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Obama’s “Peaceful Muslims” Claim They Have The Right To Kill Anyone!

Obama’s “Peaceful Muslims” Claim They Have The Right To Kill Anyone!

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By de Andréa
Opinion Editorialist for

Published January 3, 2016

Muslims have the right to kill anyone.  Allah gives them that right. The question everyone should be asking is: WHO IS ALLAH?

Here is the most chilling and honest interview about Islam you’ll ever watch. It comes from Mullah Krekar.
Krekar was the original leader of the Islamist armed group Ansar al-Islam, which was set up and commenced operations in Northern Iraq while he had ‘refugee status’ in Norway.
Krekar claims, however, not to have had any foreknowledge of the various terrorist attacks performed by the group he was leading…’RIGHT!’  
Since February 2003 he has an expulsion order against him, which is suspended by the Norwegian government pending Iraqi government guarantees that he will not face torture or execution.
Norway has ignorantly committed to an international treaty which prohibits the expulsion of an individual without such a guarantee.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Obama says ISIS is not Islam.  But no one asks him, “Then what is Islam Obama?” He acts as if real Islam is like the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. 

Islam as any cultish ideology such as Nazism and Communism is progressive.  Listen to a 20 minute video on the three progressive stages of Islam that ‘all Muslims’ are brainwashed with, and caught up in. It is narrated in 2013 by David Wood a Dearborn Michigan Christian pastor who is an expert on Islam and has been arrested by the Muslim Sherriff there and tried and found guilty in a Islamic Sharia Court in Dearborn only to be overturned by a higher Constitutional State court, not once, but several times.  Yes right here in America, my friend.  

Obama is using Islamic taqiyyah/lies to fool the Ignorant citizens of America. Don’t be deceived.  Get yourself a Quran and a Hadith…and then read it for yourself. You will know more about Islam than most Muslims.

Most Muslims are at least as ignorant as you are about Islam.

The only reason ‘some Muslims’ seem peaceful is because they are in the first progressive brainwashing stage of Islamic Jihad.

All Muslims will eventually support the Jihad or they themselves will be killed. It’s happening right now in the Middle East and in North Africa, by ISIS the third stage Muslims. 

‘Educate yourself…’and stop listening to the propaganda and lies generated by your Muslim Jihadist President,  and his ignorant government controlled media.

It’s the only way to learn the truth.      

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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