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Hillary Clinton Never Had A legal Security Clearance

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Hillary Clinton Never Had A legal Security Clearance
By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 4, 2016

While at the Department of State, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not complete the required annually mandatory security training courses on the proper handling of classified materials, or receive a background investigation or any training on  how to conduct secure communications.  She was not ever issued an ‘Official Security Clearance’.

Oew – weee, this is beyond belief: And it just ads to the corruption that seems to follow Hillary Clinton like a shadow. 

When I was in the military I had a level 5 security clearance and finally a level 4 clearance.  Extensive background checks and training were required before I was given a security clearance of any kind.  It is standard for any federal employee that is privy to any classified or top secret Intel to be required to renew their certification annually.  And even at a level 4, for me, it was still usually on a need to know basis.  

If there is no background investigation or no training as to what is expected of someone with a security clearance…then no certification of a security clearance is issued or renewed.  Period.

The surprise admission by the Federal Government was released late last Friday and could reignite the controversy over Clinton’s arrogant, criminal and “careless” handling of United States classified materials as asserted by FBI Director James Comey, which Loretta Lynch attorney General of the DOJ refused to prosecute.  Oh! It’s just part of the good ole girls club of D.C.
The government’s unexpected admissions were filed in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by The Daily Caller News Foundation. (DCNF)
This revelation also could renew calls for the Department of State to strip her of her now unofficial security clearance. The co-founder of at least one retired military officer’s organization has called for a suspension of her illegal clearance.  Which would make her ineligible to run for president.
State Department officials previously reported that they could not locate any records certifying that Clinton or her top aides took any annually required security courses and briefings.

But on July 29, Whitehouse officials went further, saying their failure to locate any documents meant that the “courses were not completed” by the secretary or her aides.  So there was not a certified security clearance ever issued to Mrs. Clinton.
“If the search of these databases did not locate any such training records, then the courses were not completed,” concluded Eric Stein, the co-director of the State Department’s Office of Information Programs and Services in the July 29 filing before U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon.

The Department of Justice officials were clear in their filing that if Clinton had security briefings or classes, and had received a security clearance, it would show up in their databases.
They reported to the court that the State Department scoured the files and databases held by four different department training divisions: the Student Management Training System; the Cyber Security Administration; the Sensitive Compartmented Information electronic training records; and the certification records at the Foreign Service Institute’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and no security clearance.
“State searched the record systems and databases that would contain records showing that the specified individuals completed the mandatory training courses — if they in fact completed them,” stated Benjamin Mizer, the principal deputy assistant Attorney General, and Marcia Berman, the assistant director of the Federal Program Branch at the Justice Department, in their filing before Judge Leon.
The government’s lawyers explained that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security is “the primary training institution for [State]” and would possess training records for Clinton and her aides. The SCI also “has access to SCI electronic training records.”
“Since its search of STMS, the Cyber Security Administration database, and SCI electronic training records did not locate training certifications, then no such courses were completed,” both DOJ officials concluded.
Stein said that the same is true concerning the Bureau of Diplomatic Security records. “If DS’s search of the SCI training records did not locate any training records for an individual, then the training was not completed,” he stated in his affidavit before the court.
Nevertheless the DCNF is still seeking records that confirm Clinton and her top aides completed mandatory security briefings on the handling of classified materials and on the proper way to engage in secure communications.
When the State Department released only a few documents to The DCNF earlier this year, the news organization asked the department to search the private hard drives of the computers operated by Clinton and her aides.
State was not obligated “to conduct an additional search of individual-specific or shared drives for copies of the requested training certifications, because such certifications, if they existed, would be retained in the databases and records systems previously searched,” the Justice Department filed before the court.
“The State Department, under penalty of perjury, effectively just threw the former Secretary of State Clinton and her aides under the bus for failing to do what all State Department officials are required to do,” said Bradley Moss, a national security attorney who handled The DCNF case.
DOJ lawyers also explained that the Cybersecurity Administration database further “contains records of all online training activity specifically related to the Department’s Cyber Security Awareness course.”
“There is no real wiggle room in the affidavit submitted by the State Department. If the training records are not there, then Secretary Clinton and her aides never did the required training to be certified. Period,” he said.
All government officials within the national security establishment must take annual reviews of the handling of classified materials.  Some of the reviews are conducted in face-to-face briefings and others are in online sessions.
“You have to complete paperwork.  You have to have face-to-face briefings,” recalled retired Col. James Williamson, a former Army Special Operations Forces officer and co-founder of OPSEC, a nonpartisan organization of Special Operations and intelligence officers.
“There’s must be an electronic record,” Williamson recalled in an interview with The DCNF. “I would get a nastygram if I didn’t complete my online course.  I have to make sure every year my employees would take the online course.”
He called the latest information about Clinton “just mind-boggling.”
State Department records released to The DCNF show that Cheryl Mills and Jacob Sullivan, two top Clinton aides, took cybersecurity awareness courses just once, but not for the required four years.
The records show Clinton and aide Huma Abedin never took any cybersecurity awareness training at all.
Last March retired Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, President Barack Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told The DCNF that the State Department should suspend her unofficial security clearance. He said the former secretary of state should be denied “any access to any classified or sensitive information.”
This was echoed by Williamson. Her security clearance “absolutely should be pulled. There is no way this woman should be trusted with classified documents, period,” he told The DCNF.
This discovery also could play a role in the State Department’s re-opening of an internal investigation of Clinton and her aides over their handling of classified materials.
The new State Department internal probe was announced after Comey declined to call for an indictment of Clinton over her use of a private email server to conduct official State Department business. The FBI noted that 22 unsecured emails found on Clinton’s private server were classified- “Top Secret.”
THE BOTTOM LINE:  Donald Trump is once again absolutely correct when he says Hillary Clinton is a Criminal.  “Criminal Hillary,” says the Donald.  Hillary Clinton operated all four years as Secretary of State without any Security Clearance whatsoever.  And yet she handled top security information.  No wonder she bungled it, she had no idea what she was doing.  And how much of that top secret information was leaked to her benefactors the Saudis who financed the (9/11) terrorist attack against the United States, and who supports ISIS, and spread their Wahhabist Terrorist Islamic Jihad all over the world.   

And then there is the billion dollars’ worth of arms Hillary shipped through Bengasi Libya that the State Department sent to the so-called Syrian Rebels who turned out to be ISIS.   Why isn’t she being arrested and tried for Treason?  Answer…that would take a government that wasn’t corrupt.  If Hillary goes down they all go down.  I would love to go visit all of them in GITMO. 

Dirty hands --- Dirty tricks --- Dirty lady! 

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