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How Do I Rank The Candidates?


How Do I Rank The Candidates?

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist for  
Published March 7, 2016

I have been asked how I would rank the presidential candidates based on a belief in the American Constitutional Republic from a Christian, and Constitutional perspective.  As I say this, I don't intend to imply that those who rank the candidates differently are not truly conservatives.  I've done my best to give both the positives and negatives of each candidate regarding some of the important issues.  Obviously, this list isn't even close to exhaustive, and much more can be said about each of the candidates.
Here is my opinion of how I think a Christian, Constitutional Conservative should view the candidates.
If you think I'm wrong, let me know!
1. Ted Cruz
++Literally memorized the Constitution
++Fantastic on Abortion, Marriage, and Religious Freedom
+Best Immigration position in the field
++Great on Supreme Court Justices
+Doesn't think America should be in the middle of every war, everywhere
+Great likability ratings
+Great on taxes and spending
-Not as electable as Rubio
-Not especially likable
-May not be eligible to run for president as he may not be natural born on I.e. on American soil. (Controversial)

2. Marco Rubio
++The most likable candidate in the field by a wide margin. Great speaker.
+Great on Abortion and Religious Freedom, solid on marriage
++Great on taxes and spending
++Great on Supreme Court Justices
+Great likability ratings
-He favors enforcement first on immigration, but he won't take citizenship off the table. On an existential issue like immigration, that's a big deal.
-Has betrayed conservatives before, so it's hard to trust him. However, Republicans in Congress could block him from doing anything disastrous on immigration.
-Thinks America should be in the middle of every war, everywhere.
-Might be too immature as a candidate.
-May also have some legal issues regarding the Natural Born clause.  Both parents born in  Cuba.

3. Donald Trump
+Very good on immigration, though his plan might be vulnerable to touch-and-go amnesty.
+Doesn't think America should be in the middle of every war, everywhere
+Amazingly talented politician
--Completely undefined political views
--Doesn't want to cut spending at all
--Doesn't want to defund PP
--Would appoint terrible SC Justices
-Bad likability ratings
--Openly hostile to the separation of powers and limited, constitutional government

4. John Kasich
+Good on taxes.
+Crossover appeal with independents
--Terrible on spending
-Bad on marriage
-Bad on religious freedom
--Shows outright contempt for Conservatives. Thinks that people who oppose’ redistribution of wealth are evil.
--Views redistribution of wealth as a moral mandate.

5. Hillary Clinton
+Seems to understand that a Welfare State works better if you don't kill the economy in pursuit of Utopian socialism.
--Hates conservatives with tremendous passion. Would use the arm of government to punish her opponents.
--The embodiment of political corruption
--Would be a malicious, menacing threat to conservatives everywhere, especially Christians.
--Loves abortion more than anyone in the world (with the possible exception of Barack Obama)
--Would make the total destruction of religious freedom a top priority

6. Bernie Sanders
+Better than you'd expect on immigration (he admits that we should have borders)
+Better than you'd expect on guns
--If he got his way, he would completely destroy the American Economy. Congress could stop much of his agenda, however.
--Perhaps the most notorious advocate of Marxist Class Warfare in American history.
-Does he even have a foreign policy?
--Would appoint terrible SC Justices
--The embodiment of Utopian foolishness

----Has belonged to one or more communist organizations most of his life.


Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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