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The Privileges Of The Political Elite And The Good Ole Boys!

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”- Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

The Privileges Of The Political Elite And The Good Ole Boys!

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published July 10, 2016

Because of the recent announcement of the good ole boys at the FBI, I decided to weigh in on the Clinton prosecution… that…well… wasn't and…well…won’t…ah!  Ever happen.  As well as a look at what our country has become - a place where there's one set of rules for the well-entrenched and powerful Washington elite, and one set of rules for the rest of us poor ignorant apathetic slobs.  Among the Washington elite, the scenario is quite different from what the American commoners would ever encounter. 

The story of the two good ole boys…well in this case one is a female good ole boy, in a supposedly serendipitous fashion, just happened to touch down at the same time on the same Phoenix corporate tarmac, with their private planes pulling up nose to nose. Then the attorney general of the United States and her husband, in the secrecy enforced by federal security details, welcome the ex-president onto her government provided plane. Afterward, and then only when caught, the top federal prosecutor and the husband of the person under investigation assure the world that they talked ‘only’ about the kids and the weather and if Dale Earnhardt Junior would win the next race at Daytona or whether the Kardashian’s will vacation again on a private South Pacific island.  Everything of course (wink, wink) except Hillary Clinton’s pending indictment, that never happened, or Loretta’s past appointment by Bill Clinton and likely judicial future, or the general quandary of 2016.  Which of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the decision the FBI made regarding looking the other way when it came to Mrs. Clintons stickety wicket.  Question…is Comey dirty?  I’m working on another article about just that probability.

Oh Yeah!

There has been a lot of talk since Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump of the corrosive power and influence of the “elite” and the “establishment.” But to quote Butch Cassidy to the Sundance Kid, “Who are those guys anyway?”

In the case of the ancient Romans, or of the traditional British ruling classes, land, birth, education, money, government service, and cultural notoriety were among the ingredients that made one an upper crust establishmentarian. But our modern American Fabian elite is just a li-ttle’ bit different. They have enough money to ‘not’ get their hands too dirty.

Residence, either in the Boston - Washington, D.C., or the San Francisco–Los Angeles corridor, is often a prerequisite. Celebrity and public exposure, count — e.g., access to traditional television outlets (as opposed to hoi polloi Internet bloggers like me).  So does education — again, most often a coastal-corridor thing: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, Stanford, you know, the kind with ivy growing all over the place and a parking lot filled with expensive foreign made sports cars etc.

Got news for you, the Founders originally built the Republic into a nation of laws, not men, where a system of checks and balances would hold government accountable and responsible to the people. (That’s you and me by the way). They have all since been systematically and surreptitiously disassembled.  No more checks, no more balance.
They never envisioned today's post New Deal system, a system that exists to enrich and empower a class of corporate and political socialist consultants and disconnected communist robotically programed academics, all of whom operate with little or no accountability in service of a massively bloated regulatory administrative State. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  “We The People,” also have a part to play in the destruction of this once free and fair society “of the people, for the people and by the people.”  In 1913 we began to give away our power through laziness and indifference.  The state legislators were fooled by the elite Fabian Communists to give up their Federal representation by signing the 17th Amendment. They as well, believed the lies of the useful idiots in Congress to sign the ‘16th’ Amendment which gave the Communist elites unrestricted growth and spending capability that has led to the 20 trillion deficit that we enjoy today. Yes the 16th was supposed to be an unearned tax on “Corporate Profits”, the tax code had nothing to do with personal income tax.  And still doesn’t…

But alas, “We The People,” did nothing when the government began stealing our hard earned money right out of our pay checks.  It would make it painless the Fabians said.  You won’t miss it, they said. 

Nor did we do anything when the Federal Government turned all of the government finances, the entire American economy as well as the right to print money and loan it to the government with interest,  over to the Jekyll Island Bankers such as  J. Pierpont Morgan, the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Senator Aldrich of Rhode Island, Paul Warburg, and other corporate banking experts, George F. Baker, president of the First National Bank, and James Stillman, president of National City Bank.

Any president or legislator who attempted to abolish or had plans to abolish or in fact did abolish a central Banking system throughout history such as Andy Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield,  and John F. Kennedy, was either killed, or there was an attempt on their life.  Also Congressman Larry McDonald, Senator John Heinz and Senator John Tower were killed within a day of each other  This well known fact by the elite politicians, is what will likely prevent any other future attempts at trying to abolish the international Federal Reserve Cartel.  

A Member of the European Parliament made two remarks. The first one was: “The ignorance in America is overwhelming.  Indeed, the contrast in general awareness of world affairs between the average American and the average European is striking.” His second observation was.  “The concentration of power in America is frightening.”
Sometimes one can be too close to the trees, to even see the forest.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t have anything against wealth or wealthy people.  No one ever did well working for a poor homeless person.

But most of the economic collapses or depressions from 1807 to 1933 were in some way created by the very group of elite’s that eventually created the monster called the Central Banking System eventually called the Federal Reserve Act. Which is nothing but a huge private financial banking cartel.   Well it’s good for them, so who cares about the working people that actually create all the wealth in the world.

The truth is that we haven’t lived in a true free Republic since’ 1913.  And we have no one to blame except the lazy willful ignorance and apathy of “WE THE PEOPLE.”
Sorry if the truth hurts…

P.S.  If you are planning on shutting down the Creatures from Jekyll Island, you had better surround yourself with better protection than the President has.

 Oh by the way! That’s why the Fabians want your guns my friend!

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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