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Obama Fly’s The White Flag Of Surrender.

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Obama Fly’s The White Flag Of Surrender.

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for     
Published July 4, 2016

 Obama has always had disdain for America and the American flag.

In a photo during the 2008 presidential campaign Obama wouldn’t wear the flag pin worn by nearly everyone in Washington and he certainly disrespected the flag by not putting his hand on his heart.

Just in case you were wondering why the Military of the United States of America, the most powerful military in the world, seems too weak to defeat a bunch of rag tag Muslim Terrorist Jihadi thugs like D.A.E.SH, well… I’ll tell you why!  It’s because Obama had already surrendered America to the Nation of Islam in 2009, just days after he took control of this once free proud country.  

If you don’t believe that Obama has surrendered to ISIS then just take a look at this.

But first where is Obama going to live after he leaves the Whitehouse? Try a block away from the most prestigious Jihadist mosque in Washington DC if not in the West.  
Obama instead of defeating so-called radical Islam he does everything he possibly can to promote it and protect it.  Even destroying Intel on Muslim terrorists collected by DHS agents.
So did Obama actually surrender to The Nation of Islam?
Proof of this can be found by looking no further that the White House logo, which Obama had redesigned in 2009 immediately after he was sworn into office.
As you can  see the original Whitehouse logo below has the American flag flying on the top of the Whitehouse where it actually is, and actually belongs.

 Everyone knows what the White House logo is supposed to look like — a portrait of the North Face of the White House — but what a lot of people haven’t noticed over the past Seven years was Obama’s fundamental change that he promised at the top of the logo.
If you remember this was one of the promises Obama made in his campaign speeches and that was:  “I will fundamentally change America”.  Oh! You didn’t know he meant that he would actually fundamentally change America.  Do you know what the word fundamental means?  Well you should have been reading my column back in 2008, you would have known Obama’s fundamental “change” was to “change” America into an Islamic state.
For many years, the White House logo had the American flag flying on the top of the White House — as it does in real life. In Obama’s redesigned version, there is no American flag, just a white flag of surrender my friend.

The white flag has long been a common symbol for surrendering to ones enemies, which finally has many people wondering if Obama was trying to secretly signal to America’s enemies that he was surrendering.

Well…can you think of any other kind of motive for doing so?  Of course you can’t, because there is none — which really shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

Here is the flag that Obama would like to put on top of the Whitehouse.

We’ve suffered for almost eight years under a president who has made it clear he hates America. We desperately need to elect someone who will use the power we have to defeat this enemy and restore our faith and pride in our country and put America, and Americans  first for a CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.
Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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Johnny Drew said...
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Johnny Drew said...

No, what is obvious is that you are a disgustingly, ignorant, racist, bigoted, black-hating scumbag cunt that can't stand having a black man as President. That's all this is. It's Obama's final year, and you fuckers aren't hiding your racism anymore. It's there for all to see. Hatred of Obama comes from racism and Bigotry. that is the true explanation.

You say he is Muslim right? Then he wouldn't allow LGBT people I n the military. And really even if he is Muslim I have served next to Muslim US soldiers and damn proud to have served with them