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The Tyranny In The EU And In America

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The Tyranny In The EU And In America
A little truth for a CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE!

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published July 24, 2016

What the media doesn’t report, and what they don’t teach in schools:  The truth!

Britain joined the European Market 1973 and it lost its sovereignty to the European Union in 1993.  Why did Britain choose to give up its sovereignty?  It didn’t… as I said, it chose to join the European Market in 1973.  The EM illegally and fraudulently morphed into the EU.  Britain’s and all of Europe’s sovereignty and freedom were taken from it by the unelected tyrants of the EU.  If you want to learn how believing the lies of government leads to tyranny and the subjugation of the people, which is really the desire and destiny of all governments, resulting from an absentee citizenry that lack the vigilance and knowledge necessary to the security of a FREE STATE.  If you want to know the truth…-Watch a video of “BREXIT THE MOVIE

Similar to the Americans in 1913 when the states were coerced by a lie of congress into signing the 16th Amendment sold as a  tax on the unearned income of wealthy investors corporate profits, which illegally and unconstitutionally led to the tax on personal earned income (TRADE), which led to unlimited funds to ultimately lead to unlimited unchecked growth of the Federal government and the power of executive orders/tyranny, which led to 20 trillion in Debt, that’s trillion with a ‘T’…my friend. Note: if you want to learn the truth about the IRS and the fact that there actually is no law for the payment of personal income tax, then click on the highlighted hyperlink above.

The FED:
Then, along with the lie that formed the Federal Reserve Bank sold to the people as a way of stabilizing the economy…putting the entire economy of the U.S. into the hands of a few Elitist Mega Banks in Europe and the power to print their own money which led to the Great Depression of 1933 to 1941 and all the recessions since.  Again if you want to learn the truth about the FED and who controls the world, click on the highlighted hyperlink above. And learn what the media will not report and the Government Communist schools won’t teach.

The end of the American Republic:
And oh, I’m not finished, let’s add the 17th Amendment to the mix which was sold to the states by the early Fabian Communists who called themselves “Progressives as they still do today, as a more democratic way of electing the two senators of each state.  But the truth was that the state legislators lost their representation in the Congress altogether, taking all the Constitutional power away from the states and totally upsetting the balance of power originally built into the system. “Power to the people.”  This lie sold the idea which changed America from a well thought out balanced Constitutional Representative Republic designed by the Framers, to a true – totally out of balance one sided ‘Progressive Democracy’. The Fabians love “Democracy.”  The Constitutional Architects didn’t. Someone forgot that the people already were represented in the House of Representatives.  The fact most Progressives failed to acknowledge or tell the truth about, was that the underlying premise of direct Senate elections, and of the direct democracy movement in general, was the complete antithesis of the founding idea of the balance of power in the government of America. Having in the short span of eleven years experienced the violent swing of the political pendulum from abusive monarchy to abusive majoritarianism, and in the process discovered that life, liberty, and property/pursuit of happiness, were no more secure under the latter than they had been under the former.  Instead of cleaning up the corruption in the process of state elected Senators they simply abolished it. And in the process they secretly abolished the Republic.  Again just so you know that I am not making this up, as I am so often accused of, again - click on the highlighted hyperlink above.

THE BOTTOM LINE:Lies’ are what led to Great Britain losing its power as a sovereign nation, and ‘lies’ are what led to America becoming the “progressive” autocracy that it is today.

The one difference, is that Great Britain recently voted to leave the EU and once again establish their independent sovereign nation giving the people their freedom back.  

But what of the United States of America?  When are we going to vote to restore the Constitutional Republic that we originally had, the one that the Revolutionary War was fought over, before the 1913 takeover by the descendants of the “Fabian Autocrats” that still today call themselves “Progressives”.

Thanks for listening
- de Andréa

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