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Proof Obama Willfully Created ISIL

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Proof Obama Willfully Created ISIL
The Pentagon Report,
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By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 13, 2016

This may just be Obama's and Hillary's undoing...

Donald Trump again dares to tell the truth and again draws the revenge of the Communist alphabet noodle soup media.

Donald Trump’s declaration this past week at a campaign rally that President Obama and Hillary Clinton committed treason and are responsible for the rise of ISIS, drew outrage from establishment media, but a Defense Intelligence Agency document declassified by the pentagon last year shows the Obama administration was warned in 2012 that if it continued its policies, of arming Muslims in the Middle East, a radical Islamic regime would form in Eastern Syria.  This document unequivocally shows that Obama with ‘malice of fore thought,’ and with purpose, ignored the “Pentagon advisors,” and sent heavy arms via Benghazi to the so-called rebels and the Islamic State was born.

Note: My advice to my readers is to regard anything and everything that the mainstream media says, as a potential lie. At least until there is absolute proof of its validity.  And this article will prove that the great majority of what the media says Donald trump is lying about, is instead the absolute truth.  It’s the useful idiots in the Communist media that are the liars.  As in this article, everything I write is researched and documented by reliable sources. Moreover there are usually enough source documents included in my articles to show the validity of what I write.  I do not include everything, as the article would be so sizable that few would take the time to read it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was complicit in the support of ISIS Jihad in the Middle East.  
The report said “there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria, and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”
The “supporting powers” are identified as “the West, Gulf countries, and Turkey.”
Jatras, as Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog reported, summarized the report saying that if the U.S. and its proxies kept aiding al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other “rebel” groups fighting the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, a jihadist state would arise in the country.
A few months later, as if right on que, ISIS or ISIL as Obama refers to it, declared itself a state straddling the Syria-Iraq border.
The report ‘made no difference’ to Obama
Jatras pointed out that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, currently a Trump adviser, took over as head of DIA a month before the report was issued.
“Whether it was his personal effort to caution the administration or simply the professional analysts in the DIA apparatus laying out the facts as they saw them, the 2012 report made no difference,” Jatras writes.
In an interview last year with Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera, Flynn said the formation of an ISIS state wasn’t a matter of the administration turning a “blind eye.” It was a “willful decision.”

Hasan: “You are basically saying that even in government at the time you knew these groups were around, you saw this analysis, and you were arguing against it, but who wasn’t listening?”

Flynn: “The administration.”

Hasan: “So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis?”

Flynn: “They didn’t turn a blind eye, it was a decision. It was a willful decision.”

Hasan: “A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Flynn: “It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.”

Islamic state a ‘strategic opportunity’
In May 2015, Nafeez Ahmed, an investigative journalist and international security scholar, reported the DIA document provided “no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels.”
“On the contrary, the emergence of an al-Qaeda affiliated ‘Salafist Principality’ as a result is described as a strategic opportunity to isolate Assad.”
Ahmed noted that at the time, media reports focused on the report’s evidence that the Obama administration knew of arms supplies from a Libyan terrorist stronghold to rebels in Syria resulting in the Benghazi attack.
He wrote that the DIA document “confirms that the main component of the anti-Assad rebel forces by this time comprised Islamist insurgents affiliated to groups that would lead to the emergence of ISIS.”
“Despite this, these groups were to continue receiving support from Western militaries and their regional allies,” he wrote.
Ahmed said the Pentagon document explicitly forecasted the declaration of “an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.”
Nevertheless, “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey are supporting these efforts” by Syrian “opposition forces” fighting to “control the eastern areas (Hasaka and Der Zor), adjacent to Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar).”
Ahmed said that in response to his questions about the strategy, the British government “simply denied the Pentagon report’s startling revelations of deliberate Western sponsorship of violent extremists in Syria.”

A British Foreign Office spokesman told him:
“AQ (Al-Qaida) and ISIL (ISIS) are proscribed terrorist organizations. The UK opposes all forms of terrorism. AQ, ISIL, and their affiliates pose a direct threat to the UK’s national security. We are part of a military and political coalition to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and are working with international partners to counter the threat from AQ and other terrorist groups in that region. In Syria we have always supported those moderate opposition groups who oppose the tyranny of Assad and the brutality of the extremists.”
THE BOTTOM LINE:  Who knows Jihad better than Obama?  No one! Obama was taught Islamic Jihad since he was a child.  And this my friend is the result.

Obama maliciously and purposely lied more than 32 times when he said in 2012 that al Qaeda is decimated.  Moreover, he knew full well that it had morphed into something even more dangerous, because he had been informed of it long before it came to fruition.  The direction that Obama had taken the so-called war on terror took Western civilization right into the bowels of Hell.  The Islamic State of the Lament had emerged out of al Qaeda.  Obama’s sinister plan of Islamic Jihad to totally destabilize the Middle East as well as North Africa was unfolding.  Obama’s ISIL would bring Jihad to a large part of the world, and the creation of refugees in the process would be the excuse to spread Jihad to all of Europe and the Americas.   

Donald Trump is a threat to this plan of world domination.  Either he is too ignorant to realize whose toes he is stepping on, or he is very well informed and has a lot of guts.

It is my opinion that behind it all, are the Fabian Communists who support any organization that creates chaos to bring about anarchy.  This includes Islamic Jihad.  There are more similarities between Nazism, Communism, and Islamism, than there are differences. (Al three are incompatible with western culture.)  Out of the ashes of anarchy will come the Biblical antichrist.  Then the people will flock to anyone they perceive as a strong leader to lift them out of the horror that they are experiencing.  

The question is…is it necessary that America go through the most horrifying part of this coming tribulation. My opinion is no!

“13. If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, 14. but if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.…” 2 Chronicles 7:13-15 

You might want to think long and hard about that…

Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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