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CAIR’s U.S. Hit List

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CAIR’s U.S. Hit List

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for     
Published July 02, 2016

A follow up to yesterday’s article “The Holyland Foundation Connection”.


CAIR, the American terrorist group, called the Council on American Islamic Relations, is labeled a snake-like 'gangster' group.


Two conservative attorneys say “the radical Islamic group's so-called Islamophobia list, is nothing more than a "hit list" against anyone who tells the truth about Islam.”
As reported earlier by OneNewsNow, the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) recently published what it calls ("The U.S. Islamophobia Network." The site has been since taken down)
On this hit list are more than 74 organizations and individuals that regularly expose the truth about Islam – included are such groups as the Center for Security Policy, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Jihad Watch, The American Family Association, the Middle East Media Research Institute, and blogs such as OneNewsNow, WorldNetDaily, ClashDaily, The Bottom Line, Newsmax, Doug Giles, The Clarion Project, Eagle Rising, just to name a few.
David Yerushalmi is co-founder and senior counsel at American Freedom Law Center, which made the "inner core" of CAIR's list.
"This is really just a CAIR hit list. It's not a list of 'Islamophobics,' whatever that term means," he tells OneNewsNow.
Yerushalmi continues: "It's a list of people that CAIR and this leftist Muslim Berkeley professor identify as people they don't like" – a reference to CAIR's Dr. Hatem Bazian, (this site has also been taken down) who founded the Center for the Study and Documentation of Islamophobia at UC Berkeley.
According to CAIR, the primary purpose of "inner core" groups is to "promote prejudice against or hatred of Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes." Similarly, the group defines an "Islamophobe" as "an individual who holds a closed-minded view of Islam and promotes prejudice against or hatred of Muslims."
Well then…I wonder why The Bottom Line is on the list I don’t hate Muslims, I just hate Islam. Calling Muslims “Sons of Satan” isn’t out of hate, it’s just the truth.  Its kind’a like Christians being called “Sons of God.”  It’s just the followers of good and the followers of evil.
J. Christian Adams is a former Justice Department attorney who since founded the Election Law Center. He's disappointed that he didn't make the list. Adams says: “It’s my view that CAIR is essentially a gangster organization.  They intimidate free speech, they go after individual organizations who tell the truth, they go after people in order to scare and intimidate them. They've published a report that is virtually a hit list."
Adams says “CAIR is nothing but trouble and a destructive force for Western civilization.”
Well… Christian that should put you on the list, yes, “a gangster organization,” That should do it, my friend. “…and a destructive force for Western civilization.” Yeah! That otta do it.
And then there is my friend Philip Haney, a former officer with the Department of
Homeland Security, offered his own description of CAIR and other radical Islamic groups during an interview earlier this week on American Family Radio.
CAIR, said Haney, is a "snake under the door." ISIS, he added, qualifies as a "Godzilla" group. Either way” he said, “they're all working toward the same end: the spread of Islamic Sharia Law across the globe.”
"Sharia law is being promoted by all Islamic groups operating in the world today. Regardless of what spectrum they come from [or] what nation they represent, all of them ultimately have the same goal, which is to promote sharia law in the world," Haney stated.
He continued: "According to the Islamic perspective, Islam is a religion of peace – but only when sharia law is fully implemented everywhere on the face of the earth ... and then it will be a religion of peace. But in the meantime, any opposition to that implementation of sharia law anywhere on the face of the earth is seen as adversarial and can be confronted, up to and including violence and death."
Haney is author of - See Something, Say Nothing: subtitled A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the [American] Government's Submission to Jihad.
Haney was one of the original DHS agents hired under the Bush administration.  But when Obama took office something in the DHS went terribly wrong….
THE BOTTOM LINE:  I have been writing about “CAIR,” The Council on American Islamic Relations since April of 2008, and the fact that they want to kill me and my family is nothing new.  Members of CAIR wrote a response to an article I wrote, and said if they find me, they would hang me upside down cut my throat and bleed me like the pig that I am.  An unpleasant picture, but that was years ago. I guess they are having a difficult time tracking me down.
CAIR has been recognized by almost every government in the world, except the Obama administration, as a terrorist organization.   The latest is the United Emirates  

CAIR has been investigated and proven to be connected to the New Ottoman Empire called the (MB) Muslim Brotherhood and a financial supporter of the terrorist group Hamas first through the Holyland foundation and then directly.  Only recently has the IRS canceled their 501 3 c status, but it still operates freely in this country, still supporting terrorism.

Why do you think that is…could it be that your Muslim president Barack Hussein Obama has something to do with that?  Naw! He couldn’t get away with that…

Could he????

Thanks for listening - de Andréa  

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