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Government Defends Muslim Rape Gangs

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Government Defends Muslim Rape Gangs

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published August 22, 2016


The government turns a blind eye to an epidemic of child abuse and rape due to ignorant Fabian politically correct unfounded 'racism' fears.

Muslim rape gangs are turned loose on school children, and the government looks the other way.

The U.K.’s Express has put together shocking testimony from victims and local residents in a large-scale investigative series spanning several years that shows nothing has been done to stop the horrific sex crimes being perpetrated by the Pakistani Muslim Mujahideen against British school girls all over Great Britain centering in the town of Rotherham England.
Media reports of the rapes originally surfaced in 2014, even though I wrote about it in in 2013 which shows just how ahead of the curve I really am…and eventually the truth came out that more than 1,400 school girls had been raped by “Muslim gangs” between 1997 and 2013. The gang members passed the girls off one to another for their own sexual gratification. Some were as young as 11 years old and almost all were 17 and younger. It was first reported that more than 300 Muslim men were preying on girls over a 16-year period in and around Rotterham England and the government has been covering it up. And now it turns out that rather than1400 girls raped it is more than 100,000.
Oh, you say: but that happened in ‘Great Britain’, that won’t happen here in ‘America’!   Well, too late my friend…got news for you…exactly that has already happened in America, and it ‘too’, is being covered up by the government.   Moreover, it will only get worse unless you’ stop it. 

Just as in the U.K. the criminal Obama regime, by covering it up, it in effect promotes and enables it.

Here is an article I published in June about  Muslim boys who raped a 5 year old girl in Idaho.  And here as promised I wrote and published an article about the local, State, and Federal cover-up of that atrocity in July   and then again in August it is still being covered up all in the name of protecting the Muslim Refugee program, which is obviously a priority over and above protecting American children.

Again ignorance and deception is going to dictate an Islamic lie called Taqiyyah causing one to think oh well, that can happen any time anywhere it is not just because they were Muslims, and you would be wrong again. Islam is the only so-called religion that actually teaches Pedophilia and Rape and directs men to Rape Females as well as little boys.  Read an article I published back in 2013 called The “Pedophilia of Islam.”

These boys were taught to rape little girls by the Quran, Mahammad himself was a pedophile he had a wife of 7 years old.

Here is a local cover-up by the Twin Falls City Council who twists the truth by reporting that it is all lies because there was no gang rape. True, only one of the three Muslim boys was old enough, and actually raped the little girl. The other two just urinated on the five year old. And the rape may not have been at knife point as was first reported. But is it necessary to intimidate a helpless 5 year old girl with a knife or any other weapon? Of course not.  And then they said “there were no Syrians involved.”  Trying to leave the impression that they weren’t Muslims at all.  When in fact they were Somali Muslims.  A Muslim is a Muslim no matter what flavor of evil he is.

WorldNetDaily last reported on the situation in England in April when it interviewed Peter McLaughlin, author of a landmark book “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal.”
While the British politicians and press finally relented and stopped denying that the girls had been systematically abused by just “gangs,” as they called them, never identifying them as “Muslim”, the true scope of the problem was exposed by McLaughlin. He reported that the same type of rape gangs exist in almost every city in England with a significantly large Muslim minority across Britain and Wales and that the number of abused female children is at least 100,000.
But now the Express has become the first mainstream British newspaper to take up the story in a serious investigative way, albeit still focused solely on the single city of Rotherham. The paper interviewed scores of victims and related their stories, something the media until now has refused to do.

“They all told us how police and the local council is still ‘failing’ thousands of vulnerable girls,” the Express reported. “It reveals how organized, criminal gangs of pedophiles are still using the town as their own personal fiefdom, peddling underage girls for sex as part of a multi-million pound crime empire.”
The Muslim abusers are predominantly Mujahideen from the city of Mirpur in the disputed region of Kashmir, on the border between Pakistan and India, the paper reports.
“Today an investigation by this website lifts the lid on the shocking scale of abuse still going on in and around Rotherham, two years after a landmark report into the scandal ruled police and council workers had ignored the issue for fear of being branded racist,it further reported.
A report published by Professor John Drew in March concluded that the police were now “adequately” tackling child rape and that historic failures had been “isolated.”
But testimony, pieced together from independent sources and exposed by the Express, shows quite a different reality.

