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Hillary, Communism, And The Democrat Party

 “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”- Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

Hillary, Communism, And The Democrat Party

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 8, 2016
The Fabians of the Communist Party USA themselves may not directly control many actual votes.  But what they lack in direct power is made up for in support, infiltration and their strategy of using people as in Vladimir Lenin’s “Useful Idiots”.
That passion was in full display with a seven-person team of reporters covering their national political convention last month. And their convention was the Democrat National Convention that nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as their undisputed Communist Democrat candidate for president of the United States.
You heard that right!  You don’t believe it?  Well…read on my friend.
“Donald Trump steals wages. He’d pick your pocket in a New York minute. He lies and spreads hate. He’s a racist and a bully.
Do not underestimate Trump and the Republicans. While the establishment GOP was surprised by the successful insurgency of so-called outsider Trump, they are united in purpose: delivering more inequality, more misery, more instability and violence against working-class people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientations. They are united with giant corporations and the billionaire class in their drive to lower wages and living conditions and increase their profits and power.
With Senator Bernie Sanders endorsing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the message was loud and clear, “We’re stronger together.” That is what it will take to win in November.

The union movement, communities of color, students, women, progressives and the newborn “political revolution” can help generate voter enthusiasm by talking and tweeting about Clinton and the issues. Challenging sexism is a must as well as racism, which has been a coded (and overt) staple of presidential elections for decades.
Winning in a landslide” is needed now more than ever, and that landslide for Clinton could swing control of the Senate to Democrats, and other potential positive effects could be felt on the ‘down ballot’ congressional and state races.”
The Communists, who for decades ran their own candidates for president and vice president but supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, don’t just like’ Hillary and Bernie. The party also gave a big thumbs-up to Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine who is a big supporter of the terrorist group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood the revived Ottoman Empire.
The Fabians of the Communist party were jubilant in 2008, when Obama won his first race for the presidency.   Hailing Barack Obama’s win as a victory for the “working class,” the Communist Party USA called on the president-elect to carry out his promises, including his noted commitment to “spread the wealth.” An editorial by the People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the party, said the victory was for “workers of all job titles, professions, shapes, colors, sizes, hairstyles and languages.”
In 2009, President Obama’s leadership was “one of the best opportunities that Americans have had in decades,” declared a civil-rights activist addressing an overflow crowd at a gathering sponsored by the official newspaper of the Community/Communist Party USA.
The party was never disappointed by Obama. Here’s how it critiqued Obama’s final State of the Union Address earlier this year:
“In his final SOTU address, President Obama projected a bold vision for a more socially and economically just nation while appealing to the hopes of the American people. … President Obama pointedly rejected rightwing-Republican policy solutions including repeal of Obamacare, aggressive military buildup and action, tax cuts to the wealthy, blocking common-sense gun control … He also rejected efforts to exploit the fears of the American people using hate, anti-Muslim bigotry, racism and division.
The challenges facing the nation and planet are immense: climate crisis, massive concentration and inequality of wealth, growing poverty and declining wages, joblessness, including skyrocketing unemployment in the African-American community, over $1 trillion in student debt, a crumbling infrastructure, underfunded schools and social services, lack of affordable housing, a frayed retirement security system, etc.”
David Kupelian, managing editor of WorldNetDaily, had this to say earlier this year in a commentary on the shrinking divide between the two parties: “Amazing as it may seem, Barack Obama has dragged the entire Democratic Party so far leftward over the past seven-plus years that today’s Democratic Party has become almost indistinguishable from the Communist Party.  If that sounds hyperbolic to you, just stop reading right now and pull up the CPUSA’s website,” he added. “Spend some time reading and digesting it. Try to discern any major differences between the Communist Party’s concerns, sensibilities and solutions – on issues from ‘gay’ rights, to unfettered immigration, to renewable energy, to wealth redistribution, to condemning cops as racist, to universal health care – and those of today’s Democratic Party.”
Hillary Clinton and the Communist Party
The interest has been largely fueled by Clinton’s suppressed and later released 92-page senior thesis for Wellesley College offering an extensive, largely positive critique of Communist activist Saul Alinsky and his work.
Hillary Clinton’s association with radical social communist thought dates back to at least 1969, when Obama was just 8 years old, himself a protégé early on of Frank Marshall Davis, another loyal Communist Party activist.
Clinton’s 1969 Wellesley College senior thesis was titled “There Is Only the Fight.  An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” Clinton’s thesis received attention when it was released after the Bill Clinton presidency. According to reports, in early 1993, the White House requested that Wellesley keep the thesis on Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky confidential and not release any copies.

