently not part of the Red Cross!
“I was not proselytizing. I was just there to thank volunteers and offer prayers and encouragement… Christian compassion was not welcomed there in the manner I had provided, Said Higgins, he went on to say, a local pastor in the town of Albany told me that four families left a Red Cross shelter after they were told they could not pray or read their Bibles at their cots.  They got upset and literally packed up their stuff and came right here, said the pastor, who asked not to be identified. A Red Cross worker told them they could not pray or read their Bible in public.
The pastor said he drove to the shelter in question and he was immediately met with individuals who related similar stories.
I hadn’t even made it in the door, the pastor said. They said the Red Cross workers told them they could not pray or read Bibles. I told them to go to their cot and pray and read. I told them they’re on church property and they could read a Bible on church property.”
I’d be remiss not to encourage them to shift their policies and allow people of faith to practice as they see fit in their facilities – so long as they aren’t encumbering or endangering those around them. These are the hardest times that many of these people will face and their need for spiritual comfort may never be greater… it’s a bad time for the people who are supposed to be helping them, to have a fit of politically correct fascism.” Said Lt. Higgins.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Although the Red Cross does do some good or they wouldn’t be allowed to continue in the charity business. At least I don’t think they would.  Personally I have little good to say about the Red Cross, American or not. It’s obvious that the Red Cross is anti-GOD, anti-AMERICAN, and anti-CONSTITUTIONAL.  

It has been my personal experience that the Red does the most good when they can get the most political mileage out of it.  Example when I was in a military hospital recovering from injuries, the Red Cross came around to the wards and handed out a pack of personal items to each of us, such as toothbrush and paste, comb, soap, and other goodies all neatly packaged up with their brightly colored ‘Red Cross’ logo printed all over it.  And that was followed by a visit from the First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her entourage, who remarked about all the Red Cross packages that everyone had and all the wonderful things they do for the troops.  Almost immediately after her departure from the ward, the Red Cross came by and collected all the packages.   Claiming they didn’t have enough go around, and would bring some back later when more arrived.  We never saw them again.   

This story typifies, and echoes the influence of atheism in the Fabian Communist infiltrators in our government which has obviously spread to the tax exempt so-called charities.  It is my opinion that the 501c (3) charities are afraid to acknowledge Christianity for fear of being called politically incorrect bigots and/or losing their tax exempt status, just as the churches are afraid to mention anything political in fear of IRS reprisals.  

America has become a very sad Country when we live in fear of Government and its supporters of tyranny in the politically correct media.  I can’t help but wonder if the Red Cross even knows that their policy violates the First Amendment or even cares.

Probably not…’if they were educated in government schools, or if they were educated at all, it is posable they don’t even know what the Constitution says, or what it even is.

Note: Even though Captain Higgins, wanting to avoid hard feelings, says that he wasn’t directly forced to resign, he in fact was forced to resign following this incident.  The excuse however for asking for is resignation was that he referred to some wanted thugs and punks as (animals).

P. S. Officer Higgins is now running for Congress…We need people like (Cajun John Wayne) Clay Higgins in Washington.

Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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