Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obama Stopped DHS Terrorist Investigation

Obama Stopped DHS Terrorist Investigation  

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist 
Published December 20, 2015

If you are still too brainwashed and out of touch with reality, to understand that Obama is the most dangerous enemy that the US has ever had, even greater than Nazism or ISIS itself, then you really need to pay close attention to this my friend.

We (meaning our government) could have prevented the ‘California Terror Attack’ but for Obama protecting ISIS Jihadist Terrorists.

Former DHS agent, Philip Haney, revealed during a recent interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly that Obama’s State Department and his Homeland Security Office for ‘Civil Rights and Civil Liberties of Islamic terrorists’, shut down Haney’s investigation into a terrorist Sunni Islamic group called Tablighi Jamaal — a group that have ties to the mosque that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook reportedly attended.

Haney told Kelly that the investigation that he opened into “Tablighi Jamaal”, a subset of the Islamic “Fundamentalist Deobandi Movement”, (little known to the brain dead west), he was told to suspended after a year because Obama didn’t want to “profile” Islamic groups. But the real reason was that Haney was getting to close to truth and making arrests.

After putting a stop to Haney’s investigation, all of his files were deleted by the feds. Files that included information on an organization affiliated with Farook’s mosque, (the terrorist in the San Bernadine attack.

Tashfeen Malik, Farook’s wife and fellow terrorist, had attended a school in Pakistan that was also associated with the same movement that has been tied to several attempted terror attacks in the U.S. that Obama has been protecting.

Haney claims that if his investigation had been allowed to continue, Farook would likely have come up on the federal government’s radar in connection with the mosque, and at least ended up on the no-fly list. Had either of those things happened, Tashfeen Malik would never have been able to gain entry into the U.S. on a ‘fiancé visa’.

So, it’s possible that this could be one of the first discovery’s of terror attacks that was helped along by Obama as well has his Jihadi tool of political correctness.

If you recall, right after the attack, several neighbors of Farook and Malik reported that they had seen suspicious activities going on at the home but didn’t want to report it and be accused of being Islamophobic, and God forbid a ‘dredged profiler.’

THE BOTTOM LINE: This Muslim Jihadist president has a year left, and if something isn’t done to stop him we just may be, has he said in his campaign promise for president “This is no longer a Christian this is an Islamic Nation.”

The truth behind the truth.
This oppressive takeover of America has been going on long before Obama was born. Obama, the Media and Government controlled education are just a puppets being used by a much more organized group of folks…the Fabian Communists.

If you want to find out how brainwashing takes place by the government and the media as well as the educational system. They are doing it in small step by small steps, just as it was done in the Soviet Union.

Yuri Bezmenov was the son of top Soviet propaganda minister who defected to the US and he explains the plan Marxists use to de-stabilize a country. The truth behind the truth is that it has ALL been happening here by the Fabian Communists for the last century.  And we have all just become useful idiots.

This is MIND blowing info that should be shared with everyone you know. Watch a rather lengthy but informative video of the "Yuri Bezmenov interview".

And if you have swallowed the Kool-Aid that says that it can’t happen here…well wake up and smell the socialism and oppression my friend, because it is happening and has been happening since the early 1900’s.
It won’t go away on its own…

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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