Hillary Clinton met with Saul Alinsky several times in 1968, when she was writing her thesis. In her most recent memoir, Clinton wrote that she rejected a job offer from Alinsky to instead attend law school.  She also corresponded with Alinsky by mail (the snail type) You can read a few of those original letters here.
Last year, WorldNetDaily found that long after Alinsky’s death in June 1972, a group Clinton co-chaired maintained a working relationship with Alinsky’s main community organizing outfit, the Industrial Areas Foundation, or IAF.  The partnership extended into the 1990s and yielded influence over the education policy of the Bill Clinton presidency, it can now be disclosed. Founded by Alinsky in 1940 and run by him until his death, the IAF is a national community-organizing network established to implement Alinsky’s expansive organizing agenda. After Alinsky’s death, the IAF was taken over by his longtime associate and designated successor, Ed Chambers, who became the group’s executive director.
Dick Morris, a former top political adviser to Bill Clinton both as governor of Arkansas and as president, noted that education reform “is the key issue Hillary Clinton used to propel herself independently to the forefront of Arkansas politics during Bill’s governorship. The revelation of how closely linked her efforts were back in the 80s – and have been since – to an Alinsky radical front group is deeply disturbing and expands our understanding of Hillary’s fundamental radicalism and commitment to the new left of Saul Alinsky,” Morris said.
David Horowitz, whose parents were members of the Communist Party and who himself became a leader in the new left movement of the 1960s and 1970s before rejecting it, said “the revelation is significant though not surprising.  When radicals set out to fundamentally transform a society, the first institution they attack is the educational system which under their influence becomes a system of indoctrination in radical ideas,” said Horowitz.
Interestingly, the Fabianistic Communist Party USA has not changed its stripes in any significant way. It hasn’t walked back its 100 percent commitment to Communism. What has changed is the Democrat Party drifting so far to the left that it, as a whole, is indistinguishable from Marxism.  The drift leftward hit warp speed beginning in the 1990s.  That’s the year Senator Bernie Sanders was first elected to Congress and founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus a Marxist organization within the Democrat Senate.
One of his first actions in Congress was to found the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was partnered with the Democratic Socialists of America.  No surprise there, because most Americans haven’t the foggiest idea of what the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Socialists of America are really all about.
Farah of WorldNet Daily reported on the antics of the caucus in 1998: “Back then the Congressional Progressive Caucus shared a website with the Democratic Socialists of America,” he wrote. “In other words, these two organizations, one government-funded and the other a tax-exempt nonprofit, were of like mind and on the same page politically. There is where is some of your money goes.  Did you know that you were supporting Communism in the American government?
Meanwhile, an email sent out by the Communist Party USA over the weekend had this to say:
“The 2016 elections are in full swing. Many of our districts and clubs and members are actively participating in the campaign to strike a blow to the extreme right and defeat Donald Trump and other down ballot GOP extremists. If you’re not yet involved, there are many ways to get connected with labor and our allies, especially in the key battleground states and in targeted congressional and state legislative races. But no matter where you live you can be part of this exciting election. We can defeat Trump, oust right-wing majorities in Congress and statehouses while also building powerful labor-led people’s movements, advancing a progressive agenda and political independence at the grassroots. We have some great tools, beginning with People’s World daily (sic) Marxist analysis.”
The Communist Party was so eager to endorse Obama for re-election, it couldn’t wait until 2012. It did so a year before the campaign officially got under way.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Everything I write is at the risk of being categorized as conspiracy garbage, but as you can see - unlike Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s, I can source everything I say. McCarty couldn’t, it’s obvious now that it wasn’t because what he claimed wasn’t true, but because if he divulged his source from a mole at the FBI, he would lose it. So poor Senator McCarthy died a broken man, demonized by the media and the secret Communist infiltrators…now we are paying the price for ignoring him when he saw Communists coming out of the woodwork.  The fact was they were’ coming out of the woodwork…now’ it is undeniable.

Hillary will become the first woman Communist president of the United States.  Hillary and the Fabian Communist will get the Muslim Jihadist to do their dirty work of militancy and terrorizing the country just has she has been doing in the Middle East, until we cry out to the Fabians to come and save us from these bloody barbaric savages, we will even help them fight the Muslims.  Then the country will go from an Islamic State to a Communist State and we will wonder where our Freedom went.

Oh Well…what can yah do!  Maybe you can share what you know with your Representative Here!  Maybe your Representative isn’t a Fabian Communist or a Muslim Jihadist…YET!

Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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