Victims speak out
One victim, who the Express used the pseudonym Ellie to protect her identity, said: “Raping of British white girls by these men is still going on. Some, I know, have had to wait months before they’re even asked to give a statement [to the police]. It’s shockingly bad still.”
The most disturbing thing about the Express revelations is the fact that almost no arrests have been made to date due to what the Express calls “scandalous failings” of the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) to tackle child sexual exploitation the Government sent in the National Crime Agency (NCA) to oversee the inquiry and still nothing to speak of is being done.
The investigation – called “Operation Stovewood” – is probing more than 7,000 lines of inquiry.
But Ellie told the Express: “What have the National Crime Agency been doing for the last 18 months with their £10million? Only a couple of arrests yet? We’re feeling desperate and disheartened.”
Cops tell white girls they’re ‘being racist’
Another girl, going under the pseudonym Lizzie, said: “I know a few girls who have come forward recently and been told they are being racist and I know a lot who are afraid that won’t come forward and to be fair I can’t blame them.”
“Nothing has changed, not in the slightest. It’s still the same as before.”
Lizzie’s was one of a number of testimonies the newspaper heard detailing how abuse is going on in plain sight, with victims, campaigners and neighbors all able to direct this website to the areas where the grooming rape gangs operate freely in the streets.
She added: “It doesn’t shock me anymore because I’m used to hearing it. You hear it on a daily basis, about more new girls on a daily basis.”
“All you can do really is help them, and I wouldn’t advise people to go to the police because they don’t do anything. I’d rather take it into my own hands.”
A third victim said: “It’s just as bad or worse than it was before because they just don’t care – they don’t want to tackle it.”
In shocking testimony the father of one girl who was raped by the criminal gangs told how packs of young Kashmiri men linked to her abuser still turn up outside his home to intimidate an threaten the family.
I can only imagine what I would do to those sons of Satan if that was my daughter!
McLaughlin said his book has been largely ignored by the European left. It contains research that blows away the theory, widely reported in the media, that it’s a tiny minority of Muslim men involved in the rape gangs and then only in one British town, Rotherham when in reality it is hundreds maybe thousands all over Great Britain.
It’s the same lie (Islamic Taqiyyah) about Islam itself, that the so-called religion is peaceful and it’s just a tiny minority or extremist that has hijacked it…  
McLaughlin argues in his exhaustive study that thousands of Muslim men who were preying on girls in a 16-year period and in dozens of cities across the United Kingdom, as well as in Muslim areas of the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and France. In the Netherlands the gangs are called “lover boys.”  In other words this is SOP all over Europe where ever there is a Muslim population it is their so-called religion.
Britain’s homage to political correctness led police and child-welfare advocates to cover up what was happening for fear of being called racists and risk possible terror attacks.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  Well…again an excellent demonstration of political correctness and ignorance dictating policy.  Just a little lesson in truth, intelligence and logic my friend and hang on to your head so that it doesn’t blow up!  Despite the accusations of racism regarding Muslims…Islam is not a race of people.  Let me put it yet another way, and I will write it slooooowllllly because I know some of you can’t read fast, Muslims     are      not     a     race.  Islam    is     not     a     religion, any more than Nazism is a religion. Islam is a political ideology with an evil perverted brutal agenda that is absolutely and totally contrary to any other philosophy and social culture on the planet.

Islam must be addressed as it really is, and be totally defeated, or it will totally defeat us.

In the past I have said by the time a society reaches the point that it can no longer deny the truth about the Muslim enemy within, it is too late to do much about it except to start a bloody civil war.  This is where most of Europe stands at present, thanks mostly to the EU they know live in fear.  Now that England is moving out of the totalitarian control of the EU it will be interesting to see just what England does regarding the EU’s mandatory refugee program that has overrun their country and changed their lives into a bloody nightmare.

So what of the U.S.?  At the rate your Muslim president is importing Islamic Jihadist into America, we should reach the point that most of Europe has now in approximately 19 years. While Europe during that same time period will look like any other Islamic State resembling northern Syria and Iraq, mostly in rubble.

Just in case this isn’t what you had in mind for your children’s future, who will then be in their mid-20’s, or your grandchildren that will by then be teenagers.  Then you might want to send an email to your representatives and inform them of that… You can do that easily by clicking on this right HERE!  Once that’s done, then you can apathetically go back to more important things like sipping on your Mint Juleps and watching reruns of the Kardashians.

What’s a Mint Julep?  Ok, ok, for you Northerners…I will write this slooowly because I know you can’t read fast.  Mix 200 oz of 180 proof Kentucky Bourbon more or less, with 100 oz of strained mint simple syrup and 200 oz of soda water, and pour over chipped ice. 

What’s mint simple syrup?  Oh all right... Bring a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water to a boil. Simmer for about ten minutes, dissolving the sugar, then remove from the heat. For every cup of water, add one bunch of mint. Steep for twenty minutes, strain, and refrigerate.  If there are any Mint Julips leftover put them in your Humming bird feeder, you will have the only completely apathetic Humming birds in your neighborhood.  

No… I don’t think the little guys would be interested in either what the Muslims or the Kardashian’s are doing, they are usually too busy.

Enjoy them while you can, Sharia law doesn’t allow Mint Juleps, that is, unless you leave out the Julep or you are trying to get up the nerve to do a suicide bombing…

Thanks for listening my friend!  
- de Andréa

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