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Is Oregon Just Another Ruby Ridge

Is Oregon Just Another Ruby Ridge

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for  
Published March 24, 2016


Below are excerpts from an article published on WorldNetDaily Titled “SET UP ASSASSINATION' ALLEGED IN FBI KILL SHOTS.”  How are ‘We The People’ to trust them the next time we interact with them?
“The consolation I have is that hundreds of thousands of Americans have seen and know the truth and believe as I do that my husband was murdered ‘intentionally, deliberately and with malice,'” she said. “My lawyer has assured me that we will seek justice in a different court, under different circumstances – and I look forward to the day when these men do face a jury that is unbiased enough to return a fair verdict.
Video shows him getting out his vehicle and taking a few steps. He apparently raises his hands before multiple shots are fired.
The family's autopsy concluded Finicum was shot nine times.
The family of Robert LaVoy Finicum, 55, who was killed by police in connection with a protest occupation of federal property in Oregon, have lashed out at the government’s official justification for his death, charging it was a “set up assassination.”
But the video raised a long list of questions, including why there were additional flurries of shots even minutes after Finicum was shot and killed.
What prompted the officers to let loose a barrage of shots that left, according to a private autopsy, nine bullet wounds?
He was shot with both hands up, he was not reaching for anything at the time of the first shot. He was walking with his hands in the air, a symbol of surrender. When he reached down to his left hip he was reacting to the pain of having been shot," she said.
"We have talked with an independent investigator who has stated that the 'video proves a set up assassination.'"
Read the full article on WorldNetDaily HERE, and watch the video of the shooting [Viewer discretion advised due to harsh language and images of the shooting]:
THE BOTTOM LINE: One can only decide for themselves if in fact this was a murder by the FBI.  By now, if you are a regular reader you likely know that I am not a big fan of the FBI, ATF, or any other unconstitutional illegal military unit that has just evolved out of some other illegal department in what has now become a criminal national government. 
I challenge anyone to show me the law that allows the FBI and/or the ATF to become a military to be used against American citizens.
The FBI is legally an investigative department only, originally meant to be used by the Federal government in Interstate crimes not intrastate crimes. The ATF on the other hand, is legally a tax collecting agency, of special taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms.  NO military is legally authorized in either department. 
And is the BLM’ even a legal organization and can the Federal Government legally and arbitrarily own property? Read a previous article titled “What’s Really Going On In Oregon?”   Then you decide if the new National anti-Constitutional corrupt Federal Government has over stepped its authority and has just become nothing but a Gestapo SS, repeating the murders they did in Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge Idaho. 

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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