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Obama Again Violating Law To Bring More Terrorists To America

Obama Again Violating Law To Bring More Terrorists To America

By de Andréa
Opinion Editorialist for  
Published February 7, 2016

When you read this article keep this one very important thing in mind.
While Obama is prepared to pass an executive order that will restrict Americans who unknowingly are on an unconstitutional no fly list for no good reason other than owing a gun or being an American Soldier or a Christian, he’s completely fine with relaxing protocol in place that will allow and encourage Muslim terrorists to enter the U.S.
While that may not make any sense to you? It does however, if you’re a Muslim Jihadists like Obama.
He is making it easier for violent Muslims Jihadists to get into the country while he is making it harder for Americans to defend themselves against them.  I guess it depends on what ones agenda is.
Thanks Obama
As Fox News reports:
“The Obama administration on Thursday eased visa rules for certain travelers from Europe who have visited terror hotspots in the Middle East and Africa, triggering a backlash from congressional lawmakers who originally sought the restrictions for security reasons.”
Pause for a moment and let this really sink in. Making it easier for travelers who have visited, say, Syria or Iraq, to enter the United States. What could possibly go wrong?  Either Obama hasn’t been watching the news enough to really understand what a hot mess Europe has become in the wake of the so-called “refugee” crisis or he has the agenda of making the US totally vulnerable to additional terrorist’s attacks.
Moments after the announcement, two key Republicans declared the administration is “blatantly breaking the law” – a law that President Obama signed himself– by implementing the changes.
“This is not a difference of opinion over statutory interpretation, it is a clear contradiction of the law and the agreement we reached with the White House,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, and Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., author of the origional bill signed by Obama, said in a statement.
The revised requirements announced Thursday pertain to changes in the Visa Waiver Program passed by Congress.
Lawmakers had sought new restrictions to tighten up the program – which allowed visa-free travel for residents of eligible countries — in order to prevent Europeans who have joined ISIS from entering the United States. But under the newly passed Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, 2016 nationals of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan as well as other travelers who have visited those countries since Mar. 1, 2011 now must apply for a visa in order to travel to the U.S.
Obama implemented those last Thursday — but of course with some additional Executive Order changes of its own.
The administration announced it will use its waiver authority — granted to it in the legislation — to give special waivers to travelers who traveled to the terror hotspots as journalists, for work with humanitarian agencies or on behalf of international organizations, regional organizations and sub-national governments on official duty.
Further, an additional waiver was announced for people who have traveled to Iran “for legitimate business-related purposes” since the conclusion of the Iran nuclear deal in July. The administration offers waivers for individuals who have traveled to Iraq for business as well.”
This is of course problematic because just how does one define “legitimate business purposes” when you’re dealing with ISIS and the #1 state sponsor of terrorism, Iran? I just happen to know that ISIS, Iran and Obama have a slightly different take on this than you or I do.
Republicans reacted angrily to the waivers, saying that Obama had exploited the limited authority and has compromised national security.
“Obama’s decision to abuse his limited waiver authority and to allow scores of people who have traveled to or are dual nationals of countries like Iraq and Syria flies in the face of reason and congressional intent,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement.
The Obama Administration is essentially rewriting the law by blowing wide open a small window of discretion that Congress gave it for law enforcement and national security reasons,” Goodlatte said.”
Under the visa program itself, citizens of 38 countries, mostly in Europe, are generally allowed to travel to the United States without applying for a visa. But they still have to submit biographical information to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or ESTA.
If only we could say this was shocking.
Yes, it’s definitely disturbing, completely ignoring the wishes of the American public to have safe travel restrictions is tragic. But it really isn’t shocking because Obama the Muslim Jihadist in Chief does this stuff all the time.
Heck, his executive order on immigration shows he loves the idea of people coming over illegally; so this new move is completely in line with his “War On America”
Is this just another in a long list of Obama’s aiding and abetting the enemy?
THE BOTTOM LINE: Marco Rubio was right when he said “Obama knows exactly what he is doing.” He went on to say.  “He is not making mistakes as some see him doing.”  He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do while campaigning, but few listened, as a result most were deceived. He said. “I will fundamentally change America.”
And he is…
Